JOHN DOBLE, and his wife ABIGAIL ROLLSTON resided in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA. in 1754 when their son William Doble was born. This is all the information I have on either of them. It comes from Charles C. Doble:  CHASCUNNINGHAM@prodiy.net



     WILLIAM DOBLE SR was born on 11 Nov 1754 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA and died on 2 Sep 1820 in West Sumner, Oxford Co., Me.; He married SARAH VARNUM abt 1774 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA. She was b. 14 Apr 1757 Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA., and d. 07 Feb 1844 West Sumner, Oxford Co., ME., the daughter of ABRAHAM VARNUM and (1) REBECCA FARLEY of Dracut, MA.

William Doble came to Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME. in 1779 or 1780, [The history of Buckfield, p. 34] ; settling on the Twenty Mile River, and that he "lived and died on his settling lot" [Ibid. p. 579]. Their first four children were not born in Buckfield [Ibid.]

"William doble and David Record had lot #9, w. div., after enough land had been added by the proprietors to make 200 acres. They made the division themselves....Doble's (dwelling place) on the northeast side of the river on the cross road leading from the Lowell Corner to the Turner Road. The origin of William doble is uncertain. Elias Taylor, elsewhere mentioned, had heard it said that he had been left, while an infant, at the door of a well-to-do family, which had brought him up as one of their own. Many of his descendants at one time lived in the town of Sumner." "History Of Buckfield, Maine, p. 37

Note: The remarks about William Doble's origins in the History of Buckfield have cause untold troubles for many descendants attempting to trace his ancestry. In addition Sarah's maiden name was listed as "Farnham" in the Town Records of Sumner, ME. which added to the confusion. (wcl)

"William Doble settled on the Twenty Mile River. He married Sarah. He lived and died on his settling lot. He died after 1811." "History Of Buckfield, Maine" p. 579

"There also came into the township during the year of 1779 or 1780, as new settlers, the following persons; .....William Doble....."  "History Of Buckfield, Maine" p. 34

"(in the town meeting of 1794 William Doble was chosen as one of the Tythingmen)". "History Of Buckfield, Maine" p. 107

"1809, the town expense account was $83.59, made up as follows: ........William Doble's, $3.00...". "History Of Buckfield, Maine" p. 122

"Heads of families in 1800: ......William Doble 10". "History Of Buckfield, Maine" p. 738

Children were:

1. WILLIAM DOBLE JR, was born on 14 Aug. 1775. There was a William on 1820 Census in Sumner, ME.


3. Rebecca, b. 26 Aug. 1779

4. Abraham, b. 22 Dec. 1781, m. Lucinda Woodbury. Abraham Doble was a minister. He and his wife and family are buried in the LaGrange, Maine Cemetery. (From Christine O'Hara who viewed their grave stone there). William Was on the 1820 Census in Sumner. Five children: Elvira, b. 12 Oct. 1807, Orin, b. 14 Apr. 1810, Alden, b. 26 Jan. 1813, Harriet, b. 11 Dec. 1814 - All in Buckfield. Another son, Benjamin Woodbury Doble is not mentioned in Buckfield Records but one of his descendants, Mr. Brian Hinkley Doble of Tryon, N.C. , in a Letter to me in Nov. 1978 indicated that Benjamin W. Doble was b. 14 Jun 1825 in Hartford, ME.  Brian Doble was a man in his 80's at the time. I haven't heard from him since 1979 and assume he has passed away by now. He referred to personal contact with members of the Doble family while he was in England in 1958, one of whom, CDR. Douglas Doble HMRN, Ret. and Private Secretary to the Lord Mayor of London was also interested in the family history and expressed his intention to publish the results of his research at some point in the future.

5. Sarah, b. 6 Apr. 1784, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME., m. Daniel Pond.

6. Lydia, b. 27 Uuly 1786, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.

7. Aaron, b. 8 Dec. 1788, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME., m. Abigail Hall. Children: Miriam Hall, b. 27 Aug. 1810; Sally b. 2 July 1812; John, b. 24 Aug. 1814; Mary, b. 11 Dec. 1816; Henry Parsons, b. 25 jan. 1819 - all in Buckfield. On the 1830 US. Census for Maine there was an Aaron Doble in Livermore, Androscoggin Co., ME.

8. Lucy, b. 31 Mar. 1792, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.

9. Bestey, b. 3 Nov. 1793, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.

10. Elijah, b. 3 Nov. 1793, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME., m. Hannah Drake. On 1820 Census in Sumner, ME.

11. Solomon, b. 3 May 1796, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Louisa Rowe.

     PHINEAS DOBLE  b. 4 Jul 1777 Buckfield, Me., d. in Sumner, Oxford Co., ME. The year of  his death is illegable in the Sumner, ME. Town Records according to Christine O'Hara of Houlton, ME. who viewed the entry. He married Mary (_____), bef. 11 Jan 1801 when their son Williard Doble born. Phineas Doble was on 1800 Census of Cumberland Co., ME., which took in present day Buckfield, Oxford Co. Mary Doble was on the 1820 Census of Sumner, ME.

Children Known:

1. Willard, b. 11 Jan 1801 Buckfield, ME.

2. Anna, b. 3 Sep. 1802, Buckfield, ME.


     PHINEAS DOBLE Jr.was born on 23 Mar 1811 at Sumner, Oxford Co., Me., and died possibly in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. He married LUNCINDA W. WARREN on 14 Mar 1833 at Sumner, Oxford Co., Me. She was the daughter of GEORGE WARREN and SARAH RAND



2. Hiram "Hite" Doble, b. abt 1845, d. Island Falls, Aroostook Co., ME., m. Ida E. Irish. Dorthea Irish Tozier recalled that Hiram was called "Hite";

3. Lucinda Ann Doble, b. abt 1843, d. 24 Mar. 1924, aet. 81 yrs.; she m. William Abbott.

4. Florinda Doble, b. abt. 1846; m. Albert Neal

5. Mary Clarinda Doble, b. 1849, m. John Bean of Turner, Androscoggin Co., ME.

6. Hannah B. Doble, b. 1851, Dixfield, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Henry Dillingham, 31 Mar. 1872

7. Phineas K. Doble, b. 1853, d. 1860.

     BELINDA HEATH DOBLE, was born on 3 Jun 1837 in Dixfield, Oxford Co., ME, and died on 21 Apr 1904 in Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me. She married BARNABAS CUSHING PERRY  before December of 1854. He was the son of SAMUEL BARKER PERRY and  SARAH PHILBRICK of Minot, Androscoggin Co., ME.


1. Charles Sumner Perry, b. 25 Dec. 1854 Rumford, Oxford Co., ME.

2. John Cushing Perry, b. 26 Feb. 1856, Rumford, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Ella O. Clark, b. 1861.

3. ALBINUS PHILBRICK PERRY was born on 19 Jul 1857in  Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME. He married DELIA A. MORRISON on 12 Jul 1879 in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. Delia was b. 20 Dec 1855, Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME., and d. 10 Dec 1897, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., ME. She was the dau. of NATHAN E. MORRISON and REBECCA SCUDDER . Albinus Perry married (2) Florence Morgan.

4. Mary Ellen Perry, b. 1868, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Pearl Young, b. Carlton Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Children: a daughter, Pearly Ellen Young.

5. Samuel Barker Perry, b. 1870, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Ida M. Matthews, 23 Nov. 1901 Silver Ridge Twp. , Aroostook Co., ME. No Children, Though they partially raised their grand niece and nephew Cleve and Frankie Dearborn after Frank Dearborn was killed in a sawmill accident. Silver Ridge Township, where Sam and Ida were living when they got married is directly south of Sherman ,Maine. It is part of what had been T2R5 at one time and shares the original boundries of T2R5 with the township of Benedicta. Benedicta to the west, Silver Ridge to the east.

6. Otis Neal Perry, b. 1872, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.


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