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Jackson, Richard b. Scotland, captured and transported as indentured svt. to New England; m. Miss. Fish of Salem, Essex Co., Mass.

Jackson, Anna b. poss. in Salem, Essex Co., Mass.; m. David Hamilton bef. 1666.


Jacob, Nicholas 1597 Hingham, Co. Norfolk, Eng., d. 5 Jun 1657 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. (1) Unknown, d. bef. 1629, m. (2) Mary Gilman* 1629 Prob. Hingham, Co., Norfolk, Eng. who m. (2) John Beal 10 Mar 1658/59 Hingham, Mass.

Jacob, Elizabeth b. 1632, d. 25 Nov. 1725 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass., m . (1) John Thaxter* 1648., and (2) Daniel Cushing  in March 1690/91.


Jacob, Nicholas - see above

Jacob, Hannah b. bef. 23 Feb. 1639/40 Hingham, Plymouth Colony, d. 30 Oct. 1720 Plympton, Mass.; m. (1) Thomas Loring* 16 Dec. 1657; m. (2) Capt. Stephen French abt 1679.


James, Benjamin, of Calais, Washington Co., Me. Probably born in 1820's or very early 1830's. He m. Sarah Glidden bef. 1851. She b. N.H.

James, Charles F., b. abt 1851, Calais, Washington Co., Me., m. abt 1871 Harriet Knox. They were later divorced. Now heres where it gets kinda hazy. I was told by several older family members that Charles remarried and took his second wifes surname. Strange right? One family member said that he thought the woman's surname was Thibideaux, he didn't really know what spelling was correct, could have been Tibideau or some other variation on the name. At any rate, after this Charles seems to have dropped off the map as far as ancient family memory is concerned, or they just chose to leave it at that.

James, Daisy Mae, 10 Nov. 1872, Calais, Washington Co., Me., d. 15 Nov. 1942 Sherman Mills, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. John Edward Lander.


Jones, Anna m. Jonathan Philbrick before 1764.


Jones, Elizabeth b. England, d. Plymouth Colony; m. Anthony Thacher Apr. 1635 prob. Salisbury, Wilts., Eng.

JOSSELYN - aka Joselyn, Jocelyn

Jocelyn, Sir Gilbert - Wealthy Norman Knt., came with Wm. the Conqueror, & m. the dau. of a Saxon Thane. Settled Lincolnshire, where he held of Gilbert of Gaunt the lordships of Semperingham & Tyrrington. "According to Lodge, Peerage of Ireland, vol. 3, p. 259 (revised edition of 1789), Sir Gilbert Jocelyne was son of Egidius Josselin, a nobleman of Brittany, who crossed into England in the reign of Edward the Confessor, about 1045. the son, Sir Gilbert, born apparently in England, went into Normandy and returned to England with the Conqueror. Evidence to prove these statements seems to be lacking".

Jocelyn, Geoffrey b. abt. 1091, inherited father's lands, his elder bro. having taken holy orders; he m. Miss. de Bisset, dau. of John.

Jocelyn, William m. Oswalda Goushall d. Sir Robt. Goushall, Knt.Notes from New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol 71, p 237.

Jocelyn, Robert m. Miss. Fleming dau. John. Notes from New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol 71, p 237.

Jocelyn, James heir of his father, of co. Essex, married Joan Threckenholm or Throckingholden, daughter of Henry. Notes from New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol 71-236

Jocelyn, Henry Henry Jocelyn, heir of his father, married Jane Chastelin, daughter and heiress of William and Joan (Sulliard). Notes from New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol 71, p 237.

Jocelyn, Ralph "...... living in 1201-2, married Beatrice_____. He held lands in Easton, Co. Northampton, in the reign of King John (note: Harleian MS, 4944, in the British Museum).

Jocelyn, John d. aft 1225-1226 married Katherine Battell, daughter and coheiress of Sir Thomas, Knight, by his wife Elizabeth (de Enfield), who was daughter and heiress of Sir Richard de Enfield , Knight. (note: For pedigrees of these families see PUBLICATIONS OF THE HARLEIAN SOCIETY, vol. 13, p. 227.

Jocelyn, Thomas d. aft. 1277; m. Maud Hide abt. 1248, of Sawbridgeworth, Co., Herts, England.

Jocelyn, Thomas b. abt. 1249, d. abt 1284, of Hide Hall, Sawbridgeworth, Co. Herts, England; m. Alice Liston dau of William

Jocelyn, Ralph b. 1279 Co. Essex, Eng., d. 1313-1323; m. Maud Sutton

Jocelyn, Jeffrey of Sawbridgeworth, Co. Herts, d. 1360-1373 prob. in Sawbridgeworth; m. Margaret Rokell

Jocelyn, Ralph of Sawbridgeworth, Co. Herts, d. abt. 1383 Sawbridgeworth; m. Margaret de Patmer

Joselyn, Jeffrey of Sawbridgeworth, Co. Herts, d. 1425 Sawbridgeworth; m. Katherine Bray.

Josselyn, Jeffrey of Sawbridgeworth, Co. Herts, d. 2 Jan. 1469/70 Sawbridgeworth; m. Katherine _____.

Josselyn, John d. bef. aug 1524 Sheering, Co. Essex, Eng., ; m. Ann _____ (one source "The Jocelyn Family", By Wessler, indicates that her last name was Lavenham).

Josselyn, Ralph b. abt 1475 Great Canfield, Co., Essex, Eng., d. aft 30 May 1525; m. Elizabeth Cornish bef 1503

Josselyn, Ralph b. abt. 1503 Great Canfield, Co. Essex, Eng., d. bef. 1546.

Josselyn, John b. 1525 of Fyfield, Co. Essex, Eng., d. bef. 18 Feb. 1578/79 Roxwell, Co. Essex, Eng.; m. Wid Alice (______) Nevelle 15 Jan 1544/45 Fyfield, Co. Essex, Eng. She d. bef. 31 Jan. 1600/01 Roxwell.

Josselyn, Ralph b. abt 1556 Chignal-Smealy, Co., Essex, Eng., d. bef. 19 Mar 1631/32 Roxwell, Co. Essex, Eng.

Josselyn, Thomas b. 1591-1592 Roswell, Co. Essex, Eng., d. 3 Jan 1660/61, Lancaster, Mass.; m. Rebecca Marlowe abt. 1615 in England.

Josselyn, Abraham b. abt 1619 Hingham, Co., Norfolk, Eng., d. 1670 at sea off Virginia Coast on Ship "Good Fame"; m. Beatrice Hampson abt. 1645 prob. London, Eng.

Josselyn, Henry b. abt. 1652 Prob. Scarborough, Cumberland Co., Maine, d. 30 Oct. 1730 Hanover, Mass.; m. Abigail Stockbridge 4 Nov. 1676 Scituate, Plymouth Colony.

Josselyn, Thomas Dea. b. Sep 1702 Scituate, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 14 Jun 1782 Pembroke, Ma.; m. 1 Jan 1731/32 Anne Stockbridge.

Josselyn, Thomas Jr. b. 1732-1733 Hanover, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 20 jan 1818 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma.; m. 10 Jun 1761 Scituate, Plymouth Co., Ma. to Patience Barker.

Josselyn, Bethiah Thacher b. 10 Jan 1767 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Me., d. aft 1851 when she was mentioned as being 84 years of age in the town records of Buckfield, Me.; she m. Barnabas Perry in 1787 Pembroke, Ma.


Kay, Charity m. John Hooper 1701/1702 Kittery, ME.


Kimball, Hannah, b. 22 Mar 1785 Fryeburg, Oxford Co., Maine; she m. John Abbott Dresser 01 Oct 1810 Lovell, Oxford Co., Me.


FRANCIS KING, of Great Baddow, Essex Eng.

MARGARET KING, b. abt. 1568 Great Baddow, Essex, England and died 01 Sep 1644 Salem, Essex Co., MA. She m. ROBERT PEASE about 1585-1586 in Great Baddow.


Kitson, Alice/Alis, b. Duxbury, Duxbury Co., Ma.; m. WILLIAM REYNOLDS of Plymouth Colony.


Knapp, William b. England; m. Elizabeth Reade 27 Sep 1584 Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England. Watertown, Mass was a one residence. (KNOPP p. 327)

Knapp, Elizabeth, b. bef. 8 Jul 1593 Christening at Bures St. Mary, Suffolk., d. 19 Feb 1664, Hampton, N.H.; m. Thomas Philbrick Sr. (KNOPP p. 327; GDM&N.H., p.545-46)

[NOTE: There is confusion among several sources concerning the Knapp/Knopps of Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H. William Knopp is variously reported as having up to three wives. Two are of concern. (2) Elizabeth Reade/Reed and (3) Judith Tue.

Elizabeth, dau of William Knapp and (2) Elizabeth Reade is reported to have married Thomas Philbrick, while Ann, dau of William Knapp and (3) Judith Tue is reported as having married John Philbrick, son of Thomas Philbrick and Elizabeth Knapp. If this is true then Ann Knapp would have been John Philbrick's half Aunt. Is it possible that this would have been allowed even in that day and age when first cousin marriages were common? Elizabeth Knopp's name is also variously reported in some sources as Ann/Elizabeth indicating that there was uncertainty in her actual name.

The primary source for for my Knapp information is the Lane Memorial Library's Hampton, N.H. Genealogical data base which utilized volume 2 of Joseph Dow's History of Hampton; to that inital data base has been added data from Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939); and in the case of the Knapp/Knopp family a specific source is Stott, Clifford L., "English Origins of William and Judith (Tue) Knopp of Watertown, Massachusetts," (N.H.GR, Oct 1993), pgs. 326-327. the compiler(s) of the data base don't make any comment concerning this case. I don't have first hand access to either of these sources and am unable to form any opinion as to what to believe. The NEHGR article is however the most up to date treatment of the family and in all probablility would be the correct one, having the two earlier sources to consult along with whatever other sources it utilized. ]


Knowles, Richard b. abt 1717-1718 England, d. 10 Jan 1798 aged 80 yrs. Topsham, Me.; m. Mary Orr, 1775 prob. in Brunswick, Cumberland Co., Me.

Knowles, Rebecca, b. ca. 1773 prob. Topsham, Sagadahoc Co., Me., m. William Blair in Topsham 7 Mar 1793.


Knapp, William b. England; m. Elizabeth Reade 27 Sep 1584 Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England. Watertown, Mass was a one residence. (KNOPP p. 327)

Knapp, Elizabeth, b. bef. her 8 Jul 1593 Christening at Bures St. Mary, Suffolk., d. 19 Feb 1664, Hampton, N.H.; m. Thomas Philbrick Sr. (KNOPP p. 327; GDM&N.H., p.545-46)


Knox, Harriet, b. about 1852 in Codyville, Washington Co., Me. She married Charles F. James bef 1872 probably in Codyville Me., they were divorced sometime after 1877.


Lander, John Edward, b. 30 Apr 1869, Calais, Washington Co., Me.; d. 4 Oct 1941, Bangor, Penobscot Co., Me.; m. 10 Jan 1892 in Codyville, Washington Co., Me. to Daisy Mae James.

Lander, William Ambrose, b. 9 Aug. 1893 Codyville, Washington Co., Me.; d. 7 Aug 1975 Cleveland, Bradley Co., Tn.; m. Delia Frankie Dearborn 8 Nov. 1916, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Maine.

Lander, Glen, 07 May 1917 Crystal, Aroostook Co., ME., d. 28 Feb 1996 Cleveland, TN. He m. Constance Twitchell, b. 06 Oct 1921 Rumford, Oxford Co., ME., d. 08 Feb 1991 Cleveland, Bradley Co., TN.

LANGHORNE - UNDER CONSTRUCTION but you can take a look.


Langley, Mary, m. Edward Dearborn.


Lewis, Ann, b. 1724 Falmouth, Mass; m. 15 Oct. 1751 to Thomas Hatch 3rd. Her Parents not yet known.


Littlefield, Francis b. 1565 Exeter, Co. Devon, Eng., d. 21 Oct 1618 Tichfield, Hampshire, Eng.; m. Mary _____ 1598-1604 Litchfield, Hampshire, Eng. She b. 1570 Exeter, Devon & d. 29 Oct. 1605 Tichfield, Hamps..

Littlefield, Edmund b. bef . 27 Jun 1592 (baptized) Tichfield, Hampshire, Eng., d. aft 11 Dec 1661 Wells, York Co., Me.; m. Annis Austin 16 Oct 1615 Tichfield, Hampshire.

Littlefield, Francis (the younger) b. 24 Mar. 1635/36 Tichfield, Hampshire, Eng., d. aft. 6 Feb. 1674/75 (will) Wells, York Co., Me.; m. Meribah Wardwell abt 1655-1661.

Littlefield, David b. abt 1670 Wells, York Co., Me., d. abt 1751 Wells; m. (1) Mary Hill 15 Nov. 1694, Wells, York Co., Maine, m. (2) Hannah Hutchins int. 6 Dec 1746, York Co., Maine.

Littlefield, Eleanor b. approx 1695 to 1700 in Wells, York Co., Me., d. ?; m. 27 Nov 1755 in Wells to Samuel Morrison



Loring, Thomas b. Axminster, Co. Devon, Eng., d. 1 Apr. 1661 Hull, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. Jane Newton 1626 in England

Loring, Thomas b. 1629 England, d. 1679 Hull, Plymouth Colony; m. Hannah Jacob 16 Dec. 1657, she m. (2) Capt Stephen French abt. 1679.

Loring, Hannah b. 9 Aug. 1664 Hingham, Plymouth Colony, d. 30 May 1710 Scituate, Mass.; m. (1) Rev. Jeremiah Cushing* 5 Jun. 1685, he d. Mar. 1705/06; m. (2) John Barker Jr..


Luggie, Elizabeth b. 16__? Scotland; m. Andrews Hamilton


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