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     Adams, Prudence m. Gershom Twitchell 12 Sep. 1771. prob. Dublin, Cheshire Co., N.H.


ABBOTT - Line 1

     Abbott, Alice m. Roger Braley Sr. bef. 1698 probably in Plymouth Co., Mass. [I'm looking for more information on this line. Right now what you see is what I have.]

ABBOTT - Line #2

     Abbott, Job, b. abt. 1734 of Suncook & Fryeburg, , N.H. and Oxford Co., ME.; m. Sarah _____ . She b. abt. 1735.


    Abbott, Abigail, b. 15 Jul 1758 Suncook, N.H, d. 1 May 1845, Lovell, Oxford, ME, buried: Cemetery # 4, Lovell, ME.; m. (1) Stephen Dresser 09 Sep 1777 Fryeburg, Oxford Co., Maine. Stephen d. 28 Sep 1829 in Lovell. Abigail m. (2) James Kilgore aft. 1829. He was b. abt. 1755.



     Ackworth, Catherine abt. 1580 Co. Kent, Eng.; m. Robert Barker abt 1614 Co. Kent.


     Alden, John b. abt. 1599 England, d. 12 Sep 1686 Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. Priscilla Mullins abt. 1621 Plymouth, Mass. John and Priscilla were passengers on the Mayflower.

     Alden, Elizabeth b.1625 Plymouth, Mass, d. 31 May 1717 Little Compton, Mass.; m. 26 Dec. 1644 William Paybodie. See sources above.


   Andrews, Henry

   Andrews, Abigail m. Joshua Tisdale. Abigail would probably have been b. between 1646 and 1656 based on Joshua's birth that year.


     Andrews, Mary b. 23 Jun 1747, d. 23 Sep 1819; m. Benjamin Heard 8 Dec 1768 Berwick, York Co., Me.


     Annable, Anthony b. England, d. 1674 Barnstable, Plymouth Colony; m. (1) Jane Momford 26 Apr. 1619 Cambridge, Eng., she d. 1643; m. (2) Ann Clark 1 Mar. 1645 Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, d. bef. 16 May 1651; m. (3) Ann Barker* 1 Mar. 1657/58 Barnstable.

     Annable, Desire b. 16 Oct. 1653 Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, d. 24 July 1706 Scituate, Mass.; m. John Barker Jr. 18 Jan 1677.

ATKINS #1 & 2:

Atwoode: This two generation line from Alice, wife of William Mullins removed because latest information indicates it is not proven.


     Austin, William b. abt. 1516 England, d. abt. 1567 England, m. Allis _______.

     Austin, Richard b. abt. 1554 Eng., m. Amis _____ abt 1558.

Austin, Annis b. abt. 1600 poss. Tichfield, Hamps, Eng., d. bef 7 Mar. 1677/78 Wells, York Co., Me.; m. Edmund Littlefield 16 Oct 1615 Tichfield, Hamps.



     Barker, Ann m. Anthony Annable as his third wife 1 Mar. 1657/58 Barnstable, Plymouth Colony.


  Barker, Dorothy b. abt. 1601 of Sibton, Eng.; m. Daniel Goodwin by 1618


     Barnard, Robert b. Yorkshire, Eng., d. 1682 Nantucket, Mass.; m. Joanna Harvey bef. 1641 (earliest known DOB of one of their children). It has been suggested in the past that She was from the Plymouth Colony. It isn't known yet when Robert arrived but he was of Salisbury in 1642 (Pope), and was among the founders of the Church in Andover, MA. in 1645. Town Records of Salisbury, MA. in 1659 indicate Robert was among the original purchasers of Nantucket with one half interest which his brother Thomas transferred to him.  He settled there in about 1663. Administration of Robert's estate was granted to his grandson Robert, 1 Feb. 1714/15 over 30 years after his death.

Barnard, Sarah b. Andover, Mass., d. Nantucket, Mass.; m. James Skiffe Jr. 1677 Nantucket.


     Battell, Jeffery of Ongar, Essex Eng.; m. Christian Torrell 10__? dau. of John.

     Battell, William b. abt 1093 +/- 40 yrs.

     Battell, John b. abt 1136 +/- 30 yrs., of Ongar, Essex Eng.; m. Miss/Mrs Rochford

     Battell, Sir Thomas, Knt. m. Elizabeth de Enfield, ".... daughter and heiress of Sir Richard de Enfield, Knight."

     Battell, Katherine b. 1168--1223, m. John Jocelyn of Easton and Appletree, Northampton, Eng. She was daughter and coheiress of Sir Thomas, Knight, by his wife Elizabeth (de Enfield).


Bawde, John of Somerby,Lincoln, Eng..

Bawde, Miss b. abt. 1258, of Somerby Lincolnshire, Eng., m. Phillip de Patmer bef abt 1279.


BECKET aka Bucket.

     Becket, Mary b. abt. 1605 in England, d. Dec. 1676 Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA.; m. George Soule bef. 1632.


Berry, William, of Sandy Beach now Rye, Rockingham Co., N.H. He d. bef. Bef 28 Jun 1654 in Rye. He m. Jane ______ .

Berry, Mary; m. John Foss Sr. bef . 1659, He was b. abt. 1635, resided in Rye, Rockingham Co., N.H.,  Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939), pgs. 90, 240.


     Biggs, Robert

     Biggs, Alice b. abt. 1550, d. May. 1593 Tenterden, Kent, Eng.; m. Thomas Tilden 10 Mar. 1576/77 Tenterden, Kent.

BLAIR #1 For Biographies and sources


Blodgett, Lydia, b. Abt 1702 Rowley, Essex Co., MA.; m. Nathan Dresser, int pub. 25 Apr 1724 Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. [Note: Now, based upon information from the Vital Records of Ipswich it would appear to be Lydia Foster rather than Lydia Blodgett who was the wife of Nathan Dresser. However, for the time being I'm keeping her in the list hoping that someone will come up with amplifying information.]


     Braley, Roger b. 16__, m. Alice Abbott.

     Braley, Roger b. 15 Nov. 1698, d. Sep. 1778, Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA. m. Hannah Tisdale

     Braley, Alice b. 29 Jul 1722 Middleboro,  Plymouth Co., Ma., m. 16 Aug 1639 Middleboro to Ephraim Reynolds.


Braley, Sarah b. 13 Oct. 1702 Middleboro, Ma.; m. 27 Mar 1729 in Middleboro to Josiah Haskell. (Sarah is obviously of the above family but connection not yet known)


    Bray, Thomas (Lord Bray)

     Bray, Katherine; m. Jeffery Jocelyn of Sawbridgeworth, Co., Herts ca. 1400-1425.


Bridges, Mary, of Arundel, York Co., ME. 1789/90 (when her son Benjamin was b.); Mary m. Thomas Huff. This Info comes from Kelly Huff. I'm looking for sources and additional material on the Bridges family


Note: This family reputedly goes back to Thomas Brigham, Sr. who was b. in 1475 in Holme Upon Spaulding Moor, Yorkshire, Eng. I will post the rest of the line if and when I see some documentd source material.

Brigham, Thomas b. Holme Upon Spaulding Moor, Yorks; m. Isabel Watson In Holme

Brigham, Constance b. abt. 1604 Yorks, Eng., d. 25 Jan. 1683/84 Rowley, Mass.; m. Robert Crosby abt. 1622 Holme, Yorks. "The Watson Ancestry of Constance (Brigham) Crosby of Holme-upon-Spalding Moor, Yorkshire, and Rowley, Mass., And Notes on the Southeron and Millington Families", Walter Lee Sheppard, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 120, 1966, pp. 21-25; "ESSEX COUNTY QUARTERLY COURT FILES", V.21, leaf 45


Brissenden, Richard

Brissenden, Joane m. Thomas Hatch of Selling, Kent abt. 1552


     Brooks, Henry b. 1592 England, d. 12 Apr. 1683 Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA., Freeman Concord March 14, 1639. Removed to Woburn 1650; m. (1) Grace ____ . who d. about the time he removed to Woburn. They were most likely married in England. Grace was the mother of all his children.  While certain texts have stated that her surname was possibly Wheeler others state that it was Grace Wheeler who m. Henry's brother Thomas Brooks, of Concord, and d. 12 May 1664 in Concord. (2) Susanna Bradford* bef. 1621, she d. 1681; m. (3) Annis Jordan 12 Jul. 1682. I have seen several websites where Susanna Bradford is given as the mother of his children and that is obviously incorrect when comparing their date of marriage to the ages of his children. 


     Brooks, John b abt. 1623 Concord, Mass., d. 29 Sep. 1691, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass; m. (1) Eunice Mousall 1 Nov. 1649 Woburn, Mass., d. 1 Jan 1684. She was the mother of his children. John m. (2) Mary Champney on 25 Feb 1683, she died on 26 Aug 1704 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.


     Brooks, Sarah b. 21 Nov. 1652 Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.; m. Ephraim Buck 1 Jan. 1670/71 Woburn, Mass.


BROWNE - Line #1


Browne, b. abt. 1545 in Filby, Norfolkshire, Eng., he m. Elleyne _____. She b. abt. 1545 Source: NEHGR, Early Settlers of Hampton, New Hampshire from Ormesby, St. Margaret, Norfolk, Vol 141, pgs 114-127.

Browne, Susanna, b. England, married Francis Warde bef. 1604/05. They were of Filby, Norfolk, Eng. when their dau. Lucy Ward was born. Sources: "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire", Noyes, Libby and Davis, 1939, p. 522.; NEHGR v.141, pp. 126-27, v.66, pp. 180-183.


Bryant, _______.  It has been said that the parents of William Bryant (below) were possibly David Bryant and Lydia Cudworth Bryant of Triverton, Newport Co., R.I. I have found no information or sources which would support this but wonder if someone reading this does have information which would clear this question up.

Bryant, William, b. abt 1752, possibly in Triverton, R.I.; m. Mary Yates of Bristol, Lincoln Co., Me. (there is apparently some disagreement as to the identity of his wife) "A Scudder Genealogy", by Douglas A. Hall. OtisField, Me. Ms. draft, 1994

Bryant, Sally, b. in Maine, m. Silas Hamilton 3 Aug 1803 in Palermo, Waldo Co., Maine. "A Scudder Genealogy", by Douglas A. Hall. OtisField, Me. Ms. draft, 1994

BUCK - Bucke


BUZZELL - Bussey, Bussell, Busswell


Came, Arthur b. abt 1630-1640; m. Violet ______ abt. 1670 York, York Co., Me.

Came, Elizabeth b. 1670-1680 York, York Co., Me.; m. Phillip Welch bef. Aug. 1694 York, York Co., Me.


Carpenter, Alexander b. 1546-1556 Wrington, Somerset, England, d. 1612 Wrington; m. Catherine ______  bef. Mar. 1584.

Carpenter, Alice b. bef 03 Aug 1590 Wrington, Somerset, England, d. 26 Mar 1670, Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.; m. (1) Edward Southworth 28 May 1613 Leiden, S. Holland, he d. bef. 1622. Three children; m. (2) Gov. William Bradford 14 Aug. 1623 as his second wife in Plymouth. Three children


Castle, Mary b. 04 Apr 1624 Stratfort on Avon, Warwickshire, Eng., d. 01 Apr 1679 Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. She m. Richard Gale 16 Jul 1640 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.


Cathcart, Robert b. b. abt 1650 in Scotland, d. bet. 16 Jan & 24 Mar 1718 while "off island" in Boston. Res. Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard. Robert purchased land in Tisbury 2 Dec. 1690 and it is the earliest mention of him on the island. He was chosen Town Clerk in Tisbury in 1693 and held the office until his death. He opened an "ordinary" at some time prior to 1696 for in that year his license to sell strong liquor was "renewed".; He m. abt 1691 in Nantucket to Phoebe Coleman.

Cathcart, Hugh b. abt 1703 Martha's Vineyard, Duke Co., Ma., d. Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.; m. 12 Aug. 1730 Nantucket to Diana Swain.

Cathcart, Susannah b. 1735 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.; m. 9 Jan. 1755 Nantucket to Thomas Mooers.


Cathcart, Robert - see line #1

Cathcart, Mary b. 1693, Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., Mass., d. Falmouth, Mass.; m. abt 1710 in Martha's Vineyard to Thomas Hatch 2nd. They resided Falmouth. Six Children.


Chadbourne, William b. 1580 England, d. aft 1652; m. Elizabeth Sparry in Tamworth, Warwickwhire, England.

Chadbourne, Patience b. 8 Nov. 1612 Winchombe, Gloucester, Eng., d. 7 Nov. 1683 Berwick, York Co., Maine.; m. Thomas Spencer 1630 Winchombe.


Chastelin, Richard m. Beatrix Bamfield

Chastelin, Robert m. Johanna Fetiplace

Tentative - All above this point must be confirmed by additional sources

Chastelin, William b. bef 1200; m. Joan Sulliard; survived by their dau. & heir Jane

Chastelin, Jane m. Henry Jocelyn son of James and Joan (Threckenholm) Jocelyn Notes from New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol 71-236

CLARK - Gilman

Clark, John b. abt .1558 Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng.; m. Elizabeth _____ bef. 1587 Hingham. who was b. abt. 1563 Hingham.

Clark, Mary b. abt 1590 Hinghan, Co. Norfolk, Eng., d. 22 Jan 1680/81 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. Edward Gilman 3 Jun 1614 Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng.

CLARK - Collier

Clark, Jane b. abt. 1590 poss. St. Olave Parish, Southwark, Surry, d. aft. 1661 Plymouth Colony; m. William Collier 16 May 1611 St. Olave Parish.


Clements, Sarah b. abt 1720, of Haverhill, Mass, d. 25 Nov 1760 New Gloucester, Cumberland Co., Maine, m. John Buck bef. 1742, poss. in Haverhill.


Clemett, Jane b. England, m. John Langhorne 23 Nov. 1584 in England


     Codman, Robert b. ______ England, d. bef 1676 prob. Martha's Vineyard; his wife's name has never been mentioned in any of the sources I've consulted. Robert Codman was in Salem, Mass. 1637 with his mother, Salisbury, Mass. in 1639. Also Hartford & Saybrook, Ct. Settled Martha's Vineyard where he d. He was a ship's Captain.


     Codman, Abigail, b. abt 1654 in Possibly Saybrook, Ct.; d. in Falmouth, Mass.; m. 22 Jan 1678/79 on Marthas Vineyard, Duke Co., Ma. to Thomas Hatch.



Cole, Isaac; m. Joanna  _____. Dow says that Abraham "'may' have been the son of Isaac and Joanna."

Cole, Abraham 03 Oct 1636 in Charlestown, Sullivan Co., N.H. He m. Mary Wedgewood 15 Mar 1666/67. Dow's, "History of Hampton, N.H." and Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939), pg. 155

Cole, Abigail, b. 05 Dec 1673 Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH. Abigail m. (1) Thomas Foss 05 Feb 1695/96 in Hampton. He d. bef. 1710 when she m. (2) Samuel Folsom in Greenland, N.H. Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939), pgs. 155,  240, 241


Coleman, Thomas b. abt. 1599 Chilmark, Wiltshire, Eng., d. 1682 Nantucket; m. (1) Susanna ______. who was b. Eng. and d. 17 Nov. 1650 in Newbury or Hampton, Mass. Thomas m. (2) Mary _____ 2 Jul. 1651 in Hampton Mass, she d. 30 Jan. 1662/63 in Hampton, and he m. (3) Margaret Fowler aft. Jan 1662/63. "A GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF NEW ENGLAND", James Savage; "EARLY SETTLERS OF NANTUCKET", p. 61, Lydia S. Hinchman, Phila., 1901.; "REGISTER OF THE FIRST SETTLERS OF NEW ENGLAND", p. 65, John Farmer.; "HISTORY OF NEWBURY", pp. 15, 29, 298; Joshua Coffin.; "THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER", V.16, pp. 269-74, July 1862; "The Folger Family"; comp. by Willam Coleman Folger of Nantucket.; "Gen. Dict. of Me. & N.H."; by Libby, Noyes & Davis

Coleman, John b. Apr. 1644 Newbury, Essex Co., Mass., d. Dec. 1715 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass.; m. Joanna Folger 1666 Nantucket. (same sources as above, & "THE VITAL RECORDS OF NANTUCKET", Vol 1, pp. 186-87; Vol 3, p. 186)

Coleman, Phoebe b. 15 Jun 1674 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.; m. (1) Robert Cathcart abt. 1691 Nantucket; m. (2) Samuel Athearn 16 Sep. 1769 in Martha's Vineyard. "HISTORY OF MARTHA'S VINEYARD", Charles Edward Banks, Vol 2, p. 41-2; "A GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF NEW ENGLAND", James Savage; "NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER", Vol 16, pp. 269-274, (*note: this mistakenly gives Phoebe Coleman as marrying Gershom Cathcart, her own son.); "DUKES COUNTY, MASS., PROBATE RECORDS", Vol 3, p. 121.; "THE VITAL RECORDS OF NANTUCKET", Vol 1, pp. 186-87; Vol 3, p. 186; Vol 5, pp. 111-112.


Collier, William b. 1585 St. Olave Parish, Southward, Surry, Eng., d. bef. Jul 1671 Duxbury, Mass., m. Jane Clark 16 May 1611 St. Olave Parish. Collier was a Merchant Adventurer and came to live in Plymouth in 1633. He was often elected assistant to the Governor of the colony. , " The American Genealogist 49:215 and 51:58, 92; "PLYMOUTH COLONY ITS HISTORY & PEOPLE 1620-1691", Eugene Aubrey Stratton, Ancestry Publishing, Salt Lake City. 268.; Nathaniel Morton (NEW ENGLANDS MEMORIAL, p. 91); Numerous and various mentionings in the Records of the Plymouth Colony.

Collier, Elizabeth b. 1616 prob. St. Olave Parish, Southwark, Surry, Eng., d. aft. Feb. 1678/79; m. Constant Southworth 2 Nov. 1637 Plymouth, Mass."Records Of The Colony Of Plymouth In New England", Nat. B. Shurtleff, Ed., Boston, 1855. V.1 Court Orders, p. 68 (ms. p. 131).


Cornish, Elizabeth m. Ralph Josselyn bef. abt. 1503, resided Great Canfield, Co. Essex, Eng.


Crosby, John b. abt. 1440, d. poss Styllingfleet, Yorks, bur. in the Choir of Parish Church, Styllingfleet, Yorks.

Crosby, John b. abt. 1470 Alne or Styllingfleet, Yorkshire, Eng.

Crosby, Thomas b. abt. 1505 Yorkshire, d. Holme upon Spaulding Moor, Yorks.; m. Jennet _____ .

Crosby, Richard b. abt 1532 Yorkshire, Eng., d. Holme-upon-Spaulding Moor, Yorks, Eng.; m. Margaret _____ bef. 1556. She d. bef 20 Oct 1591 (burial).

Crosby, John b. abt. 1556 Holme-upon-Spaulding Moor, Yorks, Eng.; m. Jane Webster 31 Aug 1594 Prob. Yorkshire, Eng.

Crosby, Robert b. bef. 30 Oct. 1596 Yorkshire, Eng., d. bef. 1642 Mass.; m. Constance Brigham abt. 1622 Holme, Yorks, Eng.

Crosby, Mary b. abt 1628 Holme-on-Spaulding Moor, York, Eng., d. 29 Dec. 1667 Rowley, Mass.; m. Richard Langhorne 16 Jan 1647/48 Rowley, Mass.


Cross, Sarah m. Roger Hill of Biddeford and Salem.


Curtis, Thomas

Curtis, Abigail m. abt. 1670-75 Benoni Hodsdon


     Cushing, William Co.Norfolk, Eng.

     Cushing, Thomas of Hardingham, Co., Norfolk

     Cushing, William of Hardingham, Co., Norfolk, d. 26 Sep 1492 Hardingham

     Cushing, John of Hingham, Co. Norfolk, d. 1522 Hingham; m. Emma ______ .

    Cushing, Thomas of Hingham, Co., Norfolk, d. Apr. 1588 Hardingham, Co., Norfolk;

     Cushing, Peter b. Hingham, Co., Norfolk, d. Mar. 1