JOHN ADAMS, b. probably in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA and died in Framingham, Middlesex Co., MA.[3] He married HANNAH BENT, the daughter of JOHN BENT and HANNAH STONE of Framingham.[4] The resided near where the Carpet factory was located in Framingham in the mid 1800's [3].



2. Daniel, b. 1685 Sudbury

3. Hannah, b. 1688  Sudbury

   JOHN ADAMS JR. was born 12 Mar 1683/84 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA.[3] He married ELIZABETH GODDARD of Roxbury, Norfolk Co., MA.[5] on 27 Jun 1707 in Roxbury[3]. She was the daughter of  JOSEPH GODDARD and DEBORAH TREADWAY [3][6].

    John and Elizabeth were admitted to the church in Framingham in 1722. He was elected Deacon in 1726.[3]


1. Sarah, b. 27 Jun.1707, she m. Daniel Greenwood of Newton, Middlesex Co., MA. on 6  May 1728. [3]

2. Elizabeth, b. 23 Mar.1708-09, she married Jonas Stone of Rutland, Worcester Co., MA. on 5 Nov 1731. [3]

3. Hannah, b. 30 Jul 1712, she married Daniel Mellen on 3 Feb 1735-36. [3]

4. Deborah, b. 27 Jul 1714, she married Robert Eames on 16 Jul 1740. [3]

5. Zerviah, b. 17 Mar. 1716-17,  she married Samuel Brown of Sudbury, Middlesex Co. on 19 May 1742. [3]

6. Mary, b. 5 Mar 1718-19, she married Joseph Hemenway, 4 July 1743. [3]

7. John, b. 14 Feb. 1720-21. [3]

(twin) 8. JOSEPH

(twin) 9. Daniel, b. 12 Aug. 1723. [3]

     JOSEPH ADAMS was born 12 Aug. 1723 in Framingham, Middlesex Co., MA.[7] He had a twin brother Daniel. Joseph died probably in Dublin Cheshire Co., NH.[7]

   Joseph married PRUDENCE PRATT [3][7] around 1743 or early 1744 in Framingham. She was the daughter of DAVID PRATT and SARAH BANCROFT of Framingham.[8]

   In about 1776 Joseph moved his family to Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH. After the death of his wife Prudence he married Dorcas Winship[7] and had two more children. Barry[3] gives the name of Joseph's second wife as Esther Grout and specifies two children but only names one, Esther. Adams[7] names Dorcas as Joseph's second wife and names both children. In the listing below I've assigned maternity of the children to Dorcas in large part because Adams[7] information about the family was more extensive than that of Barry[3] and obviously reflects a more concentrated research on the Adams line.


1. John, born Framingham on 26 Oct. 1744.[3][4] He married first Lydia Drury (Jennings) and second Lucy Sibley. He resided in New Salem, Franklin Co., MA. but died in Framingham.[7]

2. Katy, born in Framingham and baptized 13 Apr. 1746.[3] in about 1761 she married Moses Drury who was b. 4 Aug 1742 and d. 6 Sep 1836. She moved from Framingham, MA to Fitzwilliam, Cheshire Co., NH in about 1770 and died there on 11 Mar. 1816.[7]

3. Molly, b. in Framingham, MA. Was baptized on 17 Jan 1748. She married first to Josiah Wait. They moved from Framingham to Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH. Josiah died in Army service during the Revolution. Molly married second to Drury Morse of Dublin. She died in Dublin.[7]

4. Joseph Jr. was born in Framingham and bapt. there 9 July 1749. He died of Small-pox in Holliston, Middlesex Co., MA.; unmarried.[3][7]

5. Timothy, born in Framingham and bapt. there on 3 Mar. 1751. He died in Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH in 1818. Timothy married on 22 Jul. 1773 to Mary Bullard, sister of Simeon Bullard. They resided in Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH. Timothy and Mary had two children who died in infancy. They adopted Hannah Miller who later m. Levi Fisk of Jaffrey.[7]


7. Sarah, born in Framingham, Middlesex Co., MA, bapt. in Framingham on 26 May1754. She m. Abel Twitchell, a Rev. War Soldier. After Sarah's death he married as his second wife Elizabeth Clark. He resided in Harrisville (formerly Twitchellville), Cheshire Co., NH. He died there on 8 Mar. 1837.[7]

8. Deborah, born in Framingham, Middlesex Co., MA in 1756 and died in Holliston, Middlesex Co., MA on 7 Jul 1844, age 88, in Holliston. Deborah married on 2 May 1776 to John Hemmenway Jr. , the son of John Hemmenway Sr. and Mary Rand. John Jr. was born on 3 Sep 1752 and died on 21 Jan 1816 in Holliston.[7]

9. Hannah, born in Framingham on 22 Oct 1758 and died in West Boylston, Worcester Co., MA on 1 Mar 1843.[7] She married on 29 Oct 1778 to Moses Perry of Hopkinton, Middlesex Co., MA. He was born 28 May 1758 in West Boylston and died on 7 Dec 1843 in West Boylston.[7]

10. Abigail, born in Framingham in about 1760. She married on 11 Nov. 1783 to Daniel Morse, Jr., son of Daniel Morse and Ruth (Morse) Morse. Daniel Jr. was born in Holliston, Middlesex Co., MA. on 28 Jul. 1761 and died on 14 May 1847. After Abigail's death Daniel married second Jane Grimes.[7]

11. Elizabeth,  born in in Framingham in 1762, she died prob. in Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH. She married on 8 Jun. 1786 to Jason Harris a blacksmith. They resided in Dublin.

12. Jonathan, born in Framingham in about 1763 and died probably in Pennsylvania. He married on 25 Feb. 1779 to Hannah Parkhurst, the daughter of Josiah Parkhurst and Elizabeth Bigelow. Hannah was born on 27 Mar 1759. Jonathan moved first to Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH in 1782 and later to Pennsylvania.[7]

13. Elisha, born in Framingham in 1765 and died on 31 Mar. 1827 in Farmington, Franklin Co., ME., age 62. He marrired first to Comfort Twitchell  on 22 Sep 1782. She was the daughter of Gershom Twitchell and Hannah Sawin. Comfort was born on 2 Jun 1760 in Sherborn, Middlesex Co., MA[9][10]. After Comfort's death Elisha married second to Lucinda Addley who died in 1859, age 79. Elisha settled in Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH. He later moved to Bethel, Oxford Co., ME. and in about 1801 to Temple, Franklin Co., ME.[7]

Children of (2) Joseph Adams and Dorcas Winship:

14. Esther, born in Dublin, married Moses Riggs.[7]

15. Susanna, born in Dublin, died unmarried.[7]

     PRUDENCE ADAMS was born Bef 12 Nov. 1752 in Framingham, Middlesex Co., MA [2][7]. and died in March of 1799 in Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH. She married GERSHOM TWITCHELL JR on 12 Sep 1771 [7], possibly in Dublin, Cheshire Co., NH. He was the son of GERSHOM TWITCHELL SR and HANNAH SAWIN.


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