WILLIAM HASKELL JR. (Capt. & Deacon), was born before 8 Nov 1618 in Charlton Musgrove, Wincanton, Somersetshire, Eng.[1/225][2/172][3/257], and died on 20 Aug 1693 in Gloucester, Essex Co., MA[2/172][6][7][8].  He was the son of WILLIAM HASKELL SR. and ELINOR/ELLEN FOULE\FOWLE

     He married MARY TIBBITS on  16 Nov 1643 at Gloucester, Essex Co., MA[2/172][9]. Mary was born perhaps in Wales, and died on 24 Aug 1693 in Gloucester, Essex Co., MA[2/172]. She was the dau. of  WALTER TIBBETS of Gloucester, Essex Co., MA.[6].


  1. William Haskell III,
  2. Joseph Haskell,
  3. John Haskell,
  4. Benjamin Haskell,
  5. Ruth Haskell,
  6. Mark Haskell,
  7. MARY (Twin) HASKELL
  8. Sarah (twin) Haskell,
  9. Elinor Haskell,

     MARY HASKELL, b. 28 Jun 1660 Gloucester, Essex Co., MA[9/2:731-32]. She m. EDWARD DODGE, son of RICHARD DODGE and EDITH _____.

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