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     JOHN BALCH, was born about 1605 [2] in England. and died between 15 May and 28 Jun 1648 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.[5] Savage thought he was probably from the area of Bridgewater in County Somersetshire in England.  John Balch arrived in New England very early, around 1623, possibly with Robert Gorges to the infant settlement at Cape Ann or perhaps Nantasket. When the project at Cape Ann failed to prosper he removed with Roger Conant, Thomas Gardner and others to settle at Bass River, the earliest incarnation of  Salem, MA. On 19 Oct 1630 he requested admission as freeman at Salem and took the freeman's oath on 18 May 1631. [1]

     His first wife, and the mother of his children was MARGARET ______. [1][2] She was one of the first members of Higginson's Church.[1]

    He married second Annis/Agnes____,  whom he named in his will of 15 May 164, "...Annis Balch my loveing wife....".[5]

   He signed his will on 15 May 1648 and it was proved on 28 Jun 1648. Witnesses were Peter Palfrey, Nicholas Patch and Jefferie Massey. He named his wife Annis and his eldest son Benjamin executors of his estate and John Porter and William Woodbury as the overseers.[5]

To Annis he left "...the Roome newly built...", along with 20 acres of land (4 acres to be "in till" and four acres of meadow), the use of half of the "...greate fruit trees...', and a place in the barn to store the harvest. In addition he gave her one quarter of his household goods, his best bed and all the "...convenience furniture thereunto belonging...", that is, the linnens, pillows, covers etc.. He also left her two cows "...by name Reddie and Cherie..." and "...one yearling heaffer...". He continued with directions to his sons concerning their treatment and obligations to their stepmother "...soe long as my said wife may live..." which included Benjamin and John each tilling and sowing two of the four acres of tilled land left her for the period of seven years.After that period his son Benjamin to do all the tilling and sowing himself.[5]

     To his eldest son Benjamin he gave one half of the farm, two yolk of oxen, one third of the young cattle and mare colt, one quarter of the household goods and upon his stepmother's decease her share of the fruit trees.[5]

     To his second son John he gave one quarter of his farm, a yolk of oxen, one third of his young cattle and mare colt, one quarter of his household goods, one half of all the young apple trees remaining undisposed of (that is, one quarter of the whole) and one cow.[5]

   To his youngest son Freeborn he bequeathed one quarter of his farm, 1 yoke of oxen and a cow "...I bred up for him...". Freeborn also recieved one third part of the young cattle and the mare colt, one quarter of the household goods and one quarter of the young apple trees.[5]

   To each his wife and three sons he gave a quarter of "all my corne growing upon the ground".[5] The term 'corn' to be taken as meaning all of the types of grain that were growing on the farm. In the inventory of his estate it is seen that growing at that time were 9 acres of wheat, 6 acres of indian (corn), 2 acres of barley and one acre of some type of grain whose name apparently could not be deciphered, possibly rye. Interestingly no matter what type of grain was growing all types were valued at one pound per acre. Also on the inventory were 12 bushels of indian corn and 4 bushels of barley malt. The malt would strongly suggest that they didn't rely upon an outside brewer for at least a part of the ale that they consumed. There was no mention of wheat, milled flour or corn meal in the inventory. In fact the only food item mentioned was "chease & chease pres, 1li.[10]

   His estate totaled 220 Pounds, 13 shillings and 4 pence.[10]


  2. John Balch, birth date unknown, died on 16 Jun 1662 by drowning leaving no will. He m. Mary Conant, dau. of Roger Conant and his wife Sarah _____, They had at least two daughters, Mary who died young, then a second daughter Mary.[1] John having died intestate his widow, Mary Conant Balch, was awarded administration of his estate by the Ipswich Quarterly Court on 25 March 1662 and directed by that court to bring in an inventory of the said estate at the next Salem Court.[7/1:104] The inventory of the estate was taken by Sarah's father Roger Conant and by Samuel Corning on 19 Apr 1662[8]. John's surviving daughter Mary Balch, who was awarded half his estate by the court after his death[6/1:97], died between 24 Jun 1662[Ibid], and 31 Mar. 1663.[7/1:115]. She had been ill prior to his death as evidenced by the notation in his inventory concerning claims against his estate, "....for keeping a sick and weakly child, viz., Mary Balch, six months, 10s., to the doctor, 10s."[8] The inventory was allowed by the Salem Court on 24 Jun 1662.[6] His widow, Mary Conant Balch, married William Dodge as his first wife in about 1663. She had at least six children by him. After the death of Mary Balch, daughter of John, the court directed that the half of the estate that was to have gone to the daughter would revert with full usage to Mary Conant Balch Dodge for a period of seven years, but after that seven year period it would go to John's brother Benjamin Balch.[7/1:115]  On 26 Sep 1665 William Dodge acknowledged a judgement directed by the Ipswich Q. Court to one Capt. Walter Price for a debt (there was one of  9 pounds 26 shillings on the inventory of 1662) owed Price by the estate of John Balch.[7/1:146] Finally, in March of 1682, almost twenty years after the death of John Balch, his brother Benjamin and his widow's husband,William Dodge, came to an agreement concerning the division of land and movables of John Balch. [9/4:438]
  3. Freeborne Balch. Savage says that he dissapears from the records about 1658 "prob. going for Eng. that yr. and not heard of after."[1/V.1:101]

BENJAMIN BALCH, was b. about  1628, in Salem, Essex Co., MA, and d. 31 Jan. 1714/1715, in Salem, Essex Co., MA.

   Benjamin married abt. 1650 (1) SARAH GARDNER, The dau. of THOMAS GARDNER of Salem and  his unknown first wife. Sarah was born in Salem about 1630 to 1631[2/V2, p.731-737] and died on 15 Apr 1686 in Salem.[3/V2p.371][2] She was named in her father's will and recieved an inheritance of fifteen pounds.[4]

   Benjamin married (2) Abigail Clarke 5 Feb 1688/1689, at Marblehead, Essex Co., MA.[1/V2p.230] She died on 1 Jan 1690 in Beverly [3/V.2:371]. Benjamin married (3) Grace Mallett on 15 MAR 1691/1692 at Beverly, Essex Co., MA. There was no issue from his marriage to (2) Abigail Clark and two children from his (3) marriage.

Children of

  2. Benjamin Balch, b. Bef 10 Apr 1670 [3/V.1:35]
  3. John Balch, b. abt 1654, he married Hannah Veren on 23 Dec 1674 in Beverly, Essex Co., MA [3/V.2:27] Had a dau. Hannah
  4. Joseph Balch, b. Bef 10 Apr 1670, in Beverly, Essex Co., MA[3/V.1:35] and d. on 18 Sep 1675 at Bloody Brook, killed by Indians
  5. Freeborn Balch, b. 09 Aug 1660, Beverly, Essex Co., MA[3/V.1:33] and died in Beverly on 13 Jun 1729.[3/V.2:731] He m. Mirriam _____ and they had at least three children: Benjamin, Freeborn and Mirriam.[3/V1:33-34]
  6. Sarah Balch, b. Bef 10 Apr 1670 [3/V.1:35]. Married James Patch 29 Dec 1680 in Beverly. [3/V.2:27]
  7. Abigail Balch, b. Bef 10 Apr 1670 Beverly, Essex Co., MA[3/V.1:35]. She m. Cornelieus Larkum on 08 Feb 1680/81 in Beverly. [3/V.2:27]
  8. Ruth Balch, b. Bef 10 Apr 1670 [3/V.1:35]
  9. Mary Balch, b. Bef 10 Apr 1670 Beverly, Essex Co., MA[3/V.1:35]. She m. Nathaniel Stone on 26 Mar 1689 in Beverly. [3/V.2:27]
  10. Jonathan Balch, b. Bef 10 Apr 1670 [3/V.1:35]
  11. David Balch, b. 1671 [3/V.1:35] and d. 7 Apr 169_. [3/V.2:371]

CHILDREN by (3) Grace Mallett:


  1. Deborah Balch, b. 06 Jun 1693 Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.1:33]. m. William Rayment on 8 Feb 1710/11 in Beverly. [3/V.2:27]
  2. Lydia Balch, b. 28 Aug 1695 [3/V.1:34]

"The Great Migration Begins,", Robert Charles Anderson, NEHGS: For Benjamin Balch, it says he m 1 about 1650 Sarah Gardner, who d. at Beverly 5 April 1686; he m 2 Marblehead 5 Feb. 1688/9 Abigail Clarke who d. at Beverly 1 Jan 1690, and m. 3 Beverly 15 March 1691/2 Grace Mallett


     SAMUEL BALCH Sr, b. 1650-1651 Beverly, Essex Co., MA,[3/V2:371] was baptized on 10 Apr 1670 in Beverly[3/V1:35] d. 14 Oct 1723 Beverly.[3/V.2:371] Married 27 Oct 1675 in Beverly, Essex Co., MA to  MARTHA NEWMARCHE, dau of JOHN NEWMARCHE and MARTHA GOULD. Martha b. 1653 in Beverly and d. 07 Jul 1720 in Beverly.[3/V.2:27]


  1. Martha Balch, b. 13 Sep 1676 Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.1:34]
  2. Samuel Balch, b. 16 May 1678 Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.1:34]
  3. Joseph Balch, b. 26 Apr 1680 Beverly, Essex Co., MA. [3/V.1:334]
  5. John Balch, b. 29 Mar 1682 Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.:33]
  6. Phebe Balch, b. Bef 13 Apr 1684 Beverly, Essex Co., MA..[3/V.1:34]
  7. Peter Balch, b. 06 May 1685 Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.1:34]
  8. Cornelius Balch, b. Bef 01 May 1687 Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.1:33]
  9. Abigail Balch, b. 24 May 1689, Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.1:33]
  10. Thomas Balch, b. 01 Apr 1692, Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.1:35]

     BENJAMIN BALCH Sr.,  b. 29 Mar 1682 Beverly, Essex Co., MA,[3/V.1:33] and d. 08 Jan 1749/50 Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.2:371] Benjamin m. on 27 Jun 1705 to MERCY LEACH in Beverly, Essex Co., MA[3/V2:32]. She was b. Abt 1685 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA., the daughter of JOHN LEACH.


  2. Martha Balch, b. 9 Dec 1706 Beverly, Essex Co., MA. [3/V1:34]
  3. Mercy Balch, b. 04 Feb 1708/09 Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V1:34] She m. John Lovitt, int. 1 Feb 1729, Beverly.[3/V2:28]
  4. Martha Balch, b. 02 Feb 1712/13 Beverly, Essex Co., MA. [3/V1:34] She d. on 18 Aug 1714 in Beverly, aged 1 year 6 months 16d days.[3/V2:371]
  5. Martha Balch, b. 09 Jan 1715/16 Beverly, Essex Co., MA. [3/V1:34]
  6. Mary Balch, b. 09 Jan 1715/16 Beverly, Essex Co., MA. [3/V1:34]
  7. Benjamin Balch Jr., b. 22 Sep 1725, Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3/V.1:33] He d. 4 Aug 1736 aged 11 years 49 days in Beverly.[3/V2:371]

     DEBORAH BALCH, b. 20 Aug 1720 Beverly, Essex Co., MA,[3/V1:33] and d. Bef 1792, probably in Beverly. She m. on 13 Apr 1743 in Beverly[11] to JONATHAN DODGE Jr., the son of JONATHAN DODGE SR. and JERSHUA WOODBURY


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