ISAAC COLE, (of Charlestown, Sullivan, N.H.); he m. JOANNA_____;



2. Jacob Cole, b. 1641, Charlestown, Sullivan, N.H.

3. Isaac Cole Jr., of Exeter 0n November 22, 1661, d. bef. March 4, 1707; a carpenter and millwright. Dow said that Isaac was "probably' the son of Isaac Cole Sr.. See also: Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939), pg. 155.

     ABRAHAM COLE SR, b. 3 Oct 1636, Charlestown, Sullivan, N.H.; The son of Isaac Cole and Joanna _____? see note below. Abraham m.MARY WEDGEWOOD 15 Mar. 1666/67. She was the daughter of John WEDGEWOOD and Mary (_____), of Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.

[Dow says that Abraham "'may' have been the son of Isaac and Joanna." He also surmises that Abraham and Joanna may have had 2 other sons: Isaac (who died before March 4, 1707) and Jacob. Additional source: Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939), pg. 155 for the fact that the authors do not mention Isaac and Joanna.]


1. Isaac Cole was born on 15 Feb 1667/1668 at Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH, and died on 9 Apr 1668 at Hampton.

2. Abraham Cole Jr. was born on 12 May 1671 at Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH,  and died young prob. at Hampton.



     ABIGAIL COLE, 5 Dec 1673, Hampton, N.H., the dau. of Abraham Cole and Mary Wedgewood. Abigail m. (1) THOMAS FOSS on 5 1695/96  in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH. He died before 1710. He was the son of JOHN FOSS and MARY BERRY. Abigail married (2) Samuel Folsom  Jr. Feb. 1710 in Greenland, N.H. He died before 1732. no issue.[2/pp. 240-41]


1. MARY FOSS was born in 1704. She married EDWARD DEARBORN ON 17 Dec 1724

3. Isaac Foss died on 2 Nov 1761. He married Sarah (_____). His will of 30 Aug 1759 names seven children.[2/241]


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