BENJAMIN JAMES was born about 1805 in New Hampshire and died in 1872 in Calais, Washington Co., ME. He married SARAH GLIDDEN before 1832. She was the daughter of JOSEPH W. GLIDDEN and CATHERINE _____ of Carroll Co., NH.

   Benjamin was in Calais by 1831 when he appeared on a deed there selling land to Jonathan Nevans. This property consisted of Lot 19  (on the plan of Calais by Benjamin Ines), and one quarter of another lot which had been sold to Benjamin James by Luther Bracken in his capacity as Constable of Calais. Deed dated 6-1 or 6-3, 1831, recorded 6-10 1831 or 1832. While referenced in this deed, no previous deed for  the property sale by Constable Luther Bracken to Benjamin James has been located. [1]

     Benjamin James appears in the 1840 census in Calais. It shows him between ages 30 and 40.[2] In the 1850 census of Calais Benjamin appeared at age 45 as a laborer, born in New Hampshire, Sarah age 38 born Maine. The two youngest children of the eight listed were Ann E. and Frederick, both aged 1 year and apparently twins.[3] The child Ann E. James doesn't appear on the 1860 census and for now the assumption is made that she was deceased.[4] Her twin Frederick was apparently Charles Frederick James. The three eldest James daughters in 1850 were Martha - 16, Lisa? - 12 and Sarah - 10. All three were gone by 1860.[3][4]

     In the 1860 Census Benjamin is listed as a Farm Laborer, age 58, born New Hampshire and Sarah as 50 or 51 born New Hampshire. Ezekiel at age 28 and a farm laborer is still at home. Horatio, 18, is a mill laborer and Josiah, 16, a day laborer. [Charles] Frederick, 11 is apparently at school, and the two remaining children are Henrietta - 8 and Emerson age 4.[4]

     In 1870 Benjamin, age 70, farmer and Sarah, age 57 were still residing at the same location in the 5th ward of Calais. Two boys were still at home. The youngest, Emmerson - 15, was at school and the other was  hard to read but looks like Ckab F., age 18, mill Laborer. This is undoubtably Charles Frederick but his age should be around 20 or 21 instead of 18.[5/line 11, p. 100]

     Benjamin James died sometime in 1872.

     In 1880 only Sarah and her youngest son Emerson are left at the house. Sarah, age 65 and Emerson, age 25, farm laborer.[6/line22, p.69]


  1. Ezekiel James. Born about 1832 in New Hampshire[3]. He was still living with the family in 1860 at the age of 28 and listed as a farm laborer[4]. He moved out some time after 1860. He was a participant in two deeds during 1850 and 1860, both buying from and selling to Samuel Lamb.[1][7/v.81, p.217] [8/v.81,p.218].

  2. Martha James, b. abt 1836 [3], prob. in Calais, Washington Co., ME. She m. on 26 Dec 1853 to Ezra Scott in Calais.[1][10/p.56]

  3. Lisa/Susan James, b. abt. 1838 [3], prob. in Calais, Washington Co., ME. She was on the 1850 Census in her parents house but gone by 1860[4]. Nothing more is known.

  4. Sarah James, b. abt 1840 [3], prob. Calais, Washington Co., ME. She m. on 30 Sep 1885 Thomas Hill of Calais.[1] [She was not the 1860 Census in her father's household. Where had she gone? Was there an earlier m. than 1885?]


  6. Josiah E. James, b. 9 Nov 1845, Calais (prob.), d. m. Mary E. Glidden, int. filed 8 Apr. 1867, both of Calais.[10/p. 424]

  7. Ann E. James, b. abt. 1849 (twin), did not appear on 1860 Census, presumed to have died young. [3][4][1]

  8. Frederick W. James, b. about 1849, (twin), m. Amanda E. Brown on 18 Jun 1882 in the Baptist Church in Calais.[1][3]


  10. Henrietta James, b. abt 1852 [4], prob. in Calais, Washington Co., ME. She was on the 1860 census in her parent's household but gone by 1870[5].


     CHARLES F.  JAMES, b. abt 1851[5][9] in Calais, Washington Co., ME. He married (1) HARRIET B. KNOX about 1871 in Maine. They later split up. Nothing is known about Harriet's parents or any siblings. Family maintained they were divorced. Harriet is said to have later remarried to an individual surnamed Thibeadu.  Harriet apparently stayed in Washington Co., Maine until her death.

    Charles was said by family to have later married a woman named surnamed Ray and even to have taken her last name. Don't know if Ray was her maiden name or if it came from a previous marriage.

   We do know that in 1906 Charles F. James was living in Jersey City, New Jersey employed as an office worker.[11]



  2. Charles F. James

  3. Benjamin James

     DAISEY MAE JAMES , b. 10 Nov 1872 Calais, Washington Co., ME. She m. JOHN EDWARD LANDER on 10 Jan 1892 in Codyville, Aroostook Co., ME.

U.S. Census, Codyville, Me., 1880.

Charles James age 29

Harriet James age 28

Lizzie M. Age 8

Charles M. age 6

Benjamin, age 1.

Record of a Marriage

No. 2

Groom: Charles F. James

Bride: Ethel G. Bean

Residence of Groom: Jersey City

Residence of Bride: Topsfield, Maine

Age of Groom: 32

Age of Bride: 24

Color of Groom: White

Color of Bride: White

Occupation of Groom: Expressman

Occupation of Bride: Nurse

Birthplace of Groom: Topsfield, Maine

Birthplace of Bride: Topsfield, Maine

No. of Marriage of Groom: First

No. of Marriage of Bride: First

Groom Widowed or Divorced: Single

Bride Widowed or Divorced: Single

Intention Filed: September 12

By Whom Filed: W. B. Hague

Residence: Gorham, Maine

Official Station: Minister of the Gospel

Date of Marriage: September 26, 1906

Place: Topsfield, Maine

Groom's Father and Mother

Father's Name: Charles F. James

Father's Residence: Jersey City

Father's Color: White

Father's Occupation: Office work

Father's Birthplace: Calais, Maine

Mother's Name: Hattie B. Knox

Mother's Residence: Codyville, Maine

Mother's Color: White

Mother's Occupation: Housewife

Mother's Birthplace: Topsfield, Maine

Bride's Father and Mother

Father's Name: Lewis D. Bean

Father's Residence: ------

Father's Color: White

Father's Occupation: Farmer

Father's Birthplace: Topsfield, Maine

Mother's Name: Amanda Kneeland

Mother's Residence: Topsfield, Maine

Mother's Color: White

Mother's Occupation: Housewife

Mother's Birthplace: Topsfield, Maine


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