WILLIAM BARSHAM SR. was born on 27 Jun 1558 at Colkirke, Norfolkshire, Eng..

     He married ANN YELVERTON abt. 1587 at Waterton, Suffolkshire, Eng. She was born about 1557 in Norfolkshire, Eng., the dau. of HENRY YELVERTON and BRIDGET DRURY.



     WILLIAM BARSHAM JR. , b. 1588, Colchester, Essex, England., d. 13 Jul 1684 [3], Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.He m. ANNABELLA BLAND abt. 1634 Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. [3], she was born about 1592  in Colchester, Essex, England, d. 13 Jul 1683, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA., the daughter of JOHN BLAND and JOANNA (_____) .


1. Anne Barsham was born on 7 Jan 1636, atWatertown, Middlesex Co., MA.

2. Hannah Barsham was born on 7 Jan 1637/38 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. and died on 18 Jul 1710 in Cambridge, Norfolk Co., MA.; she married John Spring Jr on 19 Sep. 1656.

3. William Barsham was born on 7 Jan 1637/38 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. and died on 18 Aug 1710.


5. Joshua Barsham was born on 15 Mar. 1640 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.

6. Susanna Barsham was born on 28 jan 1641/42 and married ______ Capon.

7. Nathaniel Barsham was born in 1644 and died on 2 Aug. 1716. He married Elizabeth Bond.

8. Sarah Barsham, m. ______ Brown.

9. Mary Barsham was bon on 24 Jun 1648; she married (1) John Bright on 7 May 1675, and married (2) Hanninah Parker.

10. Rebecca Barsham was born on 12 Dec.1657 and died on 14 May 1683. She married Edward Winship

11. Elizabeth Barsham was born on 29 Jul 1659. She married Adam Eve on 5 Jul 1694.

     JOHN BARSHAM, was born on 8 Dec.1635 in Watertown, Suffolk Co., MA., and died in 1698 at Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., N.H.[1], he m. MEHITABLE _____, who d. in 1678 Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., N.H.[1]


1. Sarah Barsham was born on 11 Aug. 1676 in Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., N.H.; she married Benjamin Bickford.

2. Annable Barsham was born on 31 May 1670

3. Mary Barsham was born on 26 Feb. 1671/72


T. William Barsham was born on 25 Apr. 1678

     DOROTHY BARSHAM was born on 23 Feb. 1673/74; she married JAMES ALLEN. He was born in 1671 in York, York Co., ME, the son of WALTER ALLEN and ELIZABETH (_____).[1][2]


1. Barsham Allen was born on 4 Feb. 1701/02 in York, York Co., ME. He m. Martha Pray  on 4 Nov.1725  in Berwick, York Co., ME.

2. DOROTHY ALLEN was born on 6 Sep. 1707 in York, York Co., ME.;  she married SAMUEL STEWART JR on 4 Aug 1726 in Wells, York Co., ME. He was the son of SAMUEL STEWART SR and DORCAS BASTON of Wells.

3. Elishua Allen was born on 18 Jun. 1709 in York, York Co., ME.

4. Elijah Allen was born on18 Dec. 1711, in York, York Co., ME.

5. James Allen Jr. was born on 14 Feb. 1713/14, in York, York Co., ME.

6. Joseph Allen was born on 2 Jan. 1717/18 in York, York Co., ME.; he married Elinor Young.


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