[Note: Laird C. Towle, a Buzzell descendant, was kind enough to provide me with a partial ms. of his "BUZZELL FAMILIES OF NORTH AMERICA", containing all the information on my Buzzell line from Simon the emigrant,  to Jonathan b. 1761, where I had been dead-ended for many years. Laird has my sincere thanks for his generosity. I've re-written and condensed the material he sent me to suit my needs for this web page but the generations I mentioned are based almost exclusivly upon information gathered by Mr. Towle.  I've also drawn some of my own conclusions and voiced a few of my own questions while doing this (wcl).]

     SIMEON BUSSEY/BUSSELL, b. prob. bef. 1633 in English Channel Islands, living 1685 in Cape Porpoise (Arundel), York Co., ME. and died by 1694.[5] He m. MARGARET WORMWOOD in 1658 inYork Co., ME. No date or reasonable assumption of such seems to exist for her death. Margaret was the daughter of WILLIAM WORMWOOD and CATHERINE (_____).

   In June of 1666 Simeon Bussey was a witness to a document transferring title of land pledged previously as collateral for a loan made to Nicholas Cole and John Puddington of Cape Porpoise. Simeon signed with his mark. Subsequently, on "5th 5 mo 70",  Simeon as well as Griffin Montigue, the other witness to the title, were called before the Court in Wells, York Co., ME to swear that they had indeed witnessed the document.[3 - Bk2 folios 97-98] Nicholas Cole was Simeon's neighbor, his land being separated from Simeon's by the property of John Bush.[3 - Bk2 folio127]

     On 17 Sep 1667 there was an inquest held into the death of  "Simeon Buzie" in Portsmouth.[7 - V40 pp 228,231] Stackpole calls him "of Oyster River"[4 - V2-398] and GDM&NH indicates all the jurors called were also from that settlement indicating that his death probably occurred there.[8] No indication who this Simeon was. Perhaps father, or possibly no relation.

     Bradley stated that Simon come from Scarborough to Cape Porpoise and m. Margaret in 1659.[1] York Deeds, above, would indicate that he was at Cape Porpoise by June of 1666.[3] On 4 Jul. 1659 Margaret Wormwood "alias Bussy" was presented by the Grand Jury at York, ME. for the crime of  having a "Bastard" child, and she and Simon were sentenced to be publicly whipped, each recieving ten strokes on their bare backs. This sentence was to be carried out and the "strokes" administered by the appointed officials "appointed for that purpose" from the towns of Old Falmouth (Portland) and Scarborough Maine.[2 - V2, p81, 455] My question about this is why were the officials from Falmouth and Scarborough appointed to carry out the sentence since Simon appears to have been in Cape Porpoise for at least the three previous years? Did the offense date to earlier than this date or did Simeon return to Scarborough in the interim years?

     On 24 Nov. 1669 and again on 21 Oct. 1670 he is mentioned in deeds at Cape Porpoise concerning the sale of property adjoining  to his own. The first  mention when John Bush and his wife sold land to John Sanders Sr. and the second mention occasioned by the sale of 100 acres by the Widow Alice Sanders and John Sanders Jr.[3 - Bk2, folios127,131].

   On 7 July 1671 Simeon's neighbor Griffin Montigue made his will and "Symon Buszys" and Seth Fletcher signed as witnesses. Simeon again signing by his mark. The Will was proved on 1 April 1672 and Simeon, as a witness to it,  appeared in Court to swear to its authenticity.[2 - 2-455]

     In 1676 a "George Bussy" of Kittery is found in the  Court records,[2 - v2-319] and again "Geo: Bussy" on 30 Jun 1680 [2 - 264]. In one or both cases this individual may have actually been George Burren who is mentioned "elsewhere in the Court records"[5]

     On 23 June 1683 Simon was granted 100 acres on the Kennebunk River by the town of Cape Porpoise It was recorded on 20 May 1720.[3 - v10-32] On 3 Apr 1685 he was a member of an inquest at Cape Porpoise into the death of John Batson who had been drowned under the mill wheel at the mill.[2 - v3-214]

   In 1688 a long period of hostilities between the settlers and Indians began in the fall and Mather mentions in his Magalina Christi Americana that "at a place called Kennebunk, near Winter-Harbor, they cut off two families, to wit, Barrow's and Bussie's; but winter coming on, the serpents retired to their holes." [6 - v2-587]. He comments in slightly more depth concerning this episode at another point, saying that Bussy and Barrow along with their families were taken prisoner by Indians and taken to Teconnet.[6 - v2-509]

     This leaves any number of unanswered questions concerning Simeon Bussey's life from the time of his abduction until his death, whenever that was. It is apparent that all of the his children listed below survived and since they were all married and presumed to be living on their own at the time of the attack, except for Mary the youngest, they  probably weren't involved in the abduction. So Simeon, Margaret and any children who were with them on that day were carried off but there the story seems to end. Mather said nothing more of them, and Laird Towle's research would indicate that any comments on this episode written by later historical writers all take Mather as their text.

   By 1690 the effects of the war between France and England were having a terrible results among the isolated communities along the English frontiers in New England. An Indian attack againt Cape Porpoise sent all the settlers to the refuge of a fort on Stage Island. They were saved by the efforts of Nicholas Morey who slipped away to Portsmouth, NH  for aid and returned with a sloop  removing them to safety. This departure from their homes, farms and property lasted far longer than any of the refugees must have imagined possible, for it would be ten years before any of them returned to their town and not until 1713 was the town resettled. [1 - pp50, 98]

   Another outcome of the abandonment of Cape Porpoise aka Arundel in 1690 was that only a few pages of the town records prior to that date survive as original documents. Various residents of Cape Porpoise prior to 1690 were mentioned in other Maine and New Hampshire records and a listing of them includes the name of Simeon Bussy. Once the town was resettled an accounting of the lands granted or sold prior to its abandonment was required and various depositions were taken as one means of establishing who had owned what and where. An example of that would be the testimony of John Downing in 1725 who indicated that certain grants were made by the town in 1688or 1689 of 100 acres each on the Kennebunk River. [1 - p183]

   On 10 Nov 1726 John Bussell (Buzzell) of Oyster River and his brothers in law Edward Evans signed quit claims of the lands which comprised Simeon Bussey's grant on the Kennebunk River in Arundel to Mary Bussell of Arundel, their "cousin". On 21 March 1729/30 "Ranold Mach daniell" ie Renold McDonald, for himself and his wife Mary Buzzell also gave quit claim to the property for their "loving cousin Mary Bussell" This was recorded on 4 Jan 1732/33.[3 - V15, p165] Next, on 19 Feb 1732, "John Bussell, husbandman of Dover, Prov of NH" made quit claim of all rights of his father Simeon's land at "Arundel alias Cape porpous" to his "Sister Rachel Crediford" excepting that right belonging to him at Kennebunk which he had "formerly" given to his brother William "Busel"[3 - V24, p173] On 7 June 1743 Rachel Crediford "spinster" or widow of Wells, sold to her son Benjamin for fifty Pounds the title to those lands originally her father Simeon' in Arundel. [3 -V24, p174]



2. Simon Buzzell, d. 1667, Durham, N.H.

3. Rachel Buzzell, m. by 1692 Joseph Crediford, he d. 1743.

4. Dorcas Buzzell; m. by 1700 Edward Evans, he b. abt. 1667, d. Nov 1767.

5. William Buzzell, m. (1) ______; m. (2) Ruth Stileman 1687

6. Mary Buzzell, bapt. 1676; m. Renald McDonald

     JOHN BUZZELL SR  was born before 1674 probably in Arundel (Cape Porpoise), York Co., ME.[5] John's Will of 24 Nov 1737 was proved on 28 Feb 1738/9 at  Dover, Strafford Co., N.H. He m. SARAH (_____), before about 1692. She's mentioned in his will.[8/p123-4]

      John was granted 40 acres of land at Oyster River, N.H in 1694. This was in the southern part of that town which soon became the town of Durham.[8 - p123-4]

   Recieved a grant in Dover 1696/97. Rev. Buzzell attributes military service to him but no sources given.[9]  "In Sir Chas. Hobbs' N.E. Troops 1710-11 for 1 full year,10 Oct 1710 - 10 Oct 1711. In Capt. James Davis' Co. against Port Royal 1712". Will written 24 Nov. 1737, proved  28 Feb 1738/39 and inventory ordered.  


1. Martha Buzzell, born about 1692  in Dover,  Strafford Co., NH; she married Stephen Brown. [8/p123-4] He was born on 17 Jul 1693, and died on 2 Dec 1724

2. Elizabeth Buzzell was born about 1694  in Dover, Strafford Co., NH and died about 1778. She married Benjamin BELL on 9 May 1718. [8/p123-4] He was born on 5 Aug 1695? poss. Newcastle, and was living 1759. A mariner, Benjamin was the son of Shadrach BELL  and Rachel (_____) of Newcastle.

3. Sarah 3 Buzzell, was born on 28 Nov 1698 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH, and was baptized on 15 Apr. 1722 as Sarah Williams. She died on 9 Dec 1770 in Madbury, Strafford Co., NH. She married (1) by 1722, (_____) WILLIAMS, she m. (2) John ROBERTS by 1737, of Madbury, who was born on 6 Dec 1694  in Dover, and died on 23 Jan 1771 in Madbury. [8/p123-4] He was the son of Joseph ROBERTS and Elizabeth (_____) of Dover.

4. Margaret Buzzell was born on 5 Jul 1698 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH[8/p123-4]; and died in 1777 in Madbury, Strafford Co., NH. She married in 1724/1725 to John DEMERITT [8/p123-4], who was born on 19 Jun 1698, and died in 1773. He was the son of Eli DEMERITT and Hopestill (____) of Dover. "She was bapt 28 Jan 1721/2. Her will probated 9 Apr 1779? She was admitted to Oyster River Church 6 Aug 1737." Reb. H. L. Buzzell, mss.

5. John Buzzell was born on 11 Feb 1703 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH. His will was dated 3 Apr 1770.[9] He died by 1774; he married Sarah Wibird on 4 jan 1724/25.[8/p123-4] She was born on 25 Sep 1788,[] and died in New Durham, Strafford Co. on 25 Sep 1788. John's will of 1770-1774 names ten children.[8/p123-4] John resided in Rochester, Strafford Co., NH in 1636-7; was in Madbury in 1743 and aid Parish tax in Dover in 1753. He was baptised in Dover on 28 jan 1721/22.[9]

   Rev. Buzzell indicated that John was "prob[ably]" a sergeant at Louisburg in 1745, and that he and his brother William were members of the Second Foot Company of Dover on 24 July 1740. On 13 Sep 1752 he and his brother William signed a petition for a bridge in Dover to span Bellamy Brook.[9]


7. Henry Buzzell was born about 1707 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH,[] and died on 6 Jun 1767 in Madbury, Strafford Co., NH.[] His will was writen in 1764 and proved in 1767.[8/123-24] He married (1) Abigail DANIELS, and  married (2)  Judith HORNE[] in 1742. Henry inherited the homestead but later removed to Barrington.[8/123-24] Children: "Nathaniel, Jane, Thomas, Paul, Henry, Abigail, Margaret, Mary & Dorcas" [Stackpole] On 12 Sep 1742 he was a member of the Dover Church and was in Madbury Parish in 1743. He paid a Parish tax in Dover in 1753 of 9 shillings 3 pence. He signed a petition dated 17 Jan 1759 along with John, John Jr., William, Joseph, Ebenzezer and Jacob requesting that the West parish be set off. This resulted in the incorporation of Madbury.[9]

8. James Buzzell was born about 1709 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH, and was living as late asd 1749 in Rochester, Strafford Co., NH. He married his cousin Rachel CREDIFORD. She was born on 13 Apr 1709. Rev. Buzzell - "Soldier stationed in Wolfboro 1747. Prob. left Roch. in 1737. Rec'd pay for 7 days service May 21, 1747. Bapt. in Dover June 19, 1726. Lived in Rochester 1737-9. Rec'd deed from his father to land in Rochester" (Rev. H. L. Buzzell mss.)

"James - (Buzze) m 15 Nov 1733 his cousin Rachel Credeford. Lived Rochester 1749." Noyes

9. Isaac Buzzell was born about 1711 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH, and was living as late as 1773 in Madbury, Strafford Co. He married Izett HUDSON, who was baptized in July of 1715 and was living in 1776. She was the daughter of Samuel HUDSON and Dorcas MILLER. Isaac and Izett's daughter, Ann, married Joseph Stevenson on 17 Jan 1753

"Isaac - m Izett Hudson, b 1715 d/o Samuel & Dorcas (Miller). Their dau  Ann m 17 Jan 1753 Joseph Stevenson. " Noyes

"bot (sic)  land in Durham 1737? lived in Dover from 1748/9 to 1761; assessor in Madbury 1759; soldier stationed in Wolfboro 1747; recd pay for 10 days service 21 May 1747; selectman of Madbury 1773; lived in Barrington 1762; petitioned with John, Wm & Benj Bussell for bridge over Bellamy's brook in Dover 13 Oct 1756." (Rev. H. L. Buzzell mss.)

10. Mary Buzzell was born about 1713  in Dover, Strafford Co., NH, and died on 30 Nov 1799 in Madbury, Strafford Co., NH. She was baptised as an adult on 19 June 1726. [8/123-24] She married Job DEMERITT Jr. in 1734. He was born 29 Mar. 1705 and died on 7 Aug. 1772.

Mary - bp adult 19 June 1726, m Job Demeritt Jr. Noyes

11. Hannah Buzzell was born about 1715 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH, and was baptized as a young girl on 23 Jun 1723. She married James LEIGHTON, who was born in 1699 and died on 8 Jul 1759.

Hannah - bp a young girl 23 June 1723, m James Leighton. Noyes

"Member of Dover Church from Barrington 20 June 1742. She m James, s/o John3/Thomas2/Thomas1 Leighton of Madbury. He was b about 1717. They prob. lived in Barrington. (Rev. H. L. Buzzell mss.)

12. Ann Buzzell, was born about 1717 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH, and was living in 1737 (unmarried) in Dover. Rev. Buzzell says ,"later m Joseph Stevenson of Durham on 17 Jan 1752."

Ann - bp 'young dau' 3 Apr 1727, unm in 1737. Noyes

WILLIAM BUZZELL SR was born about 1705 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH. and died after 1790 probably in Middleton, Strafford Co., NH. He married on 28 Nov 1728 to SARAH PITMAN in a service conducted by Rev. Hugh Adams of Durham[8]. She was the daughter of FRANCIS PITMAN and ELIZABETH _____ . [8-578][9]  It would appear that Sarah (Pitman) Buzzell died prior to 19 Mar 1763 for it was on a deed of that date that William's wife "Mary" released her dower rights to the property in question.[23]

   William resided in The Madbury parish of Dover, NH. and in Barrington, Strafford Co., NH. before moving to Middleton, NH. He and Sarah were baptized in Dover, on 2 Jan 1742. His parish tax in 1753 in Dover was 6 shillings 9 pence. In 1756 he and his brother John were grantees of  the township of Canterbury, Merrimack Co., NH.[7 24/527][9]

   On 26 May 1731 "William Busel of Dover, husbandman" sold to Derry Pitman of Dover his "right in the township of Canterbury as it was originally granted to me". William signed with his mark. Witnesses were John and Joseph Smith. The deed was recorded on 3 Feb 1772.[10]

     In 1733 William recieved one third of a share in the remaining public lands distrubited by the town of Dover.[11]

   Along with John Buzzell, his brother, William Buzzell was a member of the 2nd Foot Company of Dover. Both being listed on a roster of the company dated 24 Jul 1740.[12]

   On 2 Jan. 1742 William and six of his children, Ebenezer, Samuel, William, Ichabod, Tabitha and Mary all were baptized in at their home in Dover by the Rev. Jonathan Cushing. "1742 Jan 2 - William Bussell & "owned the covenant" by Rev. Jonathan Cushing".[13][14][15]

   On about 10 May 1743 a group of inhabitants in western Dover and North Durham petitioned that they might be formed into a new parish (Madbury) and later that year on Sep. 1 another petition concerning the same subject requested the selectmen of Dover place an article in the town warrent favoring same. William and Henry Buzzell signed both of these petitions.[7: 9/543, 11/513] The object of these petitions failed to be obtained and on 17 Jan 1754 inhabitants of the western region of Dover, NH were once again requesting the formation of Madbury Parish. This time the Buzzell clan had six members sign the petition; Johns Sr. and Jr., William, Henry, Joseph, Ebenezer and Jacob.[7: 11/25]

     On 29 April 1751 Thomas Ford of Nottingham, NH sold to William Buzzell & Timothy Perkins, husbandmen of Dover lot number 208 in the 1st range in Barrington, NH. This lot was the "original right of John Forde, dec'd, 72 acres."  On 2 Nov of the same year William and Timothy sold 40 acres of this lot to Ebenezer Buzzell of Dover for five pounds and Timothy bought out William's share of the remaining 32 acres for five pounds.[16]

   On 24 March 1756 William Buzzell Sr. (of Madbury Parish) sold to his son William Jr., for the sum of ten pounds, all of the Senior's "common rights" in the town of Rochester, Strafford Co., NH. Included in the purchase was one half of William Senior's right in the "third division" in Rochester which had been given to him by his father John Buzzell Sr. in his will.[17]

On 27 May of 1756 William Buzell Sr. paid the sum of four hundred pounds to buy land in Barrington, NH. This was comprised of a 100 acre parcel he purchased from James Tuttle of Dover, described as "being the north corner of said lot, bounding on Shadrach Hodgdon & Ichabod Bodge". This was part of 150 acres in lot number 181 originally granted to George Walker of Portsmouth which Tuttle had purchased from Walker in March of 1747.[18]

   One month later on the 28th of June William sold fifty acres of this to his son Samuel for the sum of fifty pounds. This would appear to be the original homestead which Samuel settled in Barrington. And it certainly appears that his father cut him a rather fine deal on the land since William had paid four hundred pounds for 100 acres only a month prior. Samuel was about 23 or 24 years old at this time and it looks as if his father was helping to set him up with his own farm.[19]

     In 1760 William Buzzell was voted to the position of constable in Madbury.[21]

     Samuel's land deal pales in comparison to the one that father William gave to brother Ichabod five years later in June of 1761 when he sold 46 of the remaining 50 acres out of lot 181 in Barrington to Ichabod for the paltry sum of only five pounds. He reserved the remaining 4 acres for his own use.[20] Three sons now started started out, this last one at the ripe age of 21 years.[20]

      On 19 March 1763 William Buzzell once more purchased land in Barrington and on the deed of this purchase he is designated as "of Barrington". This being proof of his change of residence from Madbury to Barrington since June of 1761 when he was designated as being of Madbury. The land bought consisted of a thirty five acre parcel for which William paid one hundred pounds. Purchased from Robert Huckins of Madbury and specified as bounded on lot 167 in Barrington, being the original right of Samuel Penhallow, Esq,. deceased.[22]

   On this same day of 19 March William cut most or all of his property ties to his previous residence in Madbury by selling there "the whole tract of land which I formerly dwelt on" to Benjamin Hill of Madbury for the sum of fifteen hundred pounds. The acerage being short only ten acres which William had previously sold to neighbor William Allen. A description of location was as follows; "Bounded E on rd from Madbury to Barrington, N on long of John Busswell, W on Belloman's bank river, S on Said William Allen's land,...Wife Mary released Dower.." . William and Mary both affixed their marks to the deed and it was witnessed by Ebenezer Demerit, Robert Huckins, John Hill and Ichabod Buzzell.[23]


1. Tabitha b. abt. 1729.[9]


3. Samuel (Capt), b. 3 Mar 1733, Madbury, NH,  bapt 2 Jan 1742, d. 5 Dec 1827, Barrington, NH, he married Lydia Evans?[4], b. 1740, d. 1817. Samuel was a farmer, living in Barrington in 1773.[4][9]

4. Ebenezer, b. abt 1735 Madbury, NH, was bapt. 2 Jan 1742 and died before 1787 Barrington, NH. He married Rachel Buzzell, b. abt 1730. Ebenezer was a farmer. He sold land in Barrington to his cousin Joseph in 1759.[9]

5. Mary, b. abt 1736.[9]

6. Ichabod, b. 17 Jul 1740 Madbury, NH, died 22 Jul 1828 Gilford, NH. He married Sarah Roberts, (prob. dau. John [4]), she b. 9 Apr 1739, d. 17 Jul 1816. Ichabod served for seven years in during the French and Indian War. He became a Farmer. He bought land from his father in 1761; lived in Durham from 1765 to 1788; He and Sarah were admitted to the Church in New Durham on 13 Oct 1791. In 1795 he sold his property in New Durham.[9]

7. Daniel, b. abt. 1744, died 1821 Barrington, NH. Married Mary "Molly" Willey, b. abt. 1752/3, d. 1840 in Barrington, NH. She was the daughter of Ezekiel Willey of Madbury, NH. Daniel enlisted during the Revolution and served under his brother for six months until he lost a leg on 12 Mar 1777. His widow Mary applied for a goverment pension on 14 Dec. 1836. Daniel and Mary had no children.[9]

8. Lydia, b. abt 1747, d. 14 Apr 1799, Dover, Strafford Co., NH. She married Ebenezer Ransom of Durham, NH., b. 1742.[9]

9. Elizabeth, bp July 1750.[4][9]

WILLIAM  BUZZELL JR. b. abt. 1731 probably in Dover, Strafford Co., NH., was bapt. 2 Jan 1742 in Dover and d. 25 Jan 1816 at Gilmanton, Belknap Co., NH. He was of Dover in 1756 [31], of Barrington in 1762 [32], of Middleton by 1769 [33][34], and sometime between about 1810 and his death in 1616 he might have moved to Gilmanton where he died.[9] Perhaps was living with one of his children.

    It appears that William Buzzell had four wives. Stackpole names only one wife in his, "History of Durham" v. 2 p. 50 stating: "1755 Apr 10 - William Buzzell m Mary Mathes."[4] This (1) wife and marriage date are echoed by Rev. Herbert Leslie Buzzell in his manuscript which is held in the NEHGS Archives.[9] No sources are cited. Rev Buzzell names a (2) wife, Eunice Drew, dau. of Capt. and Sarah Drew of Middleton. He gives no date for this (2) marriage. A date of 1758 for m. (2) is provided in a manuscript compiled by a Mr. Lloyd Davis of West Danville, VT but no original source is cited. Mr Davis also gives the surname of (1) Mary Mathes as Matthews.[24]

   And then theres Anna, who if the previous dates and names are correct seems to be a third wife. In a deed dated 20 March 1762  in which "William Busswell Jr. of Barrington..." sells 8 acres and the buildings on it located in Barrington to "Samuel Bussell of same yeoman..". The very interesting part of this deed is the following: "Anna wife of William Bussell released dower rights." It was signed by William Buzzell Jr., and Anna Bussel by her mark.[25] The Samuel Bussell in the deed was most probably his brother Capt. Samuel.

   From a work titled "Buzzell, Orr & Related Families of MA & ME" comes this tidbit which would seem to confirm a wife named Anna. "William Buzzell - m Anna ____ and had at least two sons: Rev John & Rev Aaron, founders of the Free-will Baptist denomination." [26] It is known that the Reverends John and Aaron Buzzell, founders of the FWB denomination were the children of William Buzzell Jr.  Aaron was born in 1764 and John in 1766 so they could both be the sons of Anna Buzzell who released her dower rights in that 1762 deed.

   In 1798 tax records from the Direct Tax, NH District #13 show that William Jr and William III were the only William Buzzells living in Middleton.[27]

     Eleven years later on 28 June 1809 William Buzzell III sold property in Middleton and Mary, William Jr's wife released her Dower Rights to it. The property was part of the "lot drawn to the original right of John Hall". [28] Note that in these deeds William Jr. is now simply termed William Buzzell and his son William  Buzzell III is now termed William Buzzell Jr. William Buzzell III is also the town Clerk for Middleton.

   On 20 Oct 1809 two deeds were drawn up. In the first William Jr. and William III sold property to Joseph Smith of Dover part of lot #9 in the first division. Again, Mary, William Jr's Wife, released her dower rights.[29] The second deed proves that the Mary mentioned was in fact the wife of William Buzzell Jr. rather than his son William III, the town Clerk. In this deed William III (called William Buzzell Jr., clerk of Middleton) sold land to Joseph Smith and William's wife Peggy Buzzell released her dower rights in the property.[30]

   With the information that I have so far a record of William Buzzell Jr.'s marriages seems to look like this.

  1. On 1755 Apr 10 he m. (1) Mary Mathes (poss.Matthews[24]) of Durham, Strafford Co., NH.[4][9] and died during or before 1758.[24] Mary had at least one child by William - Elijah Buzzell, b. 1756.[9][24]

  2. He married next in 1758 [24] to (2) Eunice Drew, b. 1732, daughter of Capt. and Sarah Drew of Middelton who died in Barrington.[9] She might have been the mother of Jonathan Buzzell who was born  on 10 Jan 1761. However her date of death isn't known nor is the date of marriage to William's (3) wife, so his mother can't be determined.

  3. William married (3) Anna ____ by 31 Dec 1764, this based on the birth of Rev. Aaron Buzzell, her son.[26] Anna could very well be the mother of all the remaining children is certainly mother of Rev. Aaron and Rev. John

  4. William married (4) Mary _____, This based upon her relenquishing her dower rights on two deeds in 1809.[28][29]

     On 4 Nov 1756 William Jr. purchased eight acres in Barrington for eighty pounds from S Samuel Starbird of Dover NH.[31] Less than six years later on 20 March 1762 he sold the same eght acres with the building occupying it for 220 pounds to Samuel Bussell, probably his brother.[32]

   By 1769 William and his family had moved to lot #7 in Middleton, NH where they had built a house and cleared three acres.[33] That year he was paid two pounds sixteen shillings for road work done in Middleton.[35] By Christmas of 1769 Jotham Rindge's Journal reveals that William, his wife and four children had cleared four acres and felled the trees on 5 acres.[34]

   By 1775 William had been appointed Selectman of Middleton. He took the census there that year.[36] In Oct of 1783 he was one of those in Middleton who signed a petition concerning the quota of soldiers the town was required to provide.[37] In 1785 he signed a petition of residents opposing division of the town.[38] The 1790 Federal census of Middleton is incomplete, showing no Buzzell households. On 10 Feb of 1790 William Jr, John, William III, Jonathan, Aaron Buzzell and others in Middleton and "adjacent towns" signed a petition for a magistrate.[39 - v12/603]

CHILDREN OF (1) Mary Mathes

1. Elijah Buzzell, b. 1756 [9][24], a farmer. Was collector for Middleton in 1782.[9]

CHILD OF (2) Eunice Drew [Jonathan placed with her though could possibly be child of (3 )]


CHILDREN OF (3) Anne _____.

3. Rev. Aaron Buzzell, b. Gilmanton, Belknap Co., NH 31 Dec. 1764.[9][24] Died Strafford, VT on 21 Oct 1854, Clergyman, Farmer, Free Will Baptist, was in Middleton in 1790.[9] Aaron married (1) 1786 Eunice Buzzell, the dau. of Nathaniel Buzzell and Mary Drew. He married (2) 1799 Meriam Flanders.[24] Aaron and his brother John Below were founders of the Free Will Baptist denomination along with Rev. Benjamin Randall.[26]

4. Rev. John Buzzell, b. Barrington, Strafford Co., NH 16 Sep 1766, (1767 re. [26]) died Parsonfield, York Co., ME on 26 or 29 Mar. 1863, clergyman, Free Will Baptist, was in Middleton in 1790. [9] John married Anna Buzzell, b. 1770, d. 1839,  the dau. of Nathaniel Buzzell and Mary Drew. [24] and had eleven children with her. He m. (2) ________ .[26]


5. Esther Buzzell, married Reuben Ellis of Middleton on 12 Jun 1803. [9][24]

6. Samuel Buzzell [9][24]

7. Israel Buzzell, b. March 1772, (1771 [24]) prob. Middleton, NH, baptized 20 Apr 1792 and d. Strafford, VT 12 Feb.1849.[9][24] Known as Deacon Israel. Was a farmer and a Free Will Baptist.[9] He married Peggy Clark. [24]

8. William Buzzell, b. 1775 Middleton, NH, d. 1841. Middleton. Will dated 1841. He was a farmer, Clergyman and a Free Will Baptist. [9] He married (1) Peggy Glidden, b. abt 1775, died 12 Feb 1839, and m. (2) 1839, Tamson Pinkham. [24]

     JONATHAN BUZZELL  was born 1761 [9][24] in Middleton, Strafford Co., NH. and died there 14 Feb 1826. He was a farmer and a Free Will Baptist. He resided all his life in Middleton.[9]

     Jonathan married MARTHA PIKE  in 1787 at Middleton. Martha was b. 4 Oct 1767, in Middleton, and died on 5 Mar. 1848 at Middleton.[40][41] Martha was the daughter of JACOB PIKE and JOANNA MARSHALL, both of Middleton, NH.[9]

     Ensign Jonathan Buzzell was a Revolutionary War soldier who enlisted for three years in 1779 and was at Valley Forge. He recieved a pension under the act of 1818 and was placed on the Strafford Co., roll for service as a private in the New Hampshire Continental Army.[39] Aside from his war service Jonathan was a lifelong resident of Middleton, NH. He was a farmer and a Free Will Baptist.


  1. Sarah, b. Middleton; d Oxford ME; m Benjamin Whitehouse of Oxford.


  3. Joanna, b. Middleton 7 July 1791; d. there 23 Aug 1831; m. Lt John Horne of Middleton (b. Middleton 10 March 1788) on 14 June 1810; he d Lebanon ME 1874; he m2 1 Aug 1833? Mrs Tryphenia Bryant widow; he m3 Mrs Sarah Brackett of Somersworth NH 22 July 1859?

  4. Dorothy - b Middleton 3 March 1793; d Wolfeborough NH 29 May 1883; m Nathaniel Frost of Middleton; she m2 Jacob s/o Charles and Hannah (Pike) Stanton of Brookfield (b Brookfield 22 July 1788) on 22? Dec ___; he d Brookfield 18 Oct 1865.

  5. Mercy - b Middleton 3 March 1795; d Cambridge ME 3 Dec 1885; m Joseph Mitchell of Dover NH (b Dover 15 Nov 1791) on 15 Aug 1815; he d Cambridge 18 Aug 1880; farmer.

  6. Esther - b Middleton Feb 1797; d Middleton 24 Aug 1854; m David s/o Jacob Horne of Middleton 25 Dec 1825.

  7. Martha - b Middleton 17 Jan 1800; d Byfield MA 10 June 1881; m John Davis s/o David and Elizabeth (Davis) Stevens of Middleton (b Middleton 19 May 1805)in 1823; he d Middleton 20 Jan 1856; farmer, FWB, Dem.

  8. Hannah -.

  9. Anna Drew - b Middleton 19 Sept 1803; m Samuel L s/o David and Elizabeth (Davis) Stevens of Middleton (b Middleton 22 Aug 1798) on 11 July 1821; he d Brookfield 28 July 1866; lived Milton Mills NH; farmer, FWB.

  10. Lydia

  11. Jonathan, b. Middleton. Strafford Co., NH.,  15 Aug 1808; lived Greenland NH.

  12. Jacob P. - b Middleton 17 Jan 1811; d Farmington ME 29? May 1886?

     HENRY PIKE BUZZEL SR., b. 15 Jan 1790 , Middleton, Strafford Co., N.H.[9][]46, d. 27 May 1856, Lincoln, Penobscot Co., ME. [45]; m. 27 Jun 1809 [9] to COMFORT D. FROST. She was b. 18 May 1791 in Middleton [9][46] and d. 29 Nov 1864 in Lincoln, ME.[45] She was the daughter of SAMUEL FROST and NANCY (_____), of Middleton, NH.[9]

     Henry was a miller, carpenter and joiner.[9] He was in Lincoln, ME. by 6 Apr 1828 when his son Jonathan was born[47]. Henry reportedly helped build the first school house in Lincoln, ME.[46]


1. Lydia E. Buzzell, b. 1810 Middleton, Strafford Co., NH, d. 1811[9]

2. Nancy T. Buzzell, b. 1812 Middleton, Strafford Co., NH, m. 6 Dec. 1829 Roswell Field Adams, he b. Leverett, MA.[9]

3. George W. Buzzell, b. 1814, Middleton, Strafford Co., NH.[9], d. Patten, Penobscot Co., ME. 1845; unmarried.[9]


5. Martha P. Buzzell, b. 13 Oct 1818, Middleton, Strafford Co., NH.[9], m. 27 Dec.1834 at Lincoln, Penobscot Co., ME[49] to John Frost, son of David and Elizabeth (Greeley) Frost of Atkinson. He b. Atkinson 17 Dec. 1812 and d. Lincoln, Penobscot Co. in Dec. 1882. They resided in Lincoln Center. He was a farmer, lumberman; FWB and a Republican. They had no children.[9]

6. Rebecca B. Buzzell, b.17 Apr 1820, Middleton, Strafford Co., NH., and d. 18 Aug 1820[9]

7. Rebecca B. Buzzell, b. 9 Aug 1822, Middleton, Strafford Co., NH.; She m. Owen Bradford, they lived in Lincoln Centre ME.[9]

8. Samuel F. Buzzell, b. 22 Dec 1824 Middleton, NH. and d. 28 Nov 1838, at Patton, Penobscot Co., ME.[9]

9. Jonathan Lincoln Buzzell, b. 6 Apr. 1828 Lincoln, Penobscot Co., ME[51], d. 8 Apr. 1828[9]

10. Mary S. Buzzell, b. 22 May 1829 Lincoln, Penobscot Co., ME.; She m Horation Gates, the son of  Solon & Elizabeth L (Chase) Gates of Lincoln. They lived in Lincoln Center, ME..[9] Int. filed 23 Oct 1853 [50]

11. Andrew J. Buzzell, b. 22 Dec 1832.[48], d. 7 Apr. 1872[9], m. Alwlilda Goodwin, into filed 1 Nov. 1859 , Lincoln, Penobscot Co., ME [50] He m. (2) 31 Mar. 1872 to Amanda T Wyman of Chester, ME.[50] and died one week later.

12. Eliza Jenkins Buzzell, b. 16 Jun 1835, Patten, Penobscot Co., ME.[9], m. Alfred Gates the son of  Solon & Elizabeth L (Chase) Gates of Lincoln.[9], int. filed 31 Mar. 1871 Lincoln, Penobscot Co., ME [50] HE was b. Lincoln on 25 May 1834. Alfred was a merchant; Universalist; and a Democrat. They lived in  Lincoln Centre ME.[9]

     HENRY PIKE BUZZELL JR., b. 9 Sep 1816, d. 28 Feb 1875 Sherman Mills, Aroostook Co., Me.[56]; m. EMILY C. MYRICK, abt 1843. She was born on 5 Aug. 1821 in Burnham, Waldo Co., ME, and d. on 1 Mar. 1864 in Sherman Mills, Aroostook Co., ME.[56] She was the daughter of THOMAS MYRICK and EUNICE EMERY, some sources say Eunice Smith.

     Henry was living in Patten, Penobscot Co., in 1850 [54], and was in Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me in 1870 aged 53. Living with him at that time was a daughter whose name was given as Rosalia Emily, age 19, Mary E., age 16. Another daughter was in the home, Adniana, who was 22 and the mother of Rosie M., age 1. Adrianah B. Buzzell had married Boardman W. Curtis on October 3, 1869 and he was also in the home., age 23. John Colby Buzzell, born 5 February 1840 in Ossipee, N.H. was living with an uncle, Moses Colby Young in 1850 Sherman. He went on to marry Mary Gerry and have some seven children.[55]


1. George W. Buzzell, b. 1844, m. Mary E. Hatch

2. Adrianna F. Buzzell, b. 28 Sep 1847, d. 18 Dec 1876 in Sherman, ME. , age 22 in 1870. She m. Boardman W. Curtis, 3 Oct 1869 in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. Had children, Reginald Curtis, Rose May Curtis.[57]


4. Mary Ella Buzzell, b. abt. 1854, age 16 in 1870, d. 21 May 1892, 38 years, 6 mos., 7 days. She never married.

     ROSE EMILY BUZZELL, b. 1850, d. 27 Jul. 1917 Sherman Mills, Aroostook Co., ME.[52]; m. ALPHONSO P. DEARBORN on 17 Jun 1872 in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. He was born on 22 Oct 1846 in Adams, Carroll Co., NH, and died in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. He was the son of ISAAC DEARBORN JR and ELIZABETH ANN DRESSER.[58]


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