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     Battell, Jeffery of Ongar, Essex Eng.; m. Christian Torrell 10__? dau. of John.

     Battell, William b. abt 1093 +/- 40 yrs.

     Battell, John b. abt 1136 +/- 30 yrs., of Ongar, Essex Eng.; m. Miss/Mrs Rochford

     Battell, Sir Thomas, Knt. m. Elizabeth de Enfield, ".... daughter and heiress of Sir Richard de Enfield, Knight."

     Battell, Katherine b. 1168--1223, m. John Jocelyn of Easton and Appletree, Northampton, Eng. She was daughter and coheiress of Sir Thomas, Knight, by his wife Elizabeth (de Enfield).


Bawde, John of Somerby,Lincoln, Eng..

Bawde, Miss b. abt. 1258, of Somerby Lincolnshire, Eng., m. Phillip de Patmer bef abt 1279.


Berry, William, of Sandy Beach now Rye, Rockingham Co., N.H. He d. bef. Bef 28 Jun 1654 in Rye. He m. Jane ______ .

Berry, Mary; m. John Foss Sr. bef . 1659, He was b. abt. 1635, resided in Rye, Rockingham Co., N.H.,  Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939), pgs. 90, 240.


     Biggs, Robert

     Biggs, Alice b. abt. 1550, d. May. 1593 Tenterden, Kent, Eng.; m. Thomas Tilden 10 Mar. 1576/77 Tenterden, Kent.

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    Bray, Thomas (Lord Bray)

     Bray, Katherine; m. Jeffery Jocelyn of Sawbridgeworth, Co., Herts ca. 1400-1425.


Bridges, Mary, of Arundel, York Co., ME. 1789/90 (when her son Benjamin was b.); Mary m. Thomas Huff. This Info comes from Kelly Huff. I'm looking for sources and additional material on the Bridges family


Brissenden, Richard

Brissenden, Joane m. Thomas Hatch of Selling, Kent abt. 1552


Browne, b. abt. 1545 in Filby, Norfolkshire, Eng., he m. Elleyne _____. She b. abt. 1545 Source: NEHGR, Early Settlers of Hampton, New Hampshire from Ormesby, St. Margaret, Norfolk, Vol 141, pgs 114-127.

Browne, Susanna, b. England, married Francis Warde bef. 1604/05. They were of Filby, Norfolk, Eng. when their dau. Lucy Ward was born. Sources: "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire", Noyes, Libby and Davis, 1939, p. 522.; NEHGR v.141, pp. 126-27, v.66, pp. 180-183.



Came, Arthur b. abt 1630-1640; m. Violet ______ abt. 1670 York, York Co., Me.

Came, Elizabeth b. 1670-1680 York, York Co., Me.; m. Phillip Welch bef. Aug. 1694 York, York Co., Me.


Carpenter, Alexander b. 1546-1556 Wrington, Somerset, England, d. 1612 Wrington; m. Catherine ______  bef. Mar. 1584.

Carpenter, Alice b. bef 03 Aug 1590 Wrington, Somerset, England, d. 26 Mar 1670, Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.; m. (1) Edward Southworth 28 May 1613 Leiden, S. Holland, he d. bef. 1622. Three children; m. (2) Gov. William Bradford 14 Aug. 1623 as his second wife in Plymouth. Three children


Castle, Mary b. 04 Apr 1624 Stratfort on Avon, Warwickshire, Eng., d. 01 Apr 1679 Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. She m. Richard Gale 16 Jul 1640 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.


     WILLIAM CHADBOURNE, b. 1580 England, d. aft 1652; m. ELIZABETH SPARRY in Tamworth, Warwickwhire, England.

     PATIENCE CHADBOURNE, b. 8 Nov. 1612 Winchombe, Gloucester, Eng., d. 7 Nov. 1683 Berwick, York Co., Maine.; m. THOMAS SPENCER in  1630 IN Winchombe.


Chastelin, Richard m. Beatrix Bamfield

Chastelin, Robert m. Johanna Fetiplace

Tentative - All above this point must be confirmed by additional sources

Chastelin, William b. bef 1200; m. Joan Sulliard; survived by their dau. & heir Jane

Chastelin, Jane m. Henry Jocelyn son of James and Joan (Threckenholm) Jocelyn Notes from New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol 71-236

CLARK - Gilman

Clark, John b. abt .1558 Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng.; m. Elizabeth _____ bef. 1587 Hingham. who was b. abt. 1563 Hingham.

Clark, Mary b. abt 1590 Hinghan, Co. Norfolk, Eng., d. 22 Jan 1680/81 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. Edward Gilman 3 Jun 1614 Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng.

CLARK - Collier

Clark, Jane b. abt. 1590 poss. St. Olave Parish, Southwark, Surry, d. aft. 1661 Plymouth Colony; m. William Collier 16 May 1611 St. Olave Parish.


Clements, Sarah b. abt 1720, of Haverhill, Mass, d. 25 Nov 1760 New Gloucester, Cumberland Co., Maine, m. John Buck bef. 1742, poss. in Haverhill.


Clemett, Jane b. England, m. John Langhorne 23 Nov. 1584 in England


Cornish, Elizabeth m. Ralph Josselyn bef. abt. 1503, resided Great Canfield, Co. Essex, Eng.


Cross, Sarah m. Roger Hill of Biddeford and Salem.


Curtis, Thomas

Curtis, Abigail m. abt. 1670-75 Benoni Hodsdon


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