EDWARD GILMAN was born about 1530 to 1535 in England and died in Caston, Norfolkshire, Eng. He married ROSE RYSSE or RICE on 22 Jun 1555 in Caston, she died on 3 Oct 1613 in Caston.



     EDWARD GILMAN JR. was born in 1559 at Caston, Norfolkshire, Eng. and died in 1631 at Caston. He married MARY HAWES who died on 9 Mar.1617/18 at Caston.



2. Bridget Gilman  was born about 1582 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng. She married Edward Lincoln about 1600 in Hingham, Norfolkshire. He was born in abot 1580 in Swanton Morely, Norfolkshire and died at the age of 60 years on 11 Feb 1640 in England. She was the mother of Thomas Lincoln, Weaver, of Hingham, MA.[5]

3. MARY GILMAN b. Eng., d. 1684 prob. Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. (1) NICHOLAS JACOB  in 1629 Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng. he d. 1657; she m. (2) John Beal 10 Mar 1658/59 prob. Hingham, Mass.

4. Robert Gilman

5. Lawrence Gilman

6. John Gilman.

     EDWARD GILMAN III  b. 1587-88 it is said in Caston, Norfolkshire, Eng. He was baptized in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng. on 20 Apr 1587, and died on 22 June 1655 in Exeter, N.H. Edward married MARY CLARK on 3 Jun 1614 in Hingham, England. She was born about 1590 in England and died on 22 Jun 1681 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. [1] Mary was the daughter of JOHN CLARK and ELIZABETH (_____).

     "Edward, yeoman, with his wife, 3 sons, 2 daus., and 3 servants came to Hingham in 1638. Propr., frm. March 13, 1638-9."[2/187]

"Edward came to Boston 1638 in the Diligent with his wife, three sons, two daughters, and two servants. He was from Hingham, England, where the family is still residing in high esteem. Freeman 13 Mar 1639. He removed to Rehoboth 1643, and to Ipswich soon after, where he was in 1647, and to Exeter after 1652."[4]

"Edward, from Hing. Eng., 'with his wife, 3 sons, and two daughters, and 3 servants, came and settled in this Town of Hingham 1638;' and the same yr. land was granted to him. After remaining here [Hingham, MA] a few yrs. however, he removed to other places, and finally settled at Exeter, N. H., where he passed the remainder of his days. On Oct. 14, 1652, being then of Ipswich, he conveyed his home and land in 'Bachelor's Rowe,' Hingl, which he had previously purchased of Nicholas Jacob, together with other lots of land either granted him by the town or obtained by purchase, to his s.-in-law Daniel Cushing."[1]

They had the following children:

1. Mary Gilman was born about 1615 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng. and was baptized in Hingham, Eng. on 6 Aug 1615.[4] and  died about 1692. She married John Foulsham on 4 Oct 1636 aboard the ship 'Diligent'[1] He was born about 1605 in England and died on 27 Dec. 1681 at Exeter, Rockingham Co., NH.[1]

2. Sarah Gilman was born in 1617 in Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.[1]

3. Edward Gilman IV was born about 1617 in Hingham; was baptized in Hingham on 26 Dec 1617, and  died at sea in 1653[4]  Edward Jr. married Abigail Maverick, daughter of Antipas Maverick, in England. Edward was one of the four young men who were permitted to build a gallery in the first meeting house in Hingham on 11 Mar 1645. This being evidence that while less than 30 years of age he had already achieved success in his life. Edward had removed to Ipswich, Essex Co.,  by 1647, and was in Exeter by 1652. "Whether Abigail was first wife or second is uncertain, probably had a family yet we are not told more than that he was son-in-law of Richard Smith, had Edward, and went for home in 1653 to obtain mill gear, and was lost at sea."[3]

4. LYDIA GILMAN was born in Hingham, Norfolkshire, England and died on 12 Mar.1688/89  at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. She married DANIEL CUSHING on 19 Jan 1644/45 IN Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. as his first wife. He was born on 20 Apr 1619 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng., and died on 3 Dec 1700 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. He was the son of MATTHEW CUSHING and NAZARETH PITCHER.

5. Joshua Gilman was bapt. in 1619 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng.

6, Moses Gilman was bapt in Sep 1619 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng

7. Sarah Gilman was born about 1622 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng and died (ca1622-1700)

8. Lawrence. Born in 1626 in Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.

9. John (ca1626-1708)

10. Jeremy. Born on 11 Mar 1628 in Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.

11. Moses (ca1630-1702)

12. Daniel. Born in 1633 in Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.

13. Elizabeth. Born ca 1634 in Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.


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