The Will and Inventory of Richard Longhorne

of Rowley, Essex Co., MA.

Extracted from: The Probate RecordsOf Essex County, MA., 1665-1674, Vol II, pp. 147-151

(See also records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex Co., MA., Vol. 5, (1916), page 13)

"The last will and testament of RICHARD LONGHORNE of Rowley in the county of Essex made Februarie 10.1668. First give to my daughter ELIZABETH a Double portion whom also I constitute and appynt to be the executresse of this my last Will and Testament together with my beloved brother THOMAS LONGHORNE whom also I constitute and appoynt to be the other Executor with my Daughter ELIZABETH and if the sayd Elizabeth shall die without heirs of her owne body my will is that the one half of the Estate given her by this my last Will and Testament be equally divided between my other three daughters. I give unto SAMUEL WOOD my servant the sume of 10 Li. to be payd to him within the space of one yeare after my death and if OBADIAH WOOD the father of the said Samuel shall be willing that his son shall serve out his time untill he comes to the full age of Twenty one years with my brother JOHN JOHNSONof Rowley then my will is that ten pounds more be added and the whole 20 to be payed unto (him) when he hath served out his full time and in case the said Samuell shall die before he hath served out his full time that then no part of the 20 li. be payd unto him butt that 20 li. shall be divided equally amongst my children then living. My will is also that my daught(er) Elizabeth shall have the 20 li. above forementioned over and above her double portion untill it shall be due unto the aforesayed Samuel and if the Sayd Wood shall presently take away his son then 10 li: of the twenty shall be equally divided between my children and then all my estate both of lands houses cattle household stuffe and all my moveables to be divided equally (my debts being first paid) amongst my children, my daughter Elizabeth haveing a double portion as aforesaid lastly I constitute and appoynt JOHN PECKARD, JOHN JOHNSONand JAMES BAILEY (all of Rowley aforesaid) to be overseers to see this my will performed.

No signature

Witness: Anthony Crosbie, Daniell Ela, John Ward.

Proved in Ipswich Court Mar. 30, 1669, by the Witnesses.

"DEPOSITION of Jonathan Platts that going to Haverhill when Richard Longhorne was sick, with John Pickard, he left the latter on this side the river and went over with the daughter of Richard Longhorne to see him and told him his brother Pickard was on the other side. He told Deponent that he was very glad of it, for he had a great desire to speak with him, that he knew not how God might dispose of him and he desired Deponent to come to him again when his brother being with him, and he, having told his mind to his brother Pickard, the latter told Longhorne that he would relate what he said to Deponent for fear of spending him. Concerning his children's disposal, John Pickard said to leave them to the disposal of their Grandmother to which Longhorne replied that he would and also to their two Aunts, and that he would have them advise with Goodwife Bayly who was a good woman, whom he believed loved them Well. This was about three days before he died. John Pickard affirmed the same." Sworn 30.1m; 1669, Ipswich Court.

INVENTORY taken March 24, 1668-9 by John Tod, Ezekiell Northend and Samuell Brockelbanke:

    In Cash & Books, 11 li. 2s. 8d.; 1 Grey searge dublett, 18s.; 1 grey searge paire of britches 8 s.; 1 grey jackett, 12s.; 1 paire of white britches, 16s.; 1 old searge coat, 6s.; 1 old coat, 6s.; three pair of stockings, one red wascoat, one hat, five bands, necke cloathes, one dublet & one pair of drawers, two shirts, one paire of boots, for armes, one bedstead with bed and all ye furniture, trundle bed with all the furniture, one bed with all the furniture, one green rugg, one coverlett, one white blankett, four yds. red cotton, ten yds. of home made cloth, thirteen cushions, twelve pillowbeers, eighteen sheets, childe bed linen, childrens caps, a swath, ribbon, child bed linen, one white wascoat, table clothes, napkins & towells, one cupboard & cupboard cloath, one little cupboard & cupboard cloath, two chests and a trunck, one bedstead & bed with ye furniture, one bed with all the furniture, one bedstead and bed with all the furniture, one bedstead and bed with all the furniture, a parcell of childrens clothes, in brass 6 li. 9s., spoons 6s., peuter, 41i. 18s., tin ware, 4s.; iron ware. old iron, 21i.; spice, conserves, honey with ye pots and boxes, 14s.; tallow & candles, 12s.; a shovell, 3s.;,hogs learth,, 16s.; flax & hemp tear & tow & yarn & cotton woll & yarn, 31i. 15s.; 1 paire of stock cards, 4s.; sieves, 6s.; 2 linen wheels, 8s.; feathers, 2s.; trayes, trenchers & dishes, 9s.; 1 frying pan, 4s.; a cart rope & a halter, 5 s.; a saddle, pillion & bridle, 1 li.; 1 hammer, 2s.; 2 wollen wheels & one paire of scales & a beetle & 2 wedges, 7s.; Barrels, tubs, churnes, pailes & such lumber, 51i.; 1 pair of bellowes, 1 can, 4 s.; tables, formes & chaires, 1 li.; l5 bushels & a 1/2 of wheat with the tubs it was in, 3 li l0s.; rye & rye malt & barly maltt 19 bushels & 1/2 31i. 18s., oats, 2 bushells, 5s.; bacon 2 1i. 3s.; hops, 4s.; 20 bushels of indian corne, 21i. 13s. 4d.; cards & thread, 15s.; baskets, 5s. 6d.; cart, plow, sled, yoks, chain & one sithe, 2 1i. 13s.; 1 horse & 1 mare, 15 1i.; 1 paire of oxen. 131i.; 1 paire steerst ll li., 1 steere, 31i. l0s.; 7 cowes, 261i. 10s.; 1 heifer. 2 1i.; 1 steere, 1 li. 10s.; 2 calves, l li. 8s.; sheep 3 1i; swine, 41i.; 8 swine & 2 piggs, 41i. 5s.; the dwelling house, barn, brewhouse with the orchard and land adjoining 671i.; his halfe of Newmarshes lot with a parcell of land bought of Thomas Abbott adjoining to it with his land lying at cowbridge given as amends to the said Newmarshe's lot, 241i.; 6 acres of gate lands 261i.; 6 gates, 121i.; village land & medow, 301i.; Merrimack land, 401i.; upland in the farme, 101i.; 9 acres & 1/2 of land at the great plain, 51i.; rough marsh at Cow bridge which was bought of Thomas Dickinson and John Scales, 201i.; medow in Satchwell Meadow, 51i.; 3 acres of meadow by Newberry Causway, 101i., salt marsh on the South East side of Mr. Nellson's Island, 101i.;

Total 732 1i. l l s: l d. Estate debtor, 181i. 19s. 6d. Attested in Ipswich Court Mar. 30, 1669 by the executors. (Essex County Probate Files, Docket 16,946)


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