Furbish Ancestors of Mary Ann Furbush Mooers

of Webster & South Gardiner, Maine.

NOTE:  With the exception of material covering Mary Ann Furbish/Furbush of generation 2, all information for generations 2 through 6 was provided to me by Bob Scott and is part of material which will be incorporated and published by Bob under title of "The Descendants of William Furbish/Furbush of Kittery, Maine". Please quote that source when using this material, and if you pass this document on to someone else in part or in total please include source credit.


   WILLIAM FURBISH was probably born about 1631 at Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and before 21 Mar 1701 at Kittery, York Co., ME. He married (1) 19. REBECCA ___________ about 1664, she was born about 1646, and died before 1686.

  The Clan Forbes held forth in Aberdeenshire. The Gaelic for Forbes is Foirbeis which may explain the New England Forbush, Furbush and Furbish spellings. On September 3rd, 1650, the Scottish supporters of Prince Charles (later King Charles II) lost the Battle of Dunbar to Cromwell's English forces, with the resulting loss of four thousand Scots killed or wounded and ten thousand more taken prisoner. Five thousand of the prisoners were marched across the border and where three thousand of them were imprisoned in Durham Cathedral. The Cathedral suffered much damage during their imprisonment. The prisoners were shipped to various parts of England, Ireland and the Colonies as indentured servants. William Furbush is listed as a prisoner in a paper read to the Mass. Historical Society by Colonel Charles Edward Banks entitled "Scotch Prisoners Deported to New England by Cromwell,1651-1652. "[Ma.Hist.Soc. Proc. 61(Oct 1928)p.4, 29].

   In November, 150 Scottish prisoners were delivered to Augustine Walker, Master of the Unity, to be transported to New England. His order to sail was dated November 11th and it is presumed that he weighed anchor immediately. With this cargo of 150 souls, the Unity crossed the wintery seas of the Atlantic, probably landing in Boston Harbor in late January. How many died during the voyage is not known, but upon arrival 60 were sold to the Lynn Iron Works, and the rest were distributed to various towns. The going price was between 20 and 30 pounds per man as payment for their transportation. The cost of an Atlantic passage was about 5 pounds so the owners of the Unity cleared about 1500 pounds. The average indenture was for 6 to 8 years. William Furbush and 16 other Scots were sent to the lumber mills of Kittery, Maine where they worked out their indentureship.

   William and several other Scots homesteaded property on the Piscatqua River as shown by an early map in the book "Old Kittery and Her Families" by Stackpole. William owned land in Kittery in 1664 and he lived near Thompson's Point in what is now Eliot. This tract of land was 40 rods wide running from the river back one full mile or eighty acres in all. His house was in the middle of his land or about forty rods from the river where the marks of the old cellar could still be seen in the 1890s. He also had a grant of ten acres in 1668. William made his will the 27th of August in 1694 and his estate was settled by an agreement of his heirs, dated 21 March 1701, which they all signed. 

On May 8th, 1681, William fforbes [Furbish] of Newichawannock [upper Kittery] testified that

"about two years since he being at the house of Joseph Hammond in the towne of Kittery in the province of Maine Major Waldern, now being of the Councill, took out of his pockett a paper which he read, being in derision of the goverment of England and after some discourse said these words, There was no more a king in England than thou, Richard Nason, unto whom he then spoke." [Colonial Papers, Vol. XLVI, No. 118. Manuscript copy in library of N.H. Hist. Soc'y.]

   The name of William's first wife is not known for certain but it probably was Rebecca (a court record gives enough information to indicate his first wife's name,

"1 July 1679,[4:2:133], Wee present William Furbush for abuseing of the Constable & sleighting of his pouer & sayd hee could not answere what hee did in his office & the sayd Furbush tooke up a dreadful weapon & sayd that hee would dy before his Goods should bee carried away. Jury. The person presented fined for his Delinquency 40s & fees of Court 5s. Rebeccah Furbush presented for strikeing the Constable. Jury. The offender fined tenn shillings & Cost of Court 5s."p.355, Province and Court Records of Maine, Vol. II, Portland, Maine Historical Society, 1931 )

   William may have had a second wife named Christian, born about 1652, and died after 1701, who probably survived him as the settlement reached by his heirs divided his property in thirds. According to the source below she was mentioned in his will but the will is now missing.

"Furbush, Lt. William, taxed in Dover, NH in 1659; by 1664 settled on family homestead in N.W. corner of Eliot, 40 rods on the river, where is a graveyard with about 30 unmarked stones. In the second war he withdrew to Newcastle. Wife Rebecca in 1679; his widow was Christian, about 43 in 1695. Will dated 27 Aug.1694, missing; estate distributed by agreement of heirs, 1701. Children: Daniel, m. Dorothy Pray[John]; 11 children. John, d.s.p. Hope, m. lst, Enoch Hutchins; m. 2nd, William Wilson. Catherine, m. Andrew Neal. Sarah, m. Thomas Thompson. Bethia, m. Joseph Gould. William, died Craven, SC; wife unknown; 2 sons.". [The Piscataqua Pioneers 1623-1775: Register of Members and Ancestors 1905-1967 compiled by Dallas Wylie Prugh, Genealogist and Registra 1967.p.126 ]


1. Daniel FURBISH, born about 1665, died before 11 Jan 1745.

2. John FURBISH, born about 1667, died before 24 Nov 1701. No issue.

3. Hopewell FURBISH, born about 1670. She married (1) Enoch HUTCHINS, Jr. 12 May 1693, he was born about 1671, and died 3 Apr 1706 at Kittery, ME.. Enoch was the son of Enoch HUTCHINS and Mary STEVENSON.  They had 4 children.     Hopewell married (2) William WILSON 25 Apr 1711. William was born 28 Aug 1687, and died in 1770 at the age of 82. the son of Sgt. Joseph WILSON and Hannah ENDLE. They had 5 children

4. Catherine FURBISH, born about 1673 at Dover, NH., and died 1755. She married Andrew NEAL about 1694. He was born about 1664 at Kittery, ME., and died Aug 1739 at Kittery, ME, the son of John NEAL and Joan/Joanna Searl/SEARLE. They had 7 children. Catherine was arrested for working on the last day of Thanksgiving, 7 July 1696. ["Old Eliot, Vol.2,p.31] On Oct 6th, 1696, Andrew appeared for Catherine and plead ignorance, she was aquitted and payed court costs. On the 17th of October in 1739 Catherine was named administrator of husband's Andrew Neal's estate.

5. . Sarah FURBISH, born about 1677. She married Thomas THOMPSON about 1698. Thomas was born about 1670 at Berwick, ME., and died after 27 Sep 1715, the son of Miles THOMPSON and Ann TETHERLY. Thomas . They had 2 children.

6. Bethiah FURBISH, born 1680. She married Joseph GOOLD about 1705. Joseph was born about 1680 at Taunton, MA., and died 10 May 1762 at Eliot, ME. They had 6 children.

7. William FURBISH, born about 1683, and died 20 Nov 1724 at Craven, S. Carolina. He married Sarah ___________. They had 2 children.



Daniel FURBISH was born about 1665 at Kittery, York Co., ME. He was the son of William FURBISH and REBECCA ___________. Daniel died before 11 Jan 1745 at Kittery, ME. He married DOROTHY  PRAY about 1689 at Kittery, ME. She was born about 1668 at Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.. the daughter of  JOHN PRAY and JOANNA DOWNAM.

   Daniel was the eldest son of William Furbish and was probably born soon after his father came to Kittery or about 1664. He  later witnessed two deeds when his father bought the Whittam land in 1687 and 1688.  Daniel inherited the home farm and lived on it all of his days. He died before 11 Jan. 1745 and his widow was the admininstratrix of his estate. He had given the greater part of his estate to his children some years before.

   In later life he became a Quaker and his name is on a list of those allowed in the town in 1734 and also in 1737. It is not know if his wife Dorothy was also a Quaker. She was a member of the Berwick Church and all of their children were baptized there. The Indians captured Dorothy Furbish and one child in her home in Kittery. They killed and burnt the child. Daniel subsequently bought her back from the Indians.

   Note: The information contained in "The Descendants of Daniel Forbush" by Frederick Clifton Pierce of Chicago, Illinois, published in 1892 regarding Daniel Furbish is erroneous and is refuted by Col. Banks in his "Old Eliot" series.



WILLIAM FURBISH was born 19 Mar 1703/1704 at Kittery, York Co., ME., d. before 1761. He married (1) Olive Hobbs, and (2) SARAH PREBLE on 7 Oct 1731 at York, York Co., ME. Sarah was born 20 Oct 1713 at York, ME., and died at Berwick, York Co., ME. She was the daughter of  ZEBULON  PREBLE and HANNAH WELSH. She . After William's death Sarah married (2) Samuel HOLMES on 8 Dec 1760 at Berwick, ME. He served in Maj. Cutts Co. in 1745 and was captured by Indians in 1757 at Fort William Henry during The French and Indian War and was subsequently imprisoned in France. Estate administered 1761. Kittery Records Vol. 1,  Sarah, the wife of Samuel Holmes was administrix.

ISSUE by (1) Olive Hobbs:

ISSUE by (2) Sarah Preble:


   JACOB FURBISH SR. was christened 10 Nov 1755 at Kittery, York Co., ME., and died 1830/1840 at Lisbon, Androscoggin Co., ME. He married ELIZABETH HOOPER 8 Jan. 1778 at Berwick, York Co., ME. Elizabeth was born Jul. 1760 at Wells, York Co., ME., and died 14 Jan. 1847 at Webster, Androscoggin Co., ME, at the age of 86. She was the daughter of  WILLIAM  HOOPER and ELIZABETH (_____).

   Jacob was baptized at Rev. John Roger's church in Kittery, his mother being a member of that church. Jacob was a blacksmith and a farmer. He was in Shapleigh, York Co., ME.  in 1800[Census:1800 Shapleigh, York Co., Me. p.936 Jacob with 4 males and 5 females one of which is wife] Jacob moved to Lisbon about 1802 [Census:1810 Lisbon, Me. p.19]]. He is in Lisbon in 1820[Census:1820 Lisbon, Me. p.216]. He is in Lisbon in 1830[Census:1830 Lisbon, ME. p.194]. He does not appear in the 1840 Census. In an old History of Lincoln County mention is made of Jacob Furbush and his 2 sons Isaac and Jacob, blacksmiths and speaks of their skill in forging old worn out axes into stout and serviceable hoes.

   The family of Jacob Furbish was obtained from a manuscript at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society in Boston. The manuscript was compiled by Frederick Baker Furbish in the late 1800s and early 1900s for a genealogy he was compiling (The Descendents Of WilliamFurbish/Furbush). In the manuscript is all of his correspondence and among these was a letter from a descendent of Jacob Furbish(George Washington Furbish) who named the 5 sons but only 2 daughters one of whom he couldn't name.


         Census records for Ivory Furbish are as follows:

  1. Freeman, Franklin Co., Me.1810 p.570;

  2. Freeman, Me.1820 p.316;

  3. New Vineyard, Me.1830 p.183;

  4. New Vineyard, Me.1840 p.80;  

  5. Industry, Franklin Co., Me.1850 p.79;

  6. New Vineyard, Me.1860 p.16, 21;

  7. New Vineyard, Me.1870 p.19;  

  8. Sarah, 1870 Mortality Sch. p.1

  9. for Ivory. "Marriage is intended between Mr. Ivory Furbish & Miss. Sally Haskell, both of this town. Greene, Sept 25, 1808. Ammi R. Cutler, Town Clerk". "Marriage was soleminized between Mr. Ivory Furbish & Sally Haskell, both of this town, October 27th, AD 1808, by Rev. Thomas Wyman." Greene Town Record    


2. JACOB FURBISH JR., b. abt. 1785 at Berwick, York Co., ME., d. aft. 1860 at Litchfield, Kennebec Co., ME. He married (1) LOIS HEARD on 18 Mar 1812 at Lisbon, Androscoggin Co., ME. She was born 18 Mar 1779 at S. Berwick, York Co., ME., the daughter of BENJAMIN HEARD and MARY/MOLLY ANDREWS.

   Jacob Furbish married (2) Sarah HEARD 19 Nov 1835 at Lisbon, Androscoggin Co., ME. She b. 27 May 1781, the daughter of Benjamin HEARD and Mary/Molly ANDREWS and the sister of Lois Heard.

   Jacob married (3) Nancy STEVENS Fogg as her second husband. She was born 1799 at Gardiner, Kennebec Co., ME., d. 15 Apr 1895 at Topsham, Sagadahoc Co., ME., age 96, buried at Gardiner, Maine. She was the daughter of ________ STEVENS.  Nancy had m. (1) James FOGG on 11 Aug 1822. He was born at Gray, Cumberland Co., ME. and d. bef. 1850.

Children of Jacob Furbish and (1) Lois Heard:


  1. Marriage #1: Lisbon VR p.205.

  2. Jacob, Jr. is in Census:1820 Lisbon, Me. p.216.

  3. He is in Census:1840 Webster, Me. p.355 and he is in Webster, Me. Census: 1850 Webster, ME. p.49.

  4. Jacob is in Census:Wales, Androscoggin Co., Me. 1860 p.30.


1. MARY ANN FURBISH/FURBUSH, b. 28 Aug 1816 Webster, Androscoggin Co., ME., d. 20 Mar 1907 at South Gardiner, Kennebec Co., ME, age 90. She married CAPT. THOMAS MOOERS JR. on 4 Oct 1835 at Webster, Androscoggin Co., ME. He was born 27 Jun 1808 at South Gardiner, Kennebec Co., ME., d. 13 Jul 1866 at South Gardiner, age 58. The son of THOMAS MOOERS and  MARY ATKINS. Thomas and Mary are buried in the River Road Cemetery in South Gardiner.

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