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     HORATIO JAMES was born on 22 Aug 1842 in Maine, and died of apoplexy on 25 May 1914 at the age of 71 in either Calais or Milltown, Washington, Co., ME. At that time he was a retired farmer. He is buried in Round Pond Cemetary, Charlotte, Washington Co., ME along with his first two wives and some of his children..[1]

     His birth record was destroyed when his mother's house burned. He was the son of BENJAMIN JAMES and SARAH GLIDDEN.[1]

     Horatio grew up in the fifth ward of Calais, Washington Co., Maine where his parents farm was located. At the age of fifteen he went to work for his father Benjamin on the family farm and worked there for the years 1857 and 1858. In 1859, just about the time Josiah would be old enough to work Horatio went to work as a millman for C. Waite & Company, of Princeton, Washington Co., ME. [1]

     In between 6 and 16 august of 1862, at the age of 20, Horatio answered the call and enlisted as a private in the 6th Maine infantry in Calais; his father Benjamin signed the enlistment papers. He mustered in at Augusta and was assigned to Co. G. His description on his enlistment papers gives a little glimpse of what he looked like. Medium hight at 5'5", blue/gray eyes and dark brown, almost black, hair. He was on the rolls for his unit in September and october of 1862. He was detailed to help bury the dead after the Battle of Antietam and subsequently fell very ill. Sent first to the regimental field hospital, then located in Hagerstown, MD, he was later transferred to the Ebenezer Church Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia, and by 17 Nov. 1862 he was at Emory Hospital in Washington, DC. on 12 Jan. 1863 he was discharged from the army with a disability. Horatio said he had contracted chills and fever from malariel poisoning.[1]

   Horatio returned to Maine but was still a very sick man. Imagine the feelings of his family when they met the train that returned him from the war and discovered that he was still so ill he was not able to walk. In fact his recovery lasted from 1863 until 1866 before he was again able to work. A that time he moved to Princeton and returned to C. Waite and Co. where he began doing light work around the mill and driving a horse team in the woods.[1]

     Despite being sick in May of 1864 Horatio married (1) ELIZABETH GLIDDEN BRIDGES the sister of Susan Glidden. Elizabeth was born in 1839 and died on 28 Dec 1872. [1] The names of the first two children were provided to me by Kathleen James as part of a summary of information she had researched at the time. The names of Sarah, Harried and Dora were on the 1880 Census in Horatio's household. Is possible that Hattie and Harriet are the same person. The year dates for 1. Hilty and 3. Sarah are probably the same. Don't know if they're the same individual.


  1. Hilty Stevens James, b. 21 May 1864 [1]
  2. Hattie S. Read James, b.  born 9-15-66[1]
  3. Sarah M. James, b. abt 1664 [2/v.12, sheet 4, line 42]
  4. Harriet B. James, b. abt 1667[2/v.12, sheet 4, line 42]
  5. Dora B. James, b. abt 1871[2/v.12, sheet 4, line 42]

     Horatio married (2) MARGARET (Maggie) W. CLARK on 10 Apr 1873. Margaret was born in Charlotte, Washington Co., ME in 1848 and died She was the daughter of  carpenter EBENEZER W. CLARK and ABIGAIL SMITH. Margaret died aged 62 of tuberculosis on 16 Oct. 1910 in Calais, Washington Co., ME.[1]

Margaret (Maggie) died in Calais on 10-16-1910 at age 62 of tuberulosis.


  1. Clara B(elle?) James, b. 15 Apr 1875.[1][2/v.12, sheet 4, line 42]
  2. Benjamin Franklin James, b. 12 Aug or 12 Oct 1877.[1][2/v.12, sheet 4, line 42]
  3. Martha Esther James , b.  14 Mar 1879 and died 21 Oct 1881.[1][2/v.12, sheet 4, line 42]
  4. Lizzie M.James , b. 24 Oct 1883.[1]
  5. Jesse M. James,  b.   22 Aug 1885 or 14 Aug 1886.[1]
  6. Hosea Stevens James, b. 9 Jul 1889 or 9 Jul 1890.[1]

    On 20 May 1911 at the age of 68, Horatio married (3) TAPHENES M. FANSALON, of Prinston. A widow, she had married first John F. Campbell who in 1910 drowned in a lake in Princeton and wasn't found until several months later. After Horatio died she moved to Grand Lake Stream, Washington Co., ME.[1]


  1. Information provided by Kathleen James. [As in fact was everything on this page. Kathleen provided me with a summary of her work on Benjamin James and his children and I thank her for her generosity.]
  2. 1880 U.S. Census, Princeton, Washington Co., ME.  v.12, ed. 170,sheet 4, line 42: