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Davis, Olive, m. Isaac Dearborn Jr, probably in N.H. before 1818.


Dearborn, ________ Est. birth abt 1500-1510. Resided Nogsthorpe, Lincolnshire at the birth of at least two sons: Michael b. abt. 1533, and John b. abt. 1535, was apparently of Willoughby Lincs at the birth of William abt. 1537.

Dearborn, William b. abt. 1537, of Willoughby, Lincolnshire. d. Willoughby.

Dearborn, William Jr., b. abt. 1562, Willoughby, Lincolnshire, Eng., buried 5 Nov. 1631, Willoughby; m. 2 May 1594 Agnes Hay in Markby, Lincolnshire, she b. abt. 1573 in Devonshire and d. 29 Aug 1613 in Willoughby.

Dearborn, Godfrey, b. 24 Sep 1603 Willoughby, Lincolnshire, Eng., d. 4 Feb. 1685/86 Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H.; m. (1) Anne (Goody?) b. 1605, d. 1662; m. (2) Dorothy, widow of Philemon Dalton, on 25 Nov 1662, she b. 1605.

Dearborn, Thomas b. 1 Nov. 1632, d. 14 Apr. 1710; m. (1) Hannah Caldwell (no issue known), m. (2) Hannah Colcord 28 Dec 1665; she b. 1643, d. 17 Jul 1720.

Dearborn, Samuel b. 27 May 1676, d. 5 Feb 1736, m. Sara Gove 16 Dec. 1698, she b. 5 Nov. 1678.

Dearborn, Edward Sr. b. 26 May 1702, d. 2 Aug 1746, m. Mary Foss 17 Dec 1724, she b. 1704.

Dearborn, Edward Jr., b. 1727, m. Sarah Nudd 1748.

Dearborn, Edward 3rd, b. 14 Oct. 1750, d. 1 Nov. 1779; m. Mary Langley

Dearborn, Isaac, b. Dec. 1778, died 25 Jun 1868 in Jackson,now Adams, Carroll Co., N.H.; m. Olive Davis 16 Jun 1797, she b. 11 Apr. 1781, d. 30 Dec. 1857.

Dearborn, Isaac Jr., b. 24 Jun 1819 Adams, Carroll Co., N.H., d. 17 Dec 1896, Naples, Cumberland Co.,. Me.; m. Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann Dresser before 1842.

Dearborn, Alphonso P., b. 22 Oct 1846, probably Naples, Cumberland Co., Me., d. in Aroostook Co., Me.; he m. Rose Emily Buzzell

Dearborn, Frank H., b. 1877, Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me., d. 1 Apr. 1899 Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. FLORA BELINDA PERRY on 26 Jun 1897, Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me.

Dearborn, Delia Frankie, b. 27 Jun 1899 Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me., d. 9 Jan 1971 Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. She m. William Ambrose Lander



de Bisset, Miss. m. Geoffrey2 Jocelyn of Semperingham & Tyrrington, Co. Lincoln, Eng. abt/ 1113


de Chaucombe, Sir Roger

de Chaucombe, Amabilia d. ca. 1278; m. bef 1254 Roger De Somery


de Enfield, Richard

de Enfield, Elizabeth "...daughter and heiress of Sir Richard de Enfield, Knight. (note: For pedigrees of these families see PUBLICATIONS OF THE HARLEIAN SOCIETY, vol. 13, p. 227." "NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER", V.71, p. 237, 1917.


de Patmere, Phillip b. abt 1254 of Patmere Hall, Essex, Eng.; m. Miss Bawde dau. John.

de Patmer, John b. abt. 1279 Patmere Hall, Essex, Eng., m. Sarah _______, she b. abt. 1283.

de Patmer, John b. abt. 1304 Patmere Hall, Essex, Eng.

de Patmer, Margaret poss. b. Patmere Hall, Essex, Eng., d. Sawbridgeworth, Co. Herts; m. Ralph Jocelyn.


de Somery, John "Ancestral Roots....", Weis, Fifth Edition, p. 63., "27. John de Somery, m. Hawise, sister of Gervase Paynell and dau. of Ralph. (CP X 320)."

de Somery, Ralph "Ancestral Roots....", Weis, Fifth Edition, p. 63., "28. Ralph de Somery, Baron Dudley, held Dudley and Dinas Powis, d. 1211, m. Margaret. (CP X 320)."

de Somery, Roger "Ancestral Roots....", Weis, Fifth Edition, p. 63., "29. Roger De Somery, d. ca. 26 Aug 1273, Lord Dudley, held Dinas Powis; m. (2) bef. 1254, Amabilia de Chaucombe, d. ca. 1278, dau. of Sir Roger De Chaucombe. (CP X 320)."

de Somery, Roger b. 24 Jun 1255, d. 11 Oct. 1291, m. Agnes _______ who d 23 Nov. 1308; "Ancestral Roots....", Weis, Fifth Edition, p. 63. Baron Dudley, 1290, 18 yrs old in 1273, held Dinas Posis..."

de Somery, Margaret - "Ancestral Roots....", Weis, Fifth Edition, p. 63., "31. MARGARET DE SOMERY, b. 1290, d. 1384, Baroness Dudley; m. John de Sutton I, Lord of Dudley Castle, Co., Stafford, Knt., 1326, living 1327, son of Richard de Sutton; She was sister and h. of John de Somery, b. 1278, d.s.p. 29 Dec 1321. Baron Dudley, M.P. 1308-1321, d. ca. 1359. (Old -CP VII 190 note g; DNB 16:107-109; XII pt. 1, 109-115 note g, 351-352)."


de Sutton, Hugh - "Hugh de Sutton, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of William Patrick, Lord of the moiety of the Barony of Malpas, in the county of Chester, and was s. by his son, Richard de Sutton....".

de Sutton, Richard - "Richard de Sutton, who espoused Isabel, only daughter and heir of Rotheric, the son of Griffin, and was s. by his son Sir John de Sutton....."

de Sutton, Sir John, Knt., "Sir John De Sutton, Knt., who m. Margaret, sister and co-heir of John de Somery, Lord Dudley, by whom the Sutton family acquired the castle of Dudley, and other considerable estates (refer to Somerie, Baron Dudley.) This Sir John Sutton passed away by deed, bearing date at Westminster, 19 October, in the 19th Edward II., all his right and title to the castle and manor of Dudley, with other lands to Hugh le Despenser, son of Hugh, Earl of Winchester. But the grant thus made being extorted from him while in prison, and in fear of being put to death, it was cancelled upon the accession of Edward III, and the property restored."

Sutton, Maud m. Ralph Jocelyn of Sawbridgeworth, Co. Herts. around 1300+/-



Dickenson, James, b. 01 Oct 1640 Rowley, Essex Co., MA., d. 26 Jun 1698, Rowley; m. Rebecca ______, b. Abt 1647, d. 12 Apr 1751. She m. (2) John Dresser Jr. as his second w.

Dickenson, Mercy, b. 20 Jun 1669 Rowley, Essex Co., MA., d. 12 Apr 1751 Ipswich, Essex Co., MA.; m. John Dresser 3rd., 07 Jun 1687 Rowley, Essex Co., MA.


Doble, William b. 11 Nov 1754 Braintree, Mass, d. 2 Sep 1820/1841 West Sumner, Oxford Co., Me.; m. Sarah Varnum abt 1774 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA..

Doble, Phineas b. 4 Jul 1777 Buckfield, Me., d. in Sumner, Oxford Co., Me.; m. Mary _____ bef. 11 Jan 1801 when son Williard Doble born.

Doble, Phineas Jr., b. 23 Mar 1811 Sumner, Oxford Co., Me., d. possibly in Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. Lucinda W. Warren 14 Mar 1833 Sumner, Oxford Co., Me.

Doble, Belinda Heath, b. 3 Jun 1837, Dixfield, Oxford Co., Me., d. 21 Apr 1904 Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. Barnabas Cushing Perry


Dodge, _______, m. Sarah, _______, she b. Mass.  abt. 1778. Was residing with her daughter Betsey on 1850 U.S. Census Burnham, Waldo, Co., Me., " Sarah Dodge, age 72, f, born Massachusetts",

Dodge, Betsey, b. abt. 1804, d. 11 Jun 1890 in Burnham, Waldo Co., Maine., she was the dau. of ________ Dodge and Sarah _________ . She m. John B. Reynolds of Burnham abt. 1818-1820.


?(Downham, John m. (1) Dorothy _____ 14 Mar 1642/43, she d. 1662 Braintree; m. (2) Sarah _____ 1673 Braintree, Mass.) Note: It doesn't appear that Joanna could be the daughter of the above John unless the marriage date given for him is wrong or unless he had another wife earlier than Dorothy who is "given" as his first wife in "New England Marriages Prior to 1700".

Downham, Joanna, b. abt 1636, d. aft 1699 in Boston?; she m. (1) John Pray 7 May 1657 in Braintree, Mass., and (2) Daniel Livingstone bef. 1680


[NOTE: Dresser line cont. eight more generations to Ada Dreyster of Horton, b. abt. 1275, Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire, England. All Dresser information obtained from Jim Dresser and is contained in his Dresser data base. Email Jim Dresser at: ]

Dresser, Cristopher, b. Abt 1560 Yorkshire, d. abt. 1627 Grimstone, Yorkshire; he m. Margaret (of Gilling) abt 1593 in Eng.

Dresser, John Sr., b. 1607 Rowley, Yorkshire, England, d. 19 Apr 1672, Rowley, Essex Co., MA.; m. Mary _______ 1638 in England. She b. 1611 in Skewsby, Yorkshire, Eng., d. prob. in Rowley, MA., [John would have been 31 at the time of their marriage, perhaps he had a first wife?]

Dresser, John Jr., b. 1639-1640, Rowley, Essex Co., MA., d. 14 Mar 1723/24, Newbury, Essex Co., MA.; m. Martha Thorley 27 Nov 1662, Rowley; she b. 1645-1646 Rowley, d. 29 Jun 1700 Rowley. He m. (2) Rebecca _____ Aft 29 Jun 1700 prob. in Rowley; she b. abt 1647 & d. 12 Apr 1751. Rebecca had m. 1st James Dickenson who had d. 26 Jun 1698 in Rowley. He was the father and Rebecca the mother of Mercy who m. John Dresser Jr.

Dresser, John 3rd., b. 29 Dec 1663, Rowley, Essex Co., MA., d. 17 Nov 1736 Rowley; m. Mercy Dickinson 07 Jun 1687 Rowley; she b. 20 Jun 1669 Rowley, d. 12 Apr 1751 Ipswich, Essex Co., MA.

Dresser, Nathan b. 11 Apr 1700 Rowley, Essex Co., MA., d. Aft 1772 Boxford, Essex Co., MA.; m. Lydia Foster, int. 25 Apr 1724 Ipswich, Essex Co., MA., she b.14 May 1703 , Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. [Ipswich VR 1:146, 2:145]

Dresser, Jonathan b. 15 Oct 1724 Lexington, Middlesex Co., MA., d. 12 Oct 1806 Fryeburg, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Sarah Foster 14 Nov 1748 Andover, Essex Co., MA., she b. abt 1727 Andover, Essex Co., Mass., d. 29 Jan 1819 Fryeburg, Oxford Co., Me.

Dresser, Stephen b. 25 Oct 1754 Andover, Essex Co., Mass, d. 28 Sep 1829 Lovell, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Abigail Abbott 09 Sep 1777 Fryeburg, Oxford Co., ME., she b. 15 Jul 1758 Suncook, N.H.

Dresser, Job Abbot, b. 05 Mar 1787 Lovell, Oxford Co., ME., d. 24 Apr 1882 Lovell. He m. Hannah Kimball 01 Oct 1810 in Lovell. She b. 22 Mar 1785 in Fryeburg, Oxford, Co., ME.

Dresser, Elizabeth Ann, b. 09 Oct 1824 in Lovell, Oxford Co., Me., d. 4 Jul 1868 Naples, Cumberland Co., Me., m. Isaac Dearborn Jr 09 Oct 1845.


     REV. WILLIAM EDDY, b. abt 1550, Bristol, Kent, England. William was a "sizar" Trinity Hall, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. "A sizar is one who performs certain duties in part payment of his expenses at a school or college" [Behling]. There he was awarded his B.A. in 1583. After graduating from Cambridge William obtained the position of curate at Thurston Parish, Suffolkshire. He occupied this position from 1583 to 1586 Thurston was close to Bury St. Edmonds and not too far from Cambridge.

   Rev. Eddy married (1) MARY FOSTEN on 20 Nov. 1587 in Cranbrook. Mary who was possibly born in Cranbrook, She d. 18 Jul 1611, in Cranbrook, Kent, England. William married (2) widow Sarah Taylor 22 Feb. 1614.



  1. Parish Register, Church of St. Dunstan, Cranbrook, Kent, Eng., p. 1. [An inscription in the hand of William Eddy, signed by him. Within that inscription he states that he was "borne in the cittie of Bristoll,".

  2. (Bond, Watertown, 203.)

  3. Sam Behling, "REV. WILLIAM EDDYE ( 1550 - 1616 OF CRANBROOK, KENT, ENGLAND", Web page, 1997 [In addition to sources given within the text, Mr. Behling gives four sources at the end of the article. (1) The Eddy Family in America; Ruth Story Devereux Eddy; The Eddy Family Association; Boston, MA, 1930. (2) The Eddy Family Association Bulletin; Vol. I, No. 1; Boston, MA, Sept. 17, 1921, and (3) Vol. II, No. 1; Boston, MA, Oct. 29, 1922 (4) Archdeaconry of Canterbury Book #61 fo. 331, District Probate Registry at Canterbury. Sam Behling's article is by far the most comprehensive and well researched.

     JOHN EDDY, b. 1594, prob. Cranbrook, Kent, Eng., d. 12 Oct 1674 Watertown, Plymouth Co., MA., m. (1) AMY _______ , before 1630 in in England. She d. aft. 1643 probably in Watertown. Savage says of John that he was of Boxstead, Suffolkshire, Eng. proor to emigration. John, Amy and their children arrived in Plymouth in 1630 on the HANDMAID, also on the Handmaid was his brother Samuel Eddy. John remained in Plymouth for at least a year but left prior to 1632, removing to Watertown, Plymouth Co. where he was made Freeman in 1634. Winthrop Journal, I, 101.


  1. Winthrop Journal, I, 101.

  2. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England., p.98

  3. The History of Martha's Vineyard by Dr. Charles Banks: Volume II, Annals of West Tisbury:  pp. 25 - 65

  4. Bond, "History of Watertown, Mass.", p. 203.

     PILGRIM EDDY, b. 1644 prob. Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard; m. (1) William Baker, (2) m. IAAAC STEDMAN, and (3) Sylvester Eveleth 1678/79


Emery, Eunice; probably born in Maine, married Thomas Myrick before 1800.


Etherington, Patience d. 1679; m. William Hearl as his (2) wife, aft. 19 Feb 1675/76 Kittery/Berwick, York Co., Maine.


Fish, Jonathan resided Salem, Essex Co., Mass.

Fish, Miss _______, b. poss Salem, Mass. where her Father resided; m. Richard Jackson


Flagg, Thomas, b. England, d. 06 Feb 1697/98 Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. He m. Mary _____ bef. 1641. She b. 1619 England & d. Watertown be.t 30 Dec 1702 and 21 Apr 1703.

Flagg, John, b. 14 Jun 1643 Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA., d. 06 Feb 1696/97 Watertown. He m. Mary Gale of Watertown bef. 1675.

Flagg, Mary , b. Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA., m. Ebenezer Pratt, of Framingham, Middlesex Co., Mass. bef. 1693.



Fleming, Miss. m. Robert Jocelyn


Folger, John b. abt 1593 poss. Diss, Co. Norfolk, Eng., d. abt. 1660 Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., Ma.; m. Meribah Gibbs bef. 1618 in England

Folger, Peter b. 1617-1618 Norwich, Co. Norfolk, Eng., d. 1690 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.; m. Mary Morrell 1644 Massachusetts

Folger, Eleazar b. 1648 Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., Ma., d. 19 Dec. 1716 while visiting Boston.; m. Sarah Gardner 1671 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.. They resided Nantucket.

Folger, Sarah b. 24 Aug. 1674 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma., d. 23 Mar 1732/33 Nantucket; m. 10 Mar 1701/02 Anthony Odar.


Folger, Peter - See Above.

Folger, Joanna b. 1645-1646 Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., Mass., d. 18 May 1719 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass.; m. JOHN COLEMAN Sr. 1666 Nantucket.


Fosten, Mary m. Rev. William Eddy


Foss, John Sr., b. abt. 1635, of Rye, Rockingham Co., N.H., he m. Mary Berry bef . 1659. She was the daughter of William Berry and Jane _____  of Rye, N.H. John and Mary had at least 10 children, possibly 12. Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939), pgs. 90, 240.

Foss, Thomas, d. bef. 1710; he m. Abigail Cole 05 Feb 1695/96 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H.. Abigail was b. 05 Dec 1673 in Hampton. the daughter of  Abraham Cole and Mary Wedgewood.  [ibid. pgs. 155, 241,]

Foss, Mary, b. 1704, m. Edward Dearborn Sr. 17 Dec 1724. [Ibid. pg 241]


Foster, Caleb, of Ipswich, Essex Co., MA., m. Mary Sherwin 9 June 1702, Ipswich VR 2:168

Foster, Lydia, b. 14 May 1703 Ipswich, Esses Co., MA., m. Nathan Dresser of Rowley, int. published Ipswich 25 April 1724. Ipswich VR 1:146, 2:145


Foster, Sarah, b. Abt 1727 Andover, Essex Co., Mass., d. 29 Jan 1819 Fryeburg, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Jonathan Dresser 14 Nov 1748 Andover, Essex Co., MA.


Freeman, Elizabeth prob. b. England, m. John Hardy 3 Sep 1634.



Froelich, Anna Maria m. Anreas Weller  prob. in Rheinland, Prussia before 1748.


     COMFORD D. FROST, b. 18 May 1791 Middleton, Strafford Co., N.H., d. 29 Nov 1864, Lincoln, Penobscot Co., Me.; m. HENRY PIKE BUZZELL Jr.


MARGARET FRYERb. abt. 1595 England, d. Salem, Essex Co., Mass.; m. THOMAS GARDNER.



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