JACOB JACOB(S), of Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng in about 1604.[3]



     NICHOLAS JACOB was born about 1604 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng.[3], and died on 5 Jun 1657 Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.[4][5]

   The first wife of Nicholas Jacob is unknown. She died died before 1629. He married (2) MARY GILMAN about 1629, probagly in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng. Mary was born about 1605 in Hingham, Eng. and died in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA on 15 Jun 1681 at the age of 76. who m. (2) John Beal 10 Mar 1658/59 Hingham, MA.[1][2][3] Mary was the daughter of EDWARD GILMAN and MARY HAWES

     Nicholas and his family, consisting at the time of his wife Mary, son John, and daughter Mary, departed from Yarmouth England in early 1633 on the 'Elizabeth Bonaventure', arriving in Boston, MA on 15 June of that year.They went immediately to Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.[6]

[Nicholas,] Immigrant ancestor of the Jacobs, was one of the very few early planters who came to Bare Cove, now Hingham, MA, prior to the arrival of Rev. Peter Hobart and his company in 1636.

According to the Cushing manuscript, "Nicolas Jacob with his wife and two children and their cosen Thomas Lincoln, weaver, came from Old Hingham (England) and settled in this Hingham, 1633." In September, 1635, he had a grant of a house lot at Hingham. He lived at Watertown for a short time before that, however, and owned a homestead which he sold before 1636. In June, 1636, he had granted to him six acre of planting ground upon Weariall Hill, and June 4, 1636, the first of the great lots next to the Weymouth river and a lot of six acres "at the head of the plain next to Edward Gilman, his brother-in-law." He was admitted a freeman in 1635-36; was selectman in 1636; one of the committee of nine to divide Conuhasset in 1640; deputy to the general court in 1648-49; one of the three commissioners to be presented to the general court in 1656. He was honored with various other trusts by his townsmen. He kept an ordinary in Hingham in 1640.[4]

Savage says of him, "Was rep. 1648 and 1649. Usually the descendants of Nicholas reject the final 's', that is, Jacob is preferred to Jacobs".[7]


1.    John Jacob, b. abt. 1630 in England[4]. Baptized on 26 Feb 1630 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng.[3][7], and died in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA on 18 Sep 1693 at the age of 63 years. He was buried in High Street Cemetery in South Hingham[1].

John arrived in New England with his parents in 1633. As an adult he lived on Main Street in South Hingham, close by the meeting house of the second parish in an area of the community called Glad Tidings Plain. He was a sucessful businessman, landowner, and owned both a sawmill and fulling mill. During the period from 1662 to 1689 he was five times a Selectman. He recieved property during divison of the common lands and donated toward the erection of the "new meeting house" one of proprietors among whom the common lands were divided, and contributed generously for the public good, especially toward the errection of the new meeting house.[1][6]

     When he was 23 John married (1) Margery Eames on 20 Oct 1653  in Hingham. She was baptized 5 Dec 1630 in Fordingham, Dorsetshire, Eng. and d. 7 Apr. 1659 in Hingham.daughter of Lieut. Anthony Eames (1590-Jun 1686) & Margery Pierce (ca 1598-), in Hingham, MA.[1]  Born ca 1630. Margery was baptized in Fordingham, Dorset, Eng. on 5 Dec 1630.[6] Margery died in Hingham, MA on 7 Apr 1659; she was 29.[1][2]

2. Mary Jacob was baptized on 11 May 1632 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, Eng.[1], and died after 1683. When she was 17 he married John Otis Jr. on 10 May 1649 in Hingham, MA. He was the son of John Otis Sr. & Margaret (_____).   John Jr. was born abt. 1621 in Glastonbury, Eng. He was baptized in Glastonbury, Eng. on 14 Jan 1622, aged one year.[23],[7]; and died in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA on 16 Jan 1684 at the age of 63.[7] Children: Mary, Mary, James, John, Hannah, Stephen, James, Joseph, Job, Elizabeth.


4. Josiah Jacob (?)

5. Sarah Jacob (?)


7. Deborah Jacob, baptized on 26 Nov 1643 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA, and died in June of 1696 in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA at the age of 53 being buried there of the 17th of June.[6] Deborah married Nathaniel Thomas on 11 Feb 1664 in Hingham, MA. He was born in 1643 in Marshfield, and died in 1718 aged 75.[6] , He was the son of Capt. Nathaniel Thomas & Mary (_____).[3] They had: Nathaniel, Joseph, Deborah, Dorothy, William, Elisha, Joshua, Caleb, Isaac and Mary.[6]

8. Joseph Jacob, b. 01 May 1646, and baptized on 10 May  1646 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.[2], and died in Bristol, RI on 9 Feb 1708 at the age of 61. He was a carpenter.[4] He was made freeman in Hingham. Owning a lot near Great Hill. He had four shares in the land division of 1670. Constable 1685. Removed to Briston in 1643 close after the death of his brother John Jacob.[4] Joseph married Hannah Bosworth in 1670. She was born 30 April 1650 in Hull, Plymouth Co., MA. Chilren: Joseph, Joseph, Benjamin, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Mary. [4]

3.     ELIZABETH JACOB was born in1632, and died on 25 Nov.1725 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA, m . (1) JOHN THAXTER in 1648. He was the son of THOMAS THAXTER and ELIZABETH (_____). Elizabeth married (2) DANIEL CUSHING in March 1690/91.

6.     HANNAH JACOB, baptized on 23 Feb. 1639/40 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA, and d. on 20 Oct. 1720  in Plympton, Plymouth Co., MA at the age of 80 years[1]; She m. (1) THOMAS LORING JR. on 16 Dec. 1657. He was born probably in 1825 in Axminster, Devonsihre, Eng. On 5 March 1626 he was baptized in Axminster.[1] He died at home in Hull, Plymouth Co., MA. in 1699 aged 54.[7][10] He was the son of THOMAS LORING and JANE NEWTON.[1]

Hannah married (2) Capt. Stephen French abt 1679. He was of Dorchester  in 1634, of Weymouth afterwards, d by 29 July 1679.[10]


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