Samuel Gould was born in about 1838 in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME according to one of his great grand daughters. He was a Civil War vet and a farmer.

   Samuel Gould was reported by a number of descendants as being "brutish and abusive". At least two of his sons left home as soon as was possible.

     Samuel married Rebecca (Betsey) Scudder Morrison on 18 Aug 1864 Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me. as her second husband. She had married (1) Nathan Morrison and had four children by him. He died in the Civil War. She was the daughter of JOHN SCUDDER and LOIS HAMILTON.

     Samuel and Rebecca were residing in Sherman, ME  in 1880 but had apparently been visiting (or living more likely) in Wisconson in about 1876 as the 1880 census gives the birthplace of their son James as "Wisconson". [15]


  1. Manetta? Gould, b. abt. 1865, probably in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME.

  2. George Gould, b. 14 Apr 1867 Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. m. Hannah Gipson 16 Oct 1880

  3. Sandy Morris Gould, b. 31 Aug 1871 Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME and d. 24 Aug 1949 at Kingman Township, Penobscot Co., ME. He married before 1897 to (1) Bertha Wyman of Winn, Penobscot Co., ME, she died in 1899 in Kingman Township. Two children, Wallace Edward Gould and Edna Gould (d.y.). Sandy married (2) Jennie Humphrey on 08 Sep 1901 in Kingman. She was b. on 12 Feb 1867 in Simonds, New Brunswick, Canada. They had six children: Asa Herbert, Bertha Agnes (d.y.), Margret (d.y.), Etta Raymond (has descendants), John Easty (d.y.), and Samuel Robert (d.y.)

  4. James A. (Jim) Gould, b. 02 Feb 1876 in Wisconson.[1] As an adult left Maine and established a blacksmith shop in Topsfield, MA. He was later joined by his younger brother John Robinson Gould. James later returned to Maine bur John remained in Topsfield and ran the smithy.

  5. Asa O. Gould, b. 25 Jul 1878 in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. and died by drowning at the age of 17.

  6. John Robinson Gould, 29 Jan 1881 in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. As a young adult he left Sherman and joined his brother James in Topsfield, MA. When James left to return to Maine John retained the Blacksmith shop. He worked and operated the smithy until he retired in January of 1974 at the age of 93. He died only a few months later. He married Julia May Wall (daughter of Swedish immigrants Axel Bernard Wall and Ida Johannesdottir Anderson) of Lynn, Massachusetts. They had one daughter who never married.


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