WILLIAM HURST was born about 1530, and died before 1571. He resided in Henlow, Bedford, England. married ROSE (_____)



     JOAN HURST was baptized in Henlow, Bedford, England on 13 March 1567/8 and died the first winter at Plymouth, MA. Along with her husband and daughter she was a passenger on the Mayflower.

     Joan married (1) Thomas Rogers by 1592 or early 1593. Thomas died by Sep. 1596. Despite the their identical names this Thomas had no known connection to the Thomas Rogers who arrived on the Mayflower. They had one known child, a daughter, Joan Rogers, who was baptized on  26 May 1594 at Henlow. No further information on this daughter has been found. If still living she would have been about 26 years old when the Mayflower sailed, and quite possibly was married.

     Joan married (2)  JOHN TILLEY  on 20 September 1596 at  Henlow, Bedford, Eng. He was baptized on 19 December 1571 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng., and died before 10 Apr. 1621 at Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. He was the son of  ROBERT TILLEY and ELIZABETH (_____) of Henlow.


1. Rose Tilley was born before 23 Oct 1597 at Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng. Died young.

2. John Tilley Jr was baptized on 26 Aug 1599 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng.

3. Rose Tilley was born in 1601 or 1602 and was baptized on 28 February 1601/02, at Henlow, Bedford, England

4. Robert Tilley was baptized on 25 November 1604 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng.


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