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Gardner, Thomas b. England, prob. d. Eng.; m. Elizabeth White. (Perh. this Eliz. White was related to the Mr. White of England who was instrumental in the establishment of the Cape Anne Colony to which Thomas Gardner Jr. was attached prior to his rem. to Salem)

Gardner, Thomas Jr.,  b. 1595 Sherborne, Co. Dorset, England, 1674-1677 Salem, Essex Co., Mass.; m. (1) Margaret Fryer in England, she d. Salem, and was the mother of all of his children; he m. (2) Wid. Damaris Shattuck, Salem. She mother of Richard's wife Sarah.

Gardner, Richard b. England, d. 23 Jan. 1688/89 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.; m. Sarah Shattuck 1652 Salem, Essex Co., Mass.

Gardner, Sarah b. abt. 1650 Salem Essex Co., Mass., d. 14 Dec. 1729, Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass.; m. Eleazar Folger 1671 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass.


Gibbs, Meribah b. Freyn Parish, Co. Norfolk, Eng, d. Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., Ma.; m. John Folger bef. 1618 in England.


Gilman, Edward, b. abt. 1530-1535, d. 1573 Caston, Co. Norfolk, Eng.; m. Rose Rysse/Rice 22 Jun 1555 Caston, she d. 3 Oct 1613 Caston.

Gilman, Robert b. 1559 Caston, Co., Norfolk, Eng., d. 1631 Caston; m. Mary _____ who d. 9 Mar. 1617/18 Caston.

Gilman, Edward b. 1587-88 Caston, Norfolkshire, Eng.; d. 1655 Exeter, N.H.; m. Mary Clark 03 Jun 1614 Hingham, Norfolkshire, England.

Gilman, Lydia b. England, d. 12 Mar. 1688/89 Hingham, Mass.; Daniel Cushing m. 19 Jan 1644/45 Hingham, Mass. as his (1) wife.


Gilman, __________ (poss. also dau. of Edward above)

Gilman, Mary b. Eng., d. 1684 prob. Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. (1) Nicholas Jacob* 1629

Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng. he d. 1657; she m. (2) John Beal 10 Mar 1658/59 prob. Hingham, Mass.


Glidden, Sarah, b. N.H., d. Princeton, Maine in 1891, she m.  Benjamin James bef. 1851, he. d. 1872


Glover, Elizabeth prob. b. bet. 1510 & 1520, m. Richard Tilden of Benenden, Eng abt. Mar 1540


Goble, Elizabeth b. abt 1630; m. Capt. John White, of Charlestown and Medfield, Mass.

GOODWIN - line #1

Goodwin, Josselyn d. aft. 1488 London, Eng.; m. ________ Chittock

Goodwin, Robert b. County Norfolk, Eng. he had a residence in London, was a draper; m. Johanne.

Goodwin, Ralph b. North Berlyngham, Norfolk, Eng., d. Apr. 1518 North Berlyngham, Norfolk, Eng; he m. Julian _________

Goodwin, William b. 1500 North Berlyngham, Norfolk, Eng.

Goodwin, Richard b. abt. 1530, d. 1576 Burlingham, Norfolk, Eng.; m. bef 1555 to Tomasine _____ b. abt. 1530.

Goodwin, John b. abt. 1555 Burlingham, Norfolk, Eng., d. 16 Jun 1600 East Bergholt, Suffolk, Eng., m. Elizabeth Woodgate abt. 1570 in E. Bergholt.

Goodwin, Daniel b. abt. 1590 E. Berghold, Suffolk, d. bef. 1625; m. Dorothy Barker abt. 1617-1618.

Goodwin, Daniel Jr. b. abt. 1625 Torrington, Eng., d. bef. 1713 Kittery, York Co., Maine; m. (1) Margaret Spencer* before 1654, she d. 1670, m. (2) Sarah Sanders aft. 1670, she b. abt. 1630 d. aft. 1711.

Goodwin, Daniel III b. abt. 1656 Kittery, York Co., Maine, d. 12 Apr 1726 Berwick, York Co., Maine; m. Amy Thompson 17 Oct. 1682 Kittery, York Co., Maine

Goodwin, Margaret b. 13 Aug. 1683 Kittery, York Co., Maine; m. Joseph Hodsdon Oct. 1700 Kittery, York Co., Maine


Goodwin, Margaret, prob. of Co., Norfolk, Eng.; m. Robert Page in England. They were of Ormesby, St. Margaret, Norfolk in 1604 when son Robert Jr. born.


Goushall, Sir Robert, Knt.

Goushall, Oswalda b. abt. 1115-1125, d. of Sir Robert Goushall, Knight; m. William Jocelyn


Gove, John, b. England, resided London prior to emigration. He resided in Charlestown, Middlesex Co., MA. where he d. shortly after signing his will on 25 Jan 1647/48; he m. Mary Shard of London, England 06 Feb 1630/31; she b. 1604 probably London, and d. in 1682.

Gove, Edward, b. 1636-1638, d. 29 May 1691 Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H.; he m. Hannah Partridge Abt 1660 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA.; she b. aft 1638 prob. Salisbury.

Gove, Sarah b. 05 Nov 1678 Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H.; she m. Samuel Dearborn 16 Dec 1698 in Hampton.


Hamilton, Andrews of Scotland, m. Elizabeth Luggie.

Hamilton, David b. abt 1620 Westburg, Cambuslang, Scotland, d. Dover/Strawberry Bank/Rollingsford, N. H.; m. Anna Jackson prob Salem Mass.

Hamilton, Gabriel I, b. abt 1679, d. 1730; m. (1) Mary Hearl* & (2) 24 May 1721 Judith Lord. the wid. of Benjamin Meads.

Hamilton, Gabriel II, bapt. 6 Sep 1713; m. Margaret Hodsdon They resided Berwick, York Co., Me.

Hamilton, Gabriel III, . 1733 Berwick York, Co., Me.; m. 1768 Pownalborough, Lincoln Co., Me. (3) Sarah Metcalf. He m. (1) Catherine McKenney, (2) Margaret ______ & (4) Mary Williamson.

Hamilton, Silas b. Palermo, Waldo Co., Me., d. 7 Dec 1833 Palermo, Waldo Co., Me.; m. ?Sally Bryant 3 Aug 1803, Palermo, Me.

Hamilton, Lois b. abt. 1803, Palermo, Waldo Co., Me., d. prob. Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. John Scudder 1832.


Hampson, Phillip, b. England, resided London where he d. Jun. 1654, "... body to be buried in the parish church of St. Michael Queenbithe London". Phillip was a merchant & tailor; m. Anne ______.

Hampson, Beatrice b. 1623 prob. In London, Eng., d. Jan. 1711/12 Boston, Mass.; m. Abraham Josselyn abt. 1645.


Hardy, John, prob. born Eng., m. 3 Sep 1634 Elizabeth Freeman.

Hardy, Elizabeth d. Mass., m. Roger Haskell of Salem & Middleboro, Mass., bef. 1648.


Harman, Sir James ?

Harman, Olive b. abt. 1550 London, Eng, d. aft 1591; m. Nicholas Atwoode/Wood 0 Jan 1568/69 London, Eng. She married (2) William Marleville in 1590. He died in 1591. She married (3) John Buck of Hertfordshire and she is buried in Elstree Church, Herts.


Harper, Isabel b. England, d. Aft 27 Apr 1667 prob. Duxbury, Mass; m. John Paybodie bef. 1619


Harvey, Joanna b. _____ , d. 31 Mar. 1705 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass.; m. Robert Barnard bef. 1642 Salisbury, Mass.


Haskell, Roger b. prob. Eng., d. Mass., m. Elizabeth Hardy bef 1648.

Haskell, John b. 1648 Salem, Essex Co., Ma., d. 15 May 1706, Middleboro, Ma.; m. Jan. 1665/66 Middleboro, Ma., to Patience Soule.

Haskell, Josiah b. 16 Jun. 1686 Middleboro, Ma., d. in Freetown, Ma.; m. 27 Mar. 1729 in Middleboro to Sarah Braley.

Haskell, Sewall (Zuriel) , b. bef. 1742 Freetown, Mass., d. 1 Apr. 1801 Foxboro, Mass.; m. Thankful Wescott.

Haskell, Thankful, b. 1766 in Freetown, Mass., d. aft. 1850 in Burnham, Waldo Co., Me.; m. Daniel Reynolds 1784. Grafton, N.H.


Hatch, Thomas b. abt. 1465 Selling, Kent, Eng., d. 12 Dec. 1530

Hatch, John "The Younger" b. abt. 1495 Selling, Kent, Eng.

Hatch, Thomas b. abt. 1525 Selling, Kent, Eng, d. bef. 3 Oct. 1568 Eng.; m. Joane Brissenden in or bef. 1552.

Hatch, Winnifred b. abt. 1552 of Selling, Kent, Eng.; m. (1) Richard Wills * Jun. 1576, and (2) Stephen Huckstepe* 14 Feb. 1583/84


Hatch, Thomas b. in England, d. bef 3 Mar. 1663 (Ltrs. of Admin.) prob. Yarmouth, Mass.; m. Grace _______.

Hatch, Jonathan, b. abt. 1624 prob. in England, d. 10 Decv. 1710 Falmouth, Barnstable Co., Mass.; m. Sarah Rowley 11 Apr 1646 Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Mass.

Hatch, Thomas, b. 1 Jan 1648 West Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, d. Falmouth, Mass.; m. 22 Jan. 1678/79 on Martha's Vineyard to Abigail Codman.

Hatch, Thomas 2nd, b. 25 Apr. 1685 Falmouth, Mass, d. Falmouth; m. abt. 1710 prob. Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard to Mary Cathcart dau. ROBERT CATHCART and PHOEBE COLEMAN.

Hatch, Thomas 3rd, b 1622-1623; m. 15 Oct. 1751 Falmouth, Mass. to Ann Lewis

Hatch, Marabeh b. 29 Jul 1759 Falmouth, Ma., d. aft Aug. 1801 Pittston, Lincoln Co., Me.; m. David Mooers bef 1781 prob. in Falmouth.


Hawes, Susan b. Eng., d. Apr 1641 Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng; m. Peter Cushing 2 Jun 1583 Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng.


Note: There was a John Heard 1620-1688 of Batcombe, Somerset, England who arrived in New England in 1635 with the group led by Rev. Hull. Aged about 14 o4 15 at the time he subsequently married Hull's daughter, Elizabeth. He arrived in Kittery in 1646. I suspect that Benjamin Heard below is a descendent of this couple, a grandson or great grandson.

Heard, Benjamin b. 29 Aug 1744, d. 2 Feb 1817 Berwick, York Co., Me.; m. Mary Andrews 8 Dec 1768 Berwick, Me.

Heard, Lois b. 18 Mar 1779 S. Berwick, York Co., Me.; m. Jacob Furbish Jr. 18 Mar 1812 Lisbon, Androscoggin Co., Me.


Hearl, William b. 1614, d. 1691; m. (1) Unknown, m. (2) "Beaton (Hunking) w(id. of) Herculese", and (3) Patience Etherington* aft. 19 Feb 1675/76 Kittery/Berwick, York Co., Me.

Hearl, Mary b. 1680-1690, d. bef. 1623; m. Gabriel Hamilton bef. 1713 prob. York Co., Maine


Hide, Sir John, Knight m. Elizabeth Sudley "...who was daughter of John, Lord Sudley, of co., Gloucester." "NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER", V.71, p. 237, 1917.

Hide, Maud b. abt 1220-1230, "daughter and coheiress of Sir John Hide of the Hide, Sawbridgeworth, co., Herts, Knight, by his wife Elizabeth (Sudley)..." , she m. abt 1248 Thomas Jocelyn. "Maud (Hide) Jocelyn survived her husband, and married secondly Nicholas De Villers." "NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER", V.71, p. 237, 1917.


Hill, Peter, d. 1667; wife not known; Biddeford, Me. bef. Dec 1648, Freeman 1653

Hill, Roger b. abt 1635 (testified age abt. 33y in 1668), d. 1695; m. Sarah Cross; Freeman Biddeford, Me. 1653, Constable there 1661, Freeman Salem, Ma. 1678 (perh. avoiding Indian incursions).

Hill, Mary Mercy d. bet. Aug 1735 & Dec. 1736; m. David Littlefield as his first wife.


Hodsdon, Nicholas b. abt. 1615? Watford, Hertfordshire, Eng., d. 25 Feb 1663/64 Kittery, York Co., Maine; he m. (1) Esther Wines* - 6 children, abt 1639 prob. Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass. He m. (2) "Elizabeth ?Needham/?Wincoll, w(id. of) John - 5 children; aft 25 May 1648, b. 2 Oct 1650; Kittery, Me."

Hodsdon, Benoni b. bef 05 Dec 1647, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass., d. 1718 Berwick, York Co., Me.; m. Abigail Curtis 1670-75 prob. Boston,  he was of Kittery at the time.

Hodsdon, Joseph b. Kittery, York Co., Maine, d. 1764 Maine; m. Margaret Goodwin of Kittery.

Hodsdon, Margaret, b. abt 1710-1715, Prob. York Co., Maine. She m. Gabriel Hamilton III, bef 1729 in York Co., Me..


Hooper, John, b. prob. 1680 or before, m. Charity Kay,  banns 1701/02 Kittery, York Co., Me.

Hooper, William b. aft. 1701/02 prob. Kittery, Me., m. 1743 to Elizabeth ________

Hooper, Elizabeth b. Jul 1760 Wells, York Co., Me., d. 14 Jan 1847 Webster, Androscoggin Co., Me.; m. Jacob Furbish 8 Jan 1778 Berwick, Me.


Howland, Henry of Fen Stanton, Huntingtonshire, Eng.

Howland, John b. abt. 1592 prob. Fen Stanton, Huntingtonshire, Eng., d. 23 Feb. 1672/73 Plymouth, Colony; m. Elizabeth Tilly abt. 1624 Plymouth, Mass. Both were Mayflower passengers.

Howland, Jabez b. abt 1628 Plymouth, Mass., d. In Bristol, R.I.; m. Bethiah Thacher

Howland, Jabez Jr. b. 1669 Duxbury, Mass., d. 7 Oct. 1732 Bristol, R.I.; m. Patience Stafford in R.I.

Howland, Patience, b. 23 Mar. 1716/17 Bristol, R.I., d. ?; m. 1740 or earlier to Capt Samuel Barker.


Huckstepe, Lawrence m. Joan Pope 17 Aug. 1546

Huckstepe, Stephen b. abt. 1557 Kent, Eng., d. 20 Jun 1633; m. Winnifred Hatch 14 Feb. 1583/84

Huckstepe, Lydia b. 11 Feb. 1487/88 Tenterden, Kent, Eng., d. Scituate, Plymouth Colony; m. (1) Nathaniel Tilden abt. 1607, and m. (2) Timothy Hatherby 1642, Scituate, Plymouth Colony.


Huff, Horatio, b. abt 1806 in Maine, d. ?; m. 23 Feb 1828 in Burnham, Waldo Co., Me. to Mehitable Reynolds.

Huff, Betsey E., b. abt 1831 in Burnham, Waldo Co., Me., d. 4 Dec. 1866, Burnham, Me.; m. Gilman H. Reynolds.


Humphreys, Thomas b. 15 July 1660 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Ma.; m. Elizabeth _____ .

Humphreys, Thomas Jr., b. 2 Feb. 1687/88 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. Anna _______

Humphreys, Sarah b. ca. 1720 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. aft 1755; m. Nehemiah Cushing Jr., 18 Feb 1741 prob Hingham, Ma.


Hurst, William of Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng.; m. Rose ______.

Hurst, Joan b. prob. Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng., d. aft 11 Jan 1620/21 Plymouth, Mass., m. John Tilley bef 1607 prob. Henlow. Mayflower


Irish, James b. abt 1690 Oxfordshire, Eng., d. Gorham, Cumberland Co., Me., aged ab. 55y.; m. Elizabeth __________. James arrived Old Falmouth abt. 1711. moved to Gorham abt. 1740

Irish, John b. 13 Apr 1724 Old Falmouth (Portland), Cumberland Co., Me., d. Buckfield, Me.; m. Sarah _____. Was at Louisburg 1745. rcvd grant at Pearsontown (Standish) for svc.

Irish, Abigail b. 24 Dec 1746 Gorham, Cumberland Co., Me., d. 20 Jul 1824 Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me.; m. John Buck int. 8 Feb 1777 Gorham, Me.


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