________ BARNARD, b. prob. Eng.



2. Thomas Barnard, born in England and settled in New England about 1650, coming a number of years after his brother Robert. He resided in Amesbury, Essex Co., MA. He was one of the original purchasers of Nantucket on 1 Dec. 1659. He and his brother Robert had home lots side by side on Nantucket. While Robert did settle on the Island it would seen that Thomas didn't as his son Nathaniel settled on his home lot in 1663. Thomas died intestate and his death and the administration of his estate were the subject of several entrys in the Court records:

     "Administration upon the estate of Tho. Barnard, sr., late of Amsberie, who was killed by the Indians, was granted Oct. 9, 1677, to Elener, the relict," Hampton Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2, page 76.

     "Inventory of the estate of Thomas Barnard, Sr. taken 21: 6m: 1677 [21 Aug. 1667], by Phill. Challis, Thomas Wells and John Weed:".... "total, 607li. 12s. Attested in Hampton court 9 : 8m : 1677 [9 Oct. 1677] by Ellenor Barnard, widow of Thomas Barnard, and administratrix of his estate." Essex County Probate Files, Docket 1,785


1. Nathaniel Barnard, possibly had two wives, if so his second wife, and the mother of his children, was Mary Barnard, dau. of Robert Barnard and Joanna Harvey. Nathaniel referred to Robert Barnard in his will as "my father in law". He settled on Nantucket in 1663 to inhabit the purchase in lieu of his father Thomas.


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     ROBERT BARNARD, b. Yorkshire, Eng., d. 1682 Nantucket, Mass.; m. JOANNA HARVEY bef. 1641 (earliest known DOB of one of their children). Nothing has been found concerning Joanna's parents. It has been suggested in the past that She was from the Plymouth Colony. Joanna died on 31 Mar. 1705.

     It isn't known yet when Robert arrived  in New England but he was of Salisbury in 1642 (Pope), and was among the first settlers in Andover and a founder of the Church there in 1645. His home lot in Andover was very near that of Simon Bradstreet.

   The Town Records of Salisbury, MA. in 1659 indicate Robert was among the original purchasers of Nantucket with one half interest which his brother Thomas transferred to him.  He settled there in about 1663. Robert died intestate and over 30 years later administration of his estate was granted to his grandson Robert Barnard on 1 Feb. 1714/15. Stephen Barnard having petitioned the court to pass the administration on to his son Robert because he was incapacitated by age. Administration of the estate was delayed due to a claim made against Robert's estate by the State. Pope incorrectly stated that this grandson Robert was in fact the son of Robert, leading to later confusion as to the number of children Robert and Joanna had.



2. John Barnard, b. 2 Mar 1641/42 Salisbury, Essex Co., MA., d. on 6 Jun 1669. He married Bethiah Folger on 25 Feb 1668/69 on Nantucket. Bethiah was born Aft 1644 on Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., MA., and d. on 6 Jun 1669. John and Bethiah were drowned in Nantucket Sound while returning from a shopping trip to Martha's Vineyard. They made the trip in a large freight canoe with a crew of Nantucket Indians. They were accompanied by Isaac Coleman, who also drowned and by Eleazer Folger, Bethia's younger brother. Eleazer Folger was the sole survivor when the canoe capsized. John and Bethiah had no children and had been married slightly over three months when they died.

3. Stephen Barnard, b. abt. 1649 in Andover, Essex Co., MA., He married on 1 May 1671 to Rebecca How of Andover. At least one child: Robert, administrator of his grandfather's estate.

4. Hannah Barnard, prob. the eldest child. m. John Stevens on 13 Jun. 1662.

5. Mary Barnard, b. 8 apr. 1658 Andover, Essex Co., MA.


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