JOHN ALDEN was born in about 1599 (poss. at Harwich, Essex,) Eng., and died on 12 Sep 1687 at Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. he married PRISCILLA MULLINS in about 1623  at Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA.  John and Priscilla were passengers on the Mayflower. Priscilla was the daughter of WILLIAM MULLINS and ALICE (_____).




2. John Alden Jr. was born bef. 22 May 1627, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA and died on 14 March 1701/2 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. He married Elizabeth (Phillips) Everill on 1 April 1660 in Boston. She was born bef. 1640 and was bur. on 7 Feb. 1695/96 in Boston. She was the widow of Abiel Everill.

3. Joseph Alden was born after 22 May 1627 and died on 8 Feb. 1696/7 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., MA. He married Mary Simmons. She died aft. 1 Mar 1696/97. She was the daughter of Moses Simmons and Sarah (_____).

4. Sarah Alden was born after 22 May 1627 in Plymouth , and died before 13 June 1688; she m. Alexander Standish as his first wife. He was born in bef. 22 May 1627 and died on 6 Jul 1702 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA, the son of Miles Standish. He married (2) Desire Doty, b. abt. 1645 and died on 22 Jan 1731, buried in Marshfield. She had previously been married to William Sherman and israel Holmes.

5. Jonathan Alden was born about 1631 and died on 4 February 1696/7 in Duxbury; He married Abigail Hallett on 10 December 1672 in Duxbury. Abigail was born about 1645 and died on 17 Aug 1725 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co.

6. Ruth Alden died on 12 October 1674 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA. She married John Bass as his first wife on 12 May 1657 in Braintree. He was bap. in Saffron Waldon, Essex, Eng. on 18 Sep 1630, and died on 12 Sep 1716 in Braintree, Norfolk Co. John Bass married (2) Hannah Sturtevant (widow of Samuel )on 21 Sep 1675 in Braintree.

7. Rebecca Alden was born before 1649 and died after 13 June 1688. She married Thomas Delano before 30 October 1667. Thomas was born on 21 Mar 1642 and died on 13 Apr 1723 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co.

8. Mary Alden, living on 13 June 1688. Never married

9. Priscilla Alden, living on 13 June 1688. Never married

10. David Alden was born about 1646 and died between 5 June 1718 and 1 April 1719; he married Mary Southworth before 1667. She was born about 1654 and died on 28 Mar. 1718, the daughter of Constant Southworth and Elizabeth Collier.



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     ELIZABETH ALDEN, b.1625 Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA., d. 31 May 1717 in Little Compton, Mass.; m. 26 Dec. 1644 WILLIAM PEABODY. See sources above.


1. John Peabody, b. 4 Oct 1645; d. 17 Nov 1669. Killed accidently while riding horseback when his head struck a low hanging branch.

2. Elizabeth Peabody was born on 24 April 1647 and died in 1707; she married John Rogers Jr., in Duxbury on 16 Nov 1666. He was the son of John Rogers Sr. and Ann Churchman.

3. MARY PEABODY b. 7 Aug 1648; she married EDWARD SOUTHWORTH on 16 Nov 1669. He was the son of  CONSTANT SOUTHWORTH and ELIZABETH COLLIER.

4. Martha Peabody was born on 2 Jan 1649; and died on 25 Jan 1712 in Little Compton, Bristol Co., MA.; she married (1) Samuel Seabury on 4 Apr 1677 in Duxbury;  and married (2) Lt. William Fobes, the of  John Forbes and Constant Mitchell.

5. Mercy Peabody was born on 25 Feb 1650. She marrid John Simmons on 16 Nov 1669 in Duxbury, the son of Moses Simmons and Sarah (_____).

6. Priscilla Peabody was born on 15 Jan 1653; and died in Kingstown, MA on 3 June 1724; she married Rev. Ichabod Wiswall on 24 Dec 1677 in Duxbury. He was the son of Thomas Wiswall and Elizabeth (_____).

7. Sarah Peabody was born on 7 aug 1656; and died on 27 aug 1740 in Little Compton, Bristol Co., MA; she married John Coe on 10 Nov 1682, he died 10 Dec 1728.

8. Ruth Peabody was born on 17 June 1658; and died in Duxbury;  She married Benjamin Bartlett Jr. in Dec. of 1675 in Duxbury. He was the son of Benjamin Bartlett Sr and Sarah Brewster.

9. Rebecca Peabody was born on 15 Oct 1660; and died on 3 Dec 1702 in Little Compton, Bristol Co., MA; she married William Southworth about 1680; he was the son of Constant Southworth and Elizabeth Collier

10. Hannah Peabody was born on 15 Oct 1662; she married Samuel Bartlett on 3 Oct 1683

11. William Peabody was born on 24 Nov 1664

12. Lydia Peabody was born on 3 Apr 1667; she married Daniel Grinnell Jr. about 1683. He was the son of Daniel Grinnell and Mary Wordell


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