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Info gathered by Thelma Twitchell Morse, 1902-1978.

      Sent to me by Ray Barnes. Thelma was a great grandaughter of Gilman Reynolds and Betsey E. Huff. Thelma didn't include sources in her research so the following information is usefull only for clues to ancestors prior to Horatio Huff of Burnham, Maine

ATHERTON HOUGH came from Boston, Lincolnshire, England to Boston Mass. as a parishoner of Rev. John Cotton. He refused the royal loan in 1626. He was mayor of Boston, England in 1628 and alderman in 1633. He came on the ship Griffin, arriving in Boston September 4, 1633. He first settled in Cambridge. He was the assistant to the Governor in 1635, Deputy to the General Court in 1637 and held various offices in Boston. He was admitted to the church in November 1633. He had a grant of 130 acres of land with a house in 1635. He also had a house in Braintree, MA. He married (1st) Elizabeth ----, who died October 14, 1643. He married (2nd) Susannah Kimball, who died May 29, 1651. Atherton died September 11, 1650.

Atherton HOUGH and Elizabeth ---- had the following children:

1. Rev. Samuel HOUGH, b. in 1621 in England, admitted to the Boston (MA) Church October 12, 1644. He was a pupil of Nathaniel Eaton at Harvard College in 1639.

Atherton HOUGH and Susannah KIMBALL had the following children:


FERDINANDO HOUGH was born in 1640 in Boston, died after 1714 in Portsmouth, NH, married Mary MOSES in 1660. He was proprietor of a public house at Cape Porpoise in 1674 and 1682. He lived where Clement Huff of Kennebunk lived in 1837. During King Philip's War the town was deserted, and he went to Kittery.

Ferdinando HOUGH and Mary MOSES had the following children:


2. Mary HOUGH

THOMAS HOUGH SR was born in 1675. He came to Kennebunkport when the town was resettled in 1714 from Kittery. He lived in Great Island during King Philip's War, and was a carpenter and mariner. He was Constable of Kennebunk in 1719, was impressedinto the Royal Navy during the Spanish War of 1745 and served many years on board the King's ships as pilot. He married Sarah FERRIS January 2, 1700. She was the daughter of Aaron and Grace FERRIS.

Thomas HOUGH and Sarah FERRIS had the following children:

1. George HUFF


3. Joanne HUFF, b. September 17, 1706, m. Jeremiah SPRINGER of Arundel, ME October 8, 1724.

4. Sarah HUFF, b. September 17, 1708, m. John HOMER.

5. James HUFF, m. Ruth AVERILL of Kennebunkport. Children:

  1. Elizabeth HUFF, d. February 11, 1750.

  2. Samuel HUFF, m. Keziah WAKEFIELD.

  3. Lucy HUFF, m. Miles RHODES.

  4. Ebenezer HUFF, m. widow Sarah BURNHAM.

  5. John HUFF, m. Sarah/Sally SEAVY.

  6. Israel HUFF

  7. Sarah HUFF, m. Jacob MERRILL.

  8. Abner HUFF, m. Elizabeth BROWN.

  9. James HUFF, m. Hannah SEAVY.

  10. Ruth HUFF, m. Nathaniel WAKEFIELD.

6. Charles HUFF, m. Priscilla BURBANK of Kennebunkport. Children:

  1. Josaih HUFF, m. Sarah RICHARDS.

  2. Daniel HUFF, m. Keziah SEAVY.

  3. Hannah HUFF, m. John DORMAN.

  4. Sarah HUFF, m. Samuel FAIRFIELD.

  5. Charles HUFF, m. Grace SMITH

  6. Mary HUFF, m. John PERKINS.

  7. Priscilla HUFF, m. Humphrey MERRILL.

  8. John HUFF, d. young.

  9. Joseph HUFF, d. September 30, 1740 by drowning.

  10. Mary HUFF, m. Miles RHODES, who was b. in 1675.

THOMAS HUFF JR was born August 18, 1703 in Kittery, ME. He married (1st) Mary BRIDGES and (2nd) Sarah BANFIELD November 8, 1729. He removed to Cape Porpoise and Kennebunk with his family.

Thomas HUFF and either Mary or Sarah had the following children:

1. George HUFF, b. in 1730, m. Susannah COLBY, removed east. Children:

2. Moses HUFF, b. in 1760 in Arundel, moved east before the Revolution and settled in Bowdoin, ME. He had a farm and a mill. He m. Thankful HIGGINS, daughter of Philip HIGGINS. Have extensive info. on Moses' and Thankful's descendants.

3. Mary HUFF, m. Palsgrave MADDOX.


THOMAS HUFF III married Mary BRIDGES. [Note: It seems unlikely that both Thomas Jr and Thomas II married women named Mary Bridges.]

Thomas HUFF and Mary BRIDGES had the following children:



Benjamin HUFF and Mary MILES had the following children:


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