Research presented in the 1998 book, "Broad Bay Pioneers" starts the Demuth line with Christian Demuth who:

"was a dragoon in Kettler's Regiment and Captain Lieutenant Hohndorff's Company. Klaus Petry of Duisburg, Germany, researched this family and learned that the Kettler Regiment of Dragoons was later called the Tettau Regiment of Dragoons and that a dragoon named Christian Demuth was listed as serving in the bodyguard of Regiment Commander Colonel Albrecht von Tettau at the end of 1695 and in 1696. Christian was not noted as a member of Major von Tettau's company in 1689." "Broad Bay Pioneers"

    Christian Demuth and Elgen Schmidt  of Birkenbeul had a son out of wedlock. Elgen was the daughter of Georg Schmidt of Birkenbeul. The Demuths were not French Heguenots. The surname Demuth is common throughout Germany, particularly in Schlesien.

Child of Christian and Elgen:

   Demuth, Johann Henrich, the natural son of Christian Demuth and Elgen Schmidt, was b. in Birkenbeul, Rheinland, Prussia, and baptised on 28 Feb 1693 in Hamm Parish nearby. His sponsors at his baptism were Johan Henrich Schmidt (what relation?), Johannes Birckenbeul and Anna Lisa, wife of Diederich of Birkenbeul. Johann emigrated to New England, arriving first in Boston 9 Nov 1751 on the Priscilla . His name is found on a petition signed by those who came to Boston in 1751. Johann and his family subsequently removed to the German settlement of Broad Bay in Maine, later known as Waldoboro. He was killed about 1757 on Storer's Point during the French and Indian Wars.

  Johann m. Sybilla Maria Becker on 22 Oct 1716 in Hamm Parish. She was baptized 14 Jul 1697  in Etzbach, Rheinland, Prussia, the daughter of Henrich Becker and Margret Wilhelm of Etzbach.

     Johan and Sybilla Maria lived in Birkenbeul and belonged to the Lutheran Parish in Hamm. In addition Hamm also contained a Reformed parish to which a number of residents from Birkenbeul belonged. Sybilla Maria was the namesake and a sponsor at the baptism of a child of Johannes Henrich and Anna Christina Potchen of Birkenbeul in the Reformed parish of Hamm in 1741. Johann and Sybilla's daughter, Maria Christina, also sponsored at a baptism in the Potchen family in 1746.

Children of John Henry Demuth and Sibylla Maria Becker:


     Demuth, Johann Georg, b. prob. in Feb 1734/35 in Birkenbeul, Rheinland, Prussia and bapt. 20 Feb 1734/35 in Hamm, Rheinland, Prussia. He d. 10 Sep 1810 in Waldoboro, Lincoln Co., ME. He married Maria Catharina Weller abt 1762 in Hamm, Rheinland, Prussia She was bapt. 9 Mar 1749, and d. 18 aug 1820, prob. in Waldoboro. The information I have so far doesn't state where she was born but it was probably in Hamm, Birkenbeul or one of the surrounding towns. She was the dau. of Anreas Weller and Anna Maria Froelich. Children:


"BROAD BAY PIONEERS. 18th Century German-Speaking Settlers of Present-Day Waldoboro, Maine", by Wilford W. Whitaker and Gary T. Horlacher, Pitcton Press, Rockport, Maine, 1998, p. 510, Note: All German records were researched by Helmut Schmahl and Klaus Petry. [The info from Broad Bay Pioneers was provided by Joan Brown, a descendant of Katherine Demuth and John Sidensberger through the Sidensparker/Newcomb line.]

Note: "The surname Demuth is derived from the Middle High German word diemuot or demuot being an adjective meaning condescending or modest. An example of this from 1293: "Heinrich dictus Diemuot, zu Oberried" (i.e. Heinrich the modest of Oberried). Demut is still listed in German dictionaries with the meaning meekness or humility." "Broad Bay Pioneers"

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