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     JOSIAH JAMES was born on 8 Nov 1845 in Calais, Washington, Co., ME.[1]

Born 11-9-1845 in Calais – no birth record available.

Before enlistment in the army he was a lumberman working in the mill in the summer and the woods in the winter. He may have worked for James Heath in the mill in Princeton, ME. He enlisted in the army at age 18 on March 26, 1865. He went from Augusta to Savannah, Georgia and to Georgetown, (S.C.?), Charleston, and Abbyall, S.C. He got black measles and was sick three to four weeks. On a forced March from Georgetown, S.C. to Florenceville ? on 7-5-65 he got sick and was ill with malarial poisoning. He was in the hsopital at Camp Brighton, Washington, D.C. 5-1-65. He was discharged in Charleston, S.C. 4-5-66. He was in the 1st Regiment Company D Battery –Heavy Artillary and was a private.

He moved to Princeton, ME and worked for Everett Glidden. Married Mary Glidden 4-14-1867.

He lost ½ of left ring finger in a mill accident.

He was 5'7", had blue eyes and black/gray hair at age 69.

He died in 1920 and is buried in Princeton Cemetary.

Mary E. James died in 1923 and is buried in Princeton Cemetary along with an infant son 1871 – 1871 and an infant daughter 1888 – 1888.


1880 census, Princeton, ME: v.12 ed.166. sheet 15, line 44:

Josiah James, age 35

Mary E. age 34

Mariah, age 12

Etta, 9

Willie F., 7

Charles, 5

Henry, 2

Girtie, 2months

Per his pension application, his children were:

Fred, b. 1-18-1868 ???

Maria McDowell, b. 11-3-1870 or 1868

Etta Scribner, b. 8-15-72 or 1872

William Forester, b. 8-28-74 or 1873

Charles, b. 10-29-76 or 75.

Henry, b. 9-28-78

Gertrude Mary (or May) Leland, b. 4-25-1880

Merton, b. 2-4-82

Celia Spinny, b. 12-18-85; died 1915, buried in Princeton Cemetary

Enac ???b. 1-1-91

He appears in deeds:

1870 – 1880

Josiah James – grantt; Edmund Mercer, grantor v. 131, p.155

Mary E. James, grantee, Ferdinand Mercer, grantor v.166, p.309

Josiah James, grantor; Ferdinand Mercer, grantee v. 166. P. 290


  1. Information provided by Kathleen James
  2. Application for Civil War Pension, made by Josiah James. Copy in possession of Kathleen James