WILLIAM CUSHING of Co.Norfolk, Eng.


     THOMAS CUSHING of Hardingham, Co., Norfolk


     WILLIAM CUSHING  of Hardingham, Co., Norfolk, died on 26 Sep 1492 at Hardingham


     Cushing, John of Hingham, Co. Norfolk, d. 1522 Hingham; m. Emma ______ .


    Cushing, Thomas of Hingham, Co., Norfolk, d. Apr. 1588 Hardingham, Co., Norfolk;



     PETER CUSHING was probably born in Hardingham, Norfolkshire, England and died in Feb. or Mar. of 1614/15, and buried in Hingham, Norfolkshire on 2 Mar 1614/15. He married SUSAN HAWES on 2 Jun 1583 in Hingham, Norfolkshire.

Peter Cushing. Born in Hardingham, Eng.2  Peter died in 1615.  Buried on 2 Mar 1615 in Hingham, Eng.3 Removed to Hingham about 1600. He was probably one of the first Cushings to embrace the Protestant faith.3 On 2 Jun 1583 Peter married Susan Hawes, in Hardingham, England.3  Susan died in 1641.  Buried on 26 Apr 1641 in Hingham, Eng.3  


1. Theophilus Cushing, b. abt. 1579-1584 prob. in Hardingham, Norfolkshire, and and was baptized 4 Nov 1584.3 He died in Mar 1679 (J.S. Cushing says 24 Mar.) in Hingham, Plymouth Co., Ma., aged 95 yrs. He arrived in New England on the ship Griffin in 1633.  For a period of time he lived on the farm of future Governor John Haynes as Haynes' secretary. He later moved into the residence of his brother Matthew Cushing in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.. This would have been some time after Matthew's arrival in 1638. For the last twenty five years of his live Theophilus was blind. He never married and died without issue.

2. MATTHEW CUSHING (1588-1660)

3. William. Born ca 1593. William was baptized on 1 Apr 1593.3 William and Margery had children William, Robert, Anne, and Elizabeth.2 William married Margery [Cushing].

4. Bridget. Born ca 1596. Bridget was baptized on 19 Feb 1596.3 On 13 Jul 1627 when Bridget was 31, she married George More.2

5. Barbara. Born ca 1596. Barbara was baptized on 16 Jun 1596.3 Barbara died in Jan 1632; she was 36.2

6. Peter. Peter of London married Godly, widow of Simon Payne. His will is dated 2 Feb 1664, and was proved 2 Jan 1665. He died without issue. His wife made her will 11 Apr 1675 and died the same year.2

7. Katherine. Katherine married Long of Carlton Road near Wymondham in Norfolk.2

8. Thomas. Born ca 1603. Thomas was baptized on 15 May 1603.3 Thomas died in 1699; he was 96.3 Thomas of London dated his will 10 Aug 1669. He called himself of London, Gentleman, unmarried.2


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      MATTHEW CUSHING, b. abt. 1588 Hardingham, Eng., d. 30 Sep. 1660 Hingham, Mass., m. NAZARETH PITCHER 15 Aug 1613 in England.

"History Of Hingham, Mass" Matthew, with his w. and five ch., came from Hing. in Old Eng. and settled in Hing. in New Eng., in the autumn of 1638. According to a memorandum kept by one of the fam., they came to Boston in the ship "Diligent," John Martin, master, arriving on the 10th of Aug. of that yr. Matthew, however, had sev. lots granted him prior to his arrival here. The lot upon which he built his dwelling.-house, first below Pear Tree Hill, was among those granted for building purposes on Bachelor (Main) St. in 1638, and it continued in the fam. possession until 1887. The history of the Cushing fam. is traceable in Eng. for sev. generations before either Pilgrim or Puritan set sail for America. A Thomas Cushing owned land in Hing. and other parts of Eng., early in the fifteenth century. William, the oldest s. of Thomas, commenced his will of 1492 as foll.: -- "In the name of god Amen, The xx Day of the moneth of Septembr, in the yere of or lord god M'cccclxxxxij, I William Cusshyn of Henghm in my hoel mend And good memory beying, make my testament and my last will Declare in this forme Folloyng;" etc. John, s. of William, made his will in 1522. Thomas, s. of John, d. in 1588. Peter, s. of Thomas, was buried at Hing. Eng., 2 March, 1596; he was the fa. of eight ch., five sons and three dau's. Of the sons of Peter, Theophilus and Matthew emigrated to New Eng. Theophilus came in 1633, in the ship "Griffin," and resided sev. yrs. at Haynes farm. He afts. settled in our Hing.; was blind during the last twenty-five yrs. of his life, and d. 24 March, 1678-79, aet. nearly 100 yrs. There is no rec. showing that he had a fam. With Matthew, therefore, the genealogical rec. of all the persons bearing the surname Cushing in Hing. and vicinty, and perhaps in the United States, commences. The w. of Matthew, whom he m. in Eng. 1613, was Nazareth Pitcher, a dau. of Henry Pitcher. She d. in Hing. 6 Jan. 1681-82, aet. 96 yrs. Matthew d. 30 Sept. 1660, aet. 71 yrs. He was early engaged in the public affairs of the town; was deacon of the church, and the progenitor of many eminent descendants. His will, which was a verbal one, was written out after his decease by his ch., who, under date of 15 Nov. 1660, pray that Daniel Cushing, Esqr., their oldest bro. may be appointed administrator of their fa.'s est. Resided on main St., below "Pear Tree Hill." The ch., of Matthew and Nazareth, all b. in Eng., were -



2. Jeremiah, July 21, 1621. "Mariner." Resided at Boston, and was lost at sea. He was a Mariner, capt. of a trading ship between Boston and London. He was lost at sea. He married on 11 Mar. 1682 Elizabeth, wid. of John Wilkie.

3. Matthew, Apr. 5, 1623.

4. Deborah, Feb. 17, 1624-25. m. in Hing. May 9, 1648, Matthias Briggs, and d. 25 Sept. 1700.

5. John, 1627. 1627-1708, m. Sarah Hawke in 1658. In 1658, he, together with Mattias Briggs, his brother-in-law, purchased for 120 pounds the Varsdal estate at "Belle House Neck", Scituate, which consisted of 120 acres, with house and barns. He did not move there, however, until 1662, staying in Hingham until after his father's death. The name 'Belle House Neck" was given to the place in consquence of a bell that hung at the house in case of the approach of Indians. In 1663, he was Surveyor of Highways, in 1667, Receiver of Excises, in 1673, on Committee to divide Scituate lands; in 1674 Deputy for the Colony, and often re-elected; in 1676, reported to the government a statement of the services of the Scituate soldiers in King Phillip's war; in 1674-86, Selectman; in 1685-92, County Magistrate of Plymouth Co.; in 1689-91, was Assisstant to the Old Colony Government; in 1692, Representative to the General Court, Boston, and for several succeeding years; in 1706-07, Member of the Council.  He was also Colonel of the Plymouth Regiment.


97. Matthew Cushing. Born in 1588 in Hingham, England.[4] At the age of 1, Matthew was baptized in Hardingham, England on 2 Mar 1589.[2] Matthew died in Hingham, MA on 30 Sep 1660; he was 72.[4],[3]

For the first fifty years of his life Matthew lived in Hardingham and Hingham, Norfolk County, England, until 1638, when with his wife and five children, and his wife's sister (Widow Francis Riecroft, who died a few weeks after their arrival) he embarked in the ship Diligent of Ipswich, 350 tons, John Martin, master, which sailed from Gravesend 26 Apr 1638 with its 133 passengers, among whom was Robert Peck, M.A., Rector of the parish of Hingham, Eng. The immediate occasion of their departure seems to have been trouble in eccleasiastical matters. Their rector, doubtless with the sympathy and aid of most of those constituting the emigrating party, had pulled down the arils of chancel and altar, and levelled the latter a foot below the church, as it remains to this day. Being prosecuted by Bishop Wren, he left the Kingdom, together with his friends--who sold their estates at half their real value. The party, having landed at Boston, Mass., 10 Aug 1638, immediately proceeded to their destination, Hingham, Mass., named after Hingham, Eng.

At a town meeting held 1638, a house lot of five acres, first below Pear Tree Hill, on Bachelor (Main) St., was given to Matthew Cushing, and it continued in the possession of the family until 1887. He was engaged in the public affairs of the town, became a deacon in Rev. Hobart's church, and was the progenitor of many eminent descendants.[2]

On 5 Aug 1613 when Matthew was 25, he married Nazareth Pitcher, daughter of Henry Pitcher (-Aug 1622) & Elizabeth [Pitcher] (-May 1618), in Hingham, England.[4] Born ca 1586. Nazareth was baptized in Hardingham, Eng. on 30 Oct 1586.[2] Nazareth died in Hingham, MA on 5 Jan 1682; she was 96.[3]

They had the following children:

230i.Daniel (1619-1699)231

ii.Jeremiah (1621-)

iii.Matthew. Born ca 1623 in England. Matthew was baptized on 5 Apr 1623.[4] Matthew died on 9 Jan 1701; he was 78.[2] Occupation: wheelwright.[2] Matthew took an active and prominent part in the affairs of the town; selectman 13 times between 1661 and 1695, freeman 1679, and was known as "Sergenant," "Cornet," and later as "Lieutenant." He resided at Hingham Center, over the river.[2] Having no children, he took his namesake, Mathhew Cushing, son of his brother John, to live with him, and in his will, dated 28 Dec 1700, after making provision for his wife, he left his estate to his nephew Matthew, who succeeded to his occupation of wheelwright and to his home at Hingham Centre.[1] On 25 Feb 1653 when Matthew was 30, he married Sarah Jacob, daughter of Nicholas Jacob (101) (ca 1604-5 Jun 1657) & Mary Gilman (96) (ca 1605-15 Jun 1681), in Hingham, MA.[19] Born ca 1636 in Hingham, MA.[10] Sarah died on 8 Aug 1701; she was 65.[2]

iv.Deborah. Born ca 1625. Deborah was baptized in Hingham, Eng. on 17 Feb 1625.[1] Deborah died in Hingham, MA on 25 Sep 1700; she was 75.[2] On 9 May 1648 when Deborah was 23, she married Matthias Briggs, in Hingham, MA.[19] Matthias died on 24 Feb 1697.[2] Matthias and Deborah resided on Main St. at or near Pear Tree Hill, Hingham.[2]



1. "SUFFOLK DEEDS, SUFFOLK CO. MASS." (Many occurances)





DANIEL CUSHING was baptised on 20 Apr 1619 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng., d. 3 Dec. 1700 Hingham, Ma., age 81 years. He married (1) LYDIA GILMAN on 19 Jan 1644/45 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.. Lydia was b. in England and d. 12 Mar. 1688/89 in Hingham, MA. She was the daughter of Edward Gilman and Mary Clark.  Daniel married (2) Elizabeth (Jacob) Thaxter on 23 Mar 1690/91 Hingham. Elizabeth was born in 1632 and died 4 Nov. 1725 in Hingham, MA., She was the daughter of  Nicholas Jacob and Mary Gilman and the widow of (1) Capt. John Thaxter. Daniel and Mary had no children.


"History Of Hingham, Mass" "2. Daniel(2) (Matthew(1), bt. in Hing. Eng. Apr. 20, 1619. m. first, Jan. 19, 1645, Lydia Gilman, dau. of Edward and Mary (Clark) Gilman. She was b. in Eng. and d. in Hing. Mass., 12 March, 1688-89. He m. secondly, March 23, 1690-91, Mrs. Elizabeth (Jacob) Thaxter, wid. of Capt. John Thaxter, and dau. of Nicholas and Mary Jacob. She was b. in Eng. 1632, and d. in Hing. 24 Nov. 1725, aet. 93 yrs. Daniel d. 3 Dec. 1700, aet. 81 yrs. He was an active business man, sagacious and thorough in whatever he undertook; a magistrate of more than ordinary ability; selectman 1665, and for many yrs. after; town clerk from 1669 until the time of his decease; delegate to the General Court in 1680, 1682, and 1695, and a man of influence and power in the community. It is to him more than to any of his contemporaries that the present generation is indebted for much of the valuable information which has come down to us relating to the early planters of this town. He accumulated a large property for the period in which he lived, and his will, dated 11 Sept. 1693, proved 18 Feb. 1700-1, covers sev. pages of MS., in the S.P. rec's. Resided on the paternal homestead, Main St., below "Pear Tree Hill."[7].

Ch., all b. in Hing., by w. Lydia, were -

1, Peter, March 29, 1646.

2. Daniel, July 23, 1648.

3. Deborah, Nov. 13, 1651. m. (1) Sept. 25, 1679, Henry Tarlton, and (2) Aug. 31, 1686, Rev. Benj. Woodbridge of Bristol.

4. Jeremiah, July 3, 1654; grad. at Har. Coll. 1676. m. June 5, 1685, Hannah, dau. of Thomas Loring, and settled in the ministry at Scit.

5. Theophilus, June 7, 1657.

6. Matthew, July 15, 1660.


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7. "HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF HINGHAM", Vol.2, p. 150-151


230. Daniel Cushing Esq. Born in 1619 in Hingham, England.[4] Daniel was baptized in Hingham, Eng. on 20 Apr 1619.[2] Daniel died on 3 Dec 1699; he was 80.[1] Occupation: wheelwright.[4] Daniel came to Hingham, MA, with his parents in 1635 at the age of 16.[1]

A lot of land was granted to him by the Town of Hingham in 1665. He became a freeman in 1671, was an active magistrate and for many years Town Clerk of Hingham. From 1682, and for many years he kept a country store. Selectman in 1665 and for many years after. Also in the years 1680, 1682, and 1695 he was a delegate to the General Court.[2]

"To Daniel Cushing, that town [Hingham] is indebted for the first accurate records of the proceedings of the town. His clerkship commenced in 1669, and the method and neatness of the records for many years, does him much credit."[20]

Daniel resided on the paternal homestead, Main St., below Pear Tree Hill.[19]

On 19 Jan 1645 when Daniel was 26, he first married Lydia Gilman (220) , daughter of Edward Gilman (95) (ca 1587-22 Jun 1655) & Mary Clark (107) (ca 1590-22 Jun 1681), in Hingham, MA.[1] Born in 1619 in Hingham, Norfolk, Eng. Lydia died in Hingham, MA on 12 Mar 1689; she was 70.[2]

They had the following children:

495i.Peter (1646-1719)496

ii.Daniel (1648-1716)

iii.Deborah. Born on 13 Nov 1651 in Hingham, MA.[2] Deborah died in Medford, MA on 15 Jan 1710; she was 58.[2]On 25 Sep 1679 when Deborah was 27, she first married Henry Tarleton.[2]On 31 Aug 1686 when Deborah was 34, she second married Rev. Benjamin Woodbridge.[19] Benjamin, of Bristol and Windsor, Conn.[2]

iv.Jeremiah (1654-1706)498v.Theophilus (1657-1718)499vi.Matthew (1659-1715)

On 23 Mar 1691 when Daniel was 72, he second married Elizabeth Jacob (225) , daughter of Nicholas Jacob (101) (ca 1604-5 Jun 1657) & Mary Gilman (96) (ca 1605-15 Jun 1681), in Hingham, MA.[19] Born in 1632 in England.[2] Elizabeth died in Hingham, MA on 24 Nov 1725; she was 93.[2]

On 23 Mar 1691 when Daniel was 72, he second married Elizabeth Jacob (225) , daughter of Nicholas Jacob (101) (ca 1604-5 Jun 1657) & Mary Gilman (96) (ca 1605-15 Jun 1681), in Hingham, MA.[19] Born in 1632 in England.[2] Elizabeth died in Hingham, MA on 24 Nov 1725; she was 93.[2]

 THEOPHILUS CUSHING, b. 7 Jun 1657 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 1718; m. MARY THAXTER 28 Nov. 1688 Hingham, Mass.



NEHEMIAH CUSHING, b. 18 Jul 1689 Hingham, Plymouth Co. Ma.; m. abt. 1710 SARAH NICHOLS on 20 Mar 1710/11 Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.


     Cushing, Nehemiah Jr., b. 10 Feb 1720/21 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 12 Jan 1762 Crown Point, N.Y. "in his Majesties service"; m. 18 Nov 1741 prob. Hingham, Plymouth Co., Ma. to Sarah Humphreys.


Cushing, Nabby b. 20 Nov 1747 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. bef. Dec 1773; m.Diman Perry 28 Apr 1763 Pembroke, Ma. - 4 children.



   Cushing, Daniel - see above

   Cushing, Rev. Jeremiah b. 3 Jul 1654 Hingham, Plymouth Colony, d. 22 Mar. 1705/06 Scituate, Mass.; m. Hannah Loring 5 Jun. 1685 Hingham, Plymouth Colony; she m. (2) John Barker Jr.


   HANNAH CUSHING was born on 1687 AT Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA. She married SAMUEL WILLIAMS BARKER  on 25 Dec. 1706 at Scituate.

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