Descendants of John Heard (1620-1689) and Elizabeth Hull (abt 1628-1706)


Dover, Strafford Co., NH

     JOHN HEARD, birthdate unknown, came from Batcomb, Somersetshire, Eng. and died on 17 Jan 1689 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[] He married ELIZABETH HULL in about 1643 at Oyster River, Strafford Co.[] Elizabeth was born about 1628 in Northleigh, Devonshire, England, and died on 30 Nov 1706, Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[][][][] She was the daughter of  REV. JOSEPH HULL and JOANE (_____). []



2. Katherine Heard, b. abt 1647, probably in York Co., ME, Died young.[]

3.  Mary Heard was born on  26 Jan 1650, probably York, York Co., ME, [][] and died on 7 Dec 1706 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[][] She married Lt. John Ham on 6 May 1668 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[][] He was born in 1649,[] and died before 19 FEb 1728 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[][]

4.  ABIGAIL HEARD was born on 2 Aug 1651, prob. in York Co., ME[][] She married JENKIN JONES.[]

5. Elizabeth Heard was born on 15 Sep 1653, prob. in York Co., ME, [][] and died on 9 Nov. 1705 in Newington, Rockingham Co., NH.[][] She married (1) James Nute Jr. He was born in 1643.[] and died about 1691 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[]. It would appear that they were divorced since James married (2) Mary (_____) aft 1687,[]  while Elizabeth married {2} Lt. William Furbar on 13 Aug 1694 in Dover.[] He was born about 1645-1646 probably in Newington, Rockingham Co., NH.[] and died on 14 Sep 1707 in Newington.[]  William had married as his first wife Esther Starbuck before 1673 in NH. []

6. Hannah Heard was born on 25 Nov 1655, in Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[][] Not named in will of her father, so possibly predeceased him. Hannah married John Nason on 6 Nov. 1674 in Dover.[][][] John was born in 1640, probably in Kittery, York Co., ME, and died in 1719. He was the son of Ens. Richard Nason and Sarah (perh. Baker). He married (2) Bridget Weymouth about 7 Oct. 1687 in Kittery.

7. John Heard Jr was born on 24 Feb 1659 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH,[][] and died after 1684[][] Also not named in the will of his father.[]

8. 8. Joseph Heard was born on 4 Jan 1661 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH, [][] and died in Dover

9. Samuel Heard was born on 4 Aug 1663 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH[][][][] and died before 20 Jul 1696 in Dover.[][][] He married Experience Otis in 1686, probably at Dover. [] She was born on 7 Nov 1666 in Dover, and died on 8 Feb. 1700 in Dover.[] The daughter of Richard Otis and Rose Stoughton. In 1697, during the same Indian attack in which her brother Nicholas was killed, Experience was scalped. She lived for three years but in 1700 she died from her injuries. Experience married (2) (_____) Jenkins before July 1696 in Dover.[]

10. Tristram Heard was born on 4 Mar 1667 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[][][] and died before 3 Jun 1734 in Dover.[][][] He married Abigail (_____).

11. Nathaniel Heard was born on 22 Sep 1668 in Dover,[2][3/p322] and died before 1703 in Dover.[ibid][8/V6 p329] He married Sarah Bushwell. She was born on 22 Nov. 1676 in NH.[] She married William Foss as her second husband on 29 Nov 1700, in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.[] He was born about 1670 in Dover, and died possibly in Dover.

12. Dorcas Heard was born in Dover, and died after 1687.[8/ V6 p329] She married Jabez Garland.[ibid][5]

13. Experience Heard was born in Dover, Strafford Co., NH.[5]

14. Ensign James Heard was born in Dover, and died about 1676 in Dover.[2][8/V7 p48] He married Susannah or perhaps Shuah Starbuck. She married as her second husband Richard Otis in about 1676 [6/ p182] or 1676-1677.[7/p548]  in Dover.

15. William Heard was born in Dover, and died on about 1 Nov 1675 in Dover.[2][8/V7 p48]

     BENJAMIN HEARD was born on 20 or 22  Feb 1643/44 in York Co., ME,[2][3/322][4/V5 p187][5/V2] and died on 22 Jan 1709/10 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA.[5/V2] He married ELIZABETH ROBERTS before 1673. She was born before 1640 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH. She was the daughter of THOMAS ROBERTS and REBECCA HILTON of Dover.[2]



     JAMES HEARD marrired DEBORAH (_____) in 1714.[]



     BENJAMIN HEARD SR m. (1) ANNA DOWNS about 1740.[]



     BENJAMIN HEARD JR was born on 27 Aug.1744 in Dover, NH.  He married MARY ANDREWS. She was the daughter of JOSHUA ANDREWS and OLIVE EMERY.[]


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