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     ROBERT ANDREWS was at Chebacco, in Ipswich, 1635; wife Elizabeth; children, Alice, Rebecca, John, and Thomas; and nephews, John, Thomas and Robert Burnham; was an innkeeper.[3]

    Robert (Capt) Andrews (b). Born abt 1600 in perhaps Norwich, Norfolk Cty, England (, p. 20).1 Robert (Capt) died in Chebacco, Essex, MA on 1 Mar 1642; he was 42.2, will proved 26 Mar 1644 - Genalogical History John & Mary Andrews.

   perhaps freeman Ipswich 6 May 1635 - GenHist John and Mary A. Religion: GenHist John & Mary Andrews (NHSL).

In 1633 John Winthrop Jr was sent with 12 men to Agawam (now Ipswich) to start a plantation there, "lest an enemy, finding it void, should possess it and take it from us." Tedd Morgan, Wilderness at Dawn, p. 171

113 -- p. 20 -- Robert Andrews, at Chebacco in Ipswich, 1635, with wife Elizabeth; children Alice, Rebecca, John, Thomas; nephew John, Thomas, and Robert Burnham, was an innkeeper; said to be owner and master of

ship "Angel Gabriel," ship sank off Tammaquid, Maine, 15 Aug 1635 -- Capt. Andrews settled with his 3 nephews in Chebacco, Ipswich, MA; p. 44ff, will written 1 Mar 1643, proved 26 Mar 1644, names eldest son

"John Andrews," "not yet of age," with Thomas Howlitt as guardian, yet wants John to be executor -- prob indicates he is in late teenage. "son in law Franklin's daughter, Elizabeth Franklin" mentioned; John, Thomas, mentioned as my two sons; son Daniel Hovey's child Daniel Hovey. Made a mark (showed he was illiterate).

Hammatt, Early Inhabitants of Ipswich, MA (1880, NHSL) says that Robert Andrews was admitted freeman 6 May 1635; in which year "he possessed a house lot on the south side of the river." Licensed by Gen Ct to keep an ordinary 3 Sep 1635. 1636 allowed to seel wine by retail, "if he do not wittingly sell to such as abuse it by drunkenness." 2has Robert's birth as 1560, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Lee Burnham email 14 Jan 1998 - John, Thomas, and Robert Burnham reported that they were from Norwich England. They arrived with their uncle Capt Andrews aboard the ship Angel Gabriel. It is interesting that Capt Andrews had his entire family on board as well. The thought arises that perhaps they were, however, not from Norwich at all.

In 1617/1621 when Robert (Capt) was 17, he married Elizabeth Franklin (b), daughter of William Franklin (ca 1570-), in England? (IGI). Born abt 1600 in England (Franklin from IGI). Elizabeth died in Ipswich, MA?

(see notes) aft 1647; she was 47. Religion: name found in Robert's will. 2has Elizabeth b 1564 England, m 1591 Norwich, Norfolk, England Margaret DeMarco, email 1 Jun 1998 from demarco@ix.netcom.com - from a list of grand jury cases of 1647: We present Widow Andrews. . .for cursing and reviling her son-in-law, Humphrey Griffin. We present Humphrey Griffin for reviling his wife's mother.


1. Alice Andrews (c). Born abt 1620/1625 in England? or MA? Alice died in Ipswich, MA?, 1642; she was 22. memo given that money would be given to her dau when she is 17 y o, p. 48.1  

abt 1640 when Alice was 20, she married William Franklin (c), in Ipswich, MA? Born in 1595 in Norwich, Norfolk, England.2

They had one child:

i. Elizabeth. Born abt 1641 in MA? Elizabeth first married George May. 1662 assigns Thomas Adams to recover money due him -- evidently Elizabeth has recently turned 17? -- see 1, p. 50 Elizabeth second married John Glover.

2. Abigail Andrews. Born abt 1622 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. 2 Abigail died in Brookfield, Worcester, MA on 24 Jun 1665; she was 43.2

abt 1640/1643 when Abigail was 18, she married Daniel Hovey (c), Acc To Testimony Of Daniel Hovey (, P. 50).1 Born on 9 Aug 1618 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England. Daniel died in Ipswich, MA (will written 1691/2, p. 51) on 24 Apr 1692; he was 73.1,2 Occupation: built a wharf 1660 (, p. 110).3

At least one son from first wife, Daniel Hovey, mentioned in grandfather Robert Andrew's will.

At least six children from second wife:

John, b abt 1675, Ipswich?, d 17 Aug 1720 Ipswich, MA (1); Abigail or Agnes Hovey; Thomas Hovey; James Hovey; Joseph Hovey; Nathaniel, not yet 21 when Daniel Hovey's will written. (Gen Hist Robet Andrews, NHSL) in Ipswich 1637 (, p. 12) History of Brookfield - p. 56-59 -first settlement 1660-1676, on chapter The Town Plot. A careful study of. .records and landmarks makes it certain that the town plot, ie, the home lots, was laid out so as to take in what is now known as Foster's Hill, extending fr Hovey's Brook on the SE to Coy's Brook on the NW, and bounded by the river meadow southerly, and reaching on the northerly

side to the foot of the hill. The area of this plot was nominally 500 acres. It is believed that the home lots orig contained 20 acres each, with a right to 20 acres meadow, and 8-10 acres plain land. The minister, and men with grown up sons, appeared to have double or 1 1/2 lots. The road through the town plot turned northerly at the Pritchard place, running around instead of over hill as at present. Meeting house middle of plantation, abt 20 rods fr Sgt Ayres' tavern, which would place it a little to the west or NW or D H Richardson's barn -- "the

slough," or wet run, then being on the west side of the house." p. 59 lists the order in which home lots laid out; 14 was Daniel Hovey, 15 James Hovey, 16 Thomas Hovey, "these three Hovey lots located easterly of the little brook, north side of road, 30 acres each." The first book of records of Quabag appears to have been kept by Mr. Pynchon, "recorder." Naturally this book was given to the town clerk of Brookfield in 1673, and perished in the conflagration of 1675.

They had the following children:

i. Daniel. Born in 1642.

ii. John. Born in 1644.

iii. Thomas. Born in 1648.

iv. James. Born in 1650.

v. Joseph. Born in 1653.

vi. Nathaniel. Born in 1657.

vii. Priscilla. Born ca 1660.

viii. Abigail. Born ca 1660/1665.

3. (Corporal) John Andrews (c). Born abt 1624 in England? John died in Ipswich, MA (, p. 54) on 13 Mar 1662; he was 38.1 Occupation: baker; tavernkeeper.

The IGI and 1 both have this John as a son of Robert and father of John. However, I do not believe this is possible, because the other John (supposedly his son), was born about the same time as John! I don't think this John is a son of Robert, but have put him here until we get more info. Prob a son of a brother of Roberts. 1, p. 10, has a John Andrews in Ipswich 1639. Perhaps a brother of Robert? Also a Richard Andrews in 1643. Another brother of Robert? will of Robert Andrews, 1 Mar 1643, proved 26 Mar 1644, names eldest son "John Andrews," "not yet of age," with Thomas Howlitt as guardian, yet wants John to be executor -- prob indicates he is in late teenage moved to Lynn where he owned 'The White House' --  email from demarco@ix.netcom.com

In 1644/1645 when John was 20, he married Sarah Conant (c), in Ipswich, MA? (not in VR?). Born abt 1625 in England. Sarah died in Ipswich, MA? on 29 Apr 1666; she was 41. "Many such "mavericks" settled America before 1630. The Balch and Conant families, to name but two, both arrived in Massachusetts before the Winthrop fleet and are still known in New England for going their own way>" Albions Seed. Tedd Morgan, Wilderness at Dawn, p. 166 -- After the Pilgrims had led the way, Charles began to grant patents to others groups, such as New England Company. John Endicott landed 1628 Naumkuag (renamed Salem). There he found Roger Conant, who had left Plymouth and with a few others built some huts in 1626. Martha Conant m Luke Perkins 31 May 1688, Salem, MA acc to Am Marriage Records before 1699.

They had the following children:

i. John. Born in 1646 in Ipswich, MA? John died aft Dec 1696 (in last inventory of father-in-law), Ipswich, MA? ; he was 50. John married Ann Jacobs, daughter of George Jacobs (-1691/1692) & Mary (Jacobs).

ii. Sarah. Sarah married husband Cannon.

4. Elizabeth Andrews


1. H. Franklin Andrews, History of the Andrews Family -- A Genealogy of Robert Andrews and His Descendants (Audobon, IA, Wm Brinkerhoff, 1890).

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3. Felt, Joseph B. History of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton, MA (first pub 1834; this edition reprinted 1991, Heritage Books, in NHSL)

Elizabeth Andrews (c). Born abt 1627/1630. information on Elizabeth from Margaret DeMarco, email 19 Jun 1998 from demarco@ix.netcom.com

Elizabeth first married Humphrey Griffin (c). Born in 1620/1630. Occupation: butcher. In 1657 Humphrey Griffin was charged with working on the Sabbath, unloading barley. The next year he was charged for

allowing his daughter to wear a silk scarf. from a list of grand jury cases,

acc to email from demarco@ix.netcom.com

They had one child:

i. John. Born in 1650/1670. mentioned in Robert Andrew's will

Elizabeth second married Hugh Sherrat (c). Born in 1620/1630.

     ELIZABETH ANDREWS, d. 18 Apr 1670, in Haverhill, Essex Co., MA.[1][2] She married HUMPHREY GRIFFIN abt 1639-1640, in Ipswich or gloucester, Essex Co., MA.


1. John

2. Nathaniel





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