HUMPHREY GRIFFIN, b. abt. 1605, probably in England and d. abt. 1661/1662.[1] He married sometime around 1639 to 1640 to ELIZABETH ANDREWS Ipswich/Gloucester, Essex Co., MA.[2]; she d. 18 Apr. 1670, Haverhill, Essex Co., MA.[1] She was the daughter of ROBERT ANDREWS & ELIZABETH _____.

     In 1639 Humphrey Griffin was in Ipswich where he had apparently applied for permission to inhabit the town in the same status as those individuals previously accepted. The town refused this request by reason of the town "being full".[6] In 1641 Humphrey Griffin purchased the house and land of David Denison which Denison had by a grant from the town of Ipswich in 1635.[6]

   Humphrey was a butcher.

      After Humphrey's death Elizabeth married (2) Hugh Sherrat on 10 Feb 1661/62 in Haverhill, Essex Co., MA and died there on 29 May 1662,  slightly over three months after this second marriage. There is also another date for the death of an Elizabeth Sherat, wife of Hugh and that is 18 Sep 1670 in Haverhill. There is no mention in the Haverhill V.R.'s of a marriage to a second Elizabeth.[V.R. Haverhill 2:470]



2. Nathaniel Griffin, d. aft. 1670; m. 26 Aug. 1671 Elizabeth Ring.[7/2:160]

3. Samuel Griffin, d. aft. 1670

4. Lydia Griffin, d. aft. 1670

5. Elizabeth Griffin, d. Dec. 1677 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA[4/2:539], m. 3 Mar. 1660, Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. Edward Deare. 4/2:197] They apparently had four children in Ipswich. Elizabeth b. 22 Aug 1662, Edward, b. 27 Feb 1664, Mary b. 7 Jan 1669 and Thomas b. 14 Feb 1666.[4/1:114]

     JOHN GRIFFIN, b. abt. 1640/1642, d. 27 Mar. 1688, Bradford, Essex Co., MA[5/316].; He m. LYDIA SHATSWELL 17 Sep 1663 at Haverhill, Essex Co., MA., She b. abt. 1645, d. 21 Dec. 1729 Bradford Essex Co., MA.5/316]; the dau. of THEOPHILUS SHATSWELL & SUSANNAH BOSWORTH. Lydia's grave record is the source of the death date for her above as shown in the published vital records of Bradford. There are also two other dates for Lydia in the Vital records 28 Nov 1729 and 26 Nov. 1729.[5/317]

   He was a selectman[6], a veteran of King Phillips War [9], and was active in the church[6].


1. Lydia, b. 21 Jun 1664 Haverhill, Essex Co., MA[3/1:149].; m. (1) Wm. Knowlton & (2) Mathew Martin Foard or Ford on 25 Mar. 1684 in Bradford, Essex Co., MA.[5/206, 214]. The vital records of Bradford. in the notation for the birth of their daughter Lydia in 168, terms Matthew "a Frenchman" His name is given sometimes as Martin and sometimes as Matthew in the Vital Records.[5] There isn't a single marriage listed for any of the children under any variation of spelling in the Bradford vital records.

2. Theophilus, b. 2 Feb 1665/66 Haverhill, Essex Co., MA., d. 17 Mar 1688/89 in Haverhill.[3/2:411]

3. Elizabeth, b. 14 Oct 1667, Bradford, Essex Co., MA.[5/1:60]; m. Thomas Staples 21 Apr 1694, Haverhill.[5/2:143]

4. HANNAH GRIFFIN, b. 13 Jun 1671, Bradford, Essex Co., MA[5/1:59], d. 9 Oct 1700 Newbury, Essex Co., MA.[8/2:665], m. DANIEL MORRISON.

5. John, b. 13 Jun 1671, Bradford, Essex Co., MA.[5/1:60]; m. Mary _____ .

6. Ebenezer, b. 26 Oct. 1673, Bradford, Essex Co., MA.[5/1:60]

7. Susanna, b. 1 Sep 1675, Bradford Essex Co., MA.[5/1:59], d. 1713-1714 Haverhill, Essex Co., MA; m. ____ Bartlett.[3/2:143]

8. Samuel, b. 27 May 1678, Bradford, Essex Co., MA.[5/1:59]; m. Mary Gage

9. Nathaniel, b. 1680, Bradford, Essex Co., MA.[5/1:60] He is perhaps that Nathaniel who m. Hannah Barker 1709 in Bradford.[5/2:213]

10. Abigail, b. 1684, Bradford, Essex Co., MA.[5/1:59]; m. Daniel Way 10 Jul 1710, Bradford.[5/2:213]


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