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Marchante, Juliana m. Stukely Westcott, of Providence, R.I.


Marlowe, Rebecca b. 1491-1492 England, d. bef. July 1669 prob. in Lancaster, Mass.; m. Thomas Josselyn. abt. 1615 in England.


Marston, Henry

Marston, Capt. William b. prob. Ormesby, St. Margaret, Norfolk, Eng, d. 30 Jun 1672, Hampton, Rockingham Co., N. H.. He was the son of Henry and came to Salem, Essex Co., Mass. about 1636, later removed to Hampton. William was a Quaker, and he suffered religious persecution both in England and in Hampton."Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire", Noyes, Libby and Davis.; Dow, Hist. of Hampton, N.H.; Marston, Nathan Washington, "The Marston Genealogy,"(1888), pp 6-8; Holman, Mary Lovering, "Marston English Genealogy," (1929), pp. 37-38.

Marston, Prudence of Hampton, N.H.; m. William Swain of Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H..


Metcalf, Sarah, b. 17__, m. as Gabriel Hamilton III as his (3) wife. Her parents unknown. Prob. resided Pownalboro Maine area.


Miles, Nancy, m. Benjamin Huff. abt 1800-1805. Certified copy of death certificate of Franklin Huff.

MOOERS, Mores, Moores


Morrell, Mary b. bef. 1629 England, d. 1704 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass.; m. Peter Folger 1644 in Mass. one undocumented source on the internet indicates she was bapt. 4 Dec. 1629 in Holme, (Could this be Holme-Upon-Spaulding Moor, Yorkshire?). The same source indicates her father was John Morrell.


Morrison, Daniel b. abt 1695 prob in Maine or Mass., d. bef 2 Jan 1757 Wells, York Co., Me.; m. 15 Dec 1715 in Wells to Eleanor Littlefield.

Morrison, Samuel b, 27 Aug 1732 Wells, York Co., Me., d. ?; m. 27 Nov 1755 in Wells to Huldah Stewart.

Morrison, Samuel II, b. 26 Jul 1761 Wells, York Co., Me., d. 13 Sep 1844 New Limerick, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. Margaret Webber 4 Dec 1779 Wells.

Morrison, Samuel III, 14 Mar 1784 Cornish, York Co., Me., d. 7 Jul 1865 Linneus, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. Charity Mudgett 31 May 1810, Linneus.

Morrison, Nathan E., b. 27 Feb 1832 Linneus, Aroostook Co., Me., d. 8 Jun 1862 Hilton Head, S.C.during the Civil War; m. Rebecca Scudder.

Morrison, Delia A., b. 20 Dec 1855, Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me., d. 10 Dec 1897 Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. Albinus Philbrick Perry.


Moulton, William of Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H.; the stepson of William Estow; the servant of Robert Page. Came to N.E. about 1637 and married Margaret Page, dau. of Robert.

Moulton, Joseph b. Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H., d. 19 Dec 1723 prob. Hampton, m. Bethiah Swain 24 May 1677.

Moulton, Bethiah, b. 26 Nov. 1683, Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H., m. Ebenezer Philbrick


Mousall, John b. abt 1595 England, d. 27 Mar 1665 Charlestown, Ct.; m. Eunice _____ bef. 1628, she d. Charlestown, Ct.

Mousall, Eunice b. 1628 Woburn, Mass, d. 1 Jan. 1683/84 Woburn, Mass; m. John Brooks 1 Nov. 1649 Woburn, Mass.


Mudgett, Charity, b. 2 Nov 1784 in Maine, d. 21 Nov 1856 Maine; m. in 1810 Samuel Morrison III


Mullins, William b. 1568 of Dorking, Co. Surry, Eng., d. 21 Feb. 1620/21 Plymouth, Mass.; m. Alice Atwood abt 1595 in England. Mayflower Passenger, He was a tradesman & Shoemaker.

Mullins, Priscilla b. abt. 1602 Dorking, Co. Surry, Eng., d. ____; m. John Alden abt 1621 Plymouth, Mass. Mayflower Passenger.


Myrick, Thomas, b. ca. 1780, of Fairfield, Burnham, Lincoln, Patton and Mt. Chase, Maine; he m. bef 1800 Eunice Emery.

Myrick, Emily C., b. 1824, probably in Burnham, Waldo Co., Me., d. 1 Mar 1864 Sherman Mills, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. Henry Pike Buzzell Jr.


Newton, Jane b. England, d. 25 Aug. 1672 Hull, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. Thomas Loring 1626 England.


Nudd, Sarah, m. Edward Dearborn Jr., bef. 1750.


Odar, Nicholas, perh. b. Isle of Wight, Eng, d. Nantucket, Mass. Wife unknown.

Odar, Anthony b. abt. 1680 +/- Isle of Wight, England, d. 23 Mar 1731/32 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.; m. 10 Mar. 1701/02 on Nantucket to Sarah Folger.

Odar, Elizabeth, b. 16 Sep 1703 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma., d. 22 Apr. 1784 Nantucket; m. 22 Oct 1722 on Nantucket to Jonathan Mooers 3rd.


Orr, Mary, b. ca. 1750-55 in Ireland, d. 9 Nov 1791 in Topsham, Sagadahoc Co., Me.; m. Richard Knowles in 1775


Page, Robert of Ormesby, St. Margaret, Norfolk in 1604. Married Margaret Goodwin.

Page, Robert (Deacon) b. 1604 Ormesby, Norfolk, Eng., d. 22 Sep 1679 Hampton, N.H.; m. Lucy Warde 8 Oct 1629 South Walsham, St. Mary, Norfolk, Eng., 8 ch. (NEHGR v.141, pp. 126-27, v.66, pp. 180-183.; GDM&NH, p. 522)

Page, Margaret b. abt. 1629 England, d. 13 Jul 1699 Hampton, N.H., m. William Moulton, the stepson of William Estow, who had been her father's servant. (NEHGR v.141, pp. 126-27, v.66, pp. 180-183.; GDM&NH, p. 522)


Palmer, William b. England, d. Duxbury, Plymouth Colony; m. Frances _____ .

Palmer, Sarah b. England, d. bef. 17 Oct 1633; m. Henry Rowley as (1) wife prob. bef. 1625


Partridge, William, of Salisbury, Essex Co., MA., m. Ann who d. 10 Jul 1689 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H.

Partridge, Hannah, b. aft. 1738, prob. Salisbury, Essex Co., MA., m. Edward Gove abt. 1660 prob. in Salisbury.


Patrick, William b. abt. 1229

Patrick, Elizabeth - "Hugh de Sutton, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of William Patrick, lord of the moiety of the Barony of Malpas, in the county of Chester..."


Paybodie, John b. Nosely Parish, Leicestershire, England, d. abt. 1666 Duxbury, Mass.; m. Isabel Harper.

Paybodie, William b. 1619-1620 prob Leicestershire, Eng., d. 13 Dec. 1707 Duxbury, Mass.; m. Elizabeth Alden 26 Dec. 1644 Plymouth Colony.

Paybodie, Mary b. 7 Aug. 1648 Plymouth Colony, d. _____; m. Edward Southworth 16 Nov. 1669.


Paynell, Ralph

Paynell, Hawse "Ancestral Roots....", Weis, Fifth Edition, p. 63., "27. John de Somery, m. Hawise, sister of Gervase Paynell and dau. of Ralph. (CP X 320)."



Pease, Robert b. 1589 England, d. 1644; m. Marie _____.

Pease, John, b. 1631, d. 1689; m. Mary Goodale b. 1630, d. 1669.

Pease, Mary b. 8 Oct. 1658, Salem, Essex Co., Ma., m. 1686 in Salem to Electious Reynolds


Perkins, Hannah b. 14 Feb 1655/56 Hampton, N.H., d. 23 May 1739 Hampton; m. Lieut. James Philbrick Jr. 1 Dec 1674 Hampton.


Perry, Thomas of Scituate, Mass in 1647; m. Sarah Stedman

Perry, Henry b. abt 1660 poss. Scituate, Ma., d. bef 01 Mar 1735/36 Pembroke, Mass., m. Mary _____ wid. of Joshu Pratt, on 26 Nov. 1700 Plymouth, Mass., she m. (3) Joseph Stetson.

Perry, Barnabas b. 13 Mar 1706/07 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 1753 Pembroke; m. 30 Mar 1732 in Pembroke to Alice/Elsie Soule

Perry, Diman (aka Dimon, Diamond, etc.), b. abt 1742 Duxbury, Ma., d. aft 1798 Poland, Androscoggin Co., Me.; m. 28 Apr 1763 Pembroke, Ma. to (1) Nabby Cushing; m. (2) 30 Dec 1773 Pembroke, Ma. Susannah Lincoln and (3) 25 Dec 1803 Pembroke, Ma. to Hannah House.

Perry, Barnabas b. 3 Dec 1766, Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 16 Feb 1841 Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me.; m. Bethiah Thacher Josselyn 1787 in Pembroke, Ma.

Perry, Samuel Barker b. 1 Aug 1800, d. 1887, Minot, Androscoggin Co., Me.; m. about 1824 Sarah Philbrick, probably in Buckfield, Me.

Perry, Barnabas Cushing, b. 29 Jun 1829 Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me., d. 31 May 1916, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. Belinda Heath Doble.

Perry, Albinus Philbrick, b. 19 Jul 1857, Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me., d. aft 1900, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me., m. (1) Delia A. Morrison 12 Jul 1879 in Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me.. He m. (2) after 1897, Florence (Fawney) Morgan.

Perry, Flora Belinda, b. 12 Mar. 1880, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me., d. 1921 Sherman, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. (1) Frank H. Dearborn 1897 & (2) Alton Irish 1901.


Philbrick, Thomas b. abt. 1590 prob. Lincolnshire, Eng., d. 8 Oct 1667 Hampton, N.H.; he married Elizabeth Knapp/Knopp abt. 1610 in England. The name Philbrick is said to have been Felbrigge in England (KNOPP, p.327; GDM&N.H., p. 546)

Philbrick, James Sr. b. 1617 Eng, d. 16 Nov. 1674, Hampton, N.H.; m. Anna/Jane Roberts of Dover, N.H. (GDM&N.H., pp.545, 589)

Philbrick, Lieut. James b.13 Jul 1652, Hampton, N.H., d. 4 Nov 1723 Hampton; m. Hannah Perkins, 1 Dec 1674 Hampton. (GDM&N.H., pp.54, 545)

Philbrick, Ebenezer, b. 29 Oct 1683 Hampton, N.H.; m. Bethiah Moulton of Hampton. (GDM&N.H., p.545)

Philbrick, James b. 21 Jun. 1714 Hampton, N.H.; m. Elizabeth Sarah Rand 14 Nov. 1736 in N.H. (HIST.RYE, N.H.-1905; & V.R. RYE-1992, p.23)

Philbrick, Jonathan b. 6 Apr. 1741 Rye, N.H., d. aft Dec 1805 in Buckfield, Me.; m. bef. 1674 Anna Jones. (HIST.RYE, N.H.; & V.R. RYE, p.23; H.Buck. pp. 35, 107, 112, 118-19, 122, 417, 731, 738; A.H. Chadbourne, MPN p. 202)

Philbrick, Enoch b. 11 May 1775 Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me., d. abt 1830 Buckfield; m. Sarah Buck about 1797 in Buckfield.

Philbrick, Sarah, b. 24 Oct 1804, Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me., d. 1865 Minot, Androscoggin Co., Me.; m. Samuel Barker Perry


Pike, Martha b. 1768, d. 1848 prob. N. H.; resided N. H. with her husband Jonathan Buzzell whom she m. 1787. He d. prob. Strafford Co., N. H.


Pitcher (perh. Henry)

Pitcher, Nazareth b. abt. 1586 England, d. 6 Jan. 1681/82 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass.; m. 15 Aug. Matthew Cushing 1613 in England.


Pope, Joan m. Lawrence Huckstepe 17 Aug. 1546


Pratt, Ebenezer of Framingham, Middlesex Co., Mass., m. Mary Flagg bef. Nov 1693.

Pratt, Sarah b. 7 Nov. 1693 Sherborn, Middlesex Co., Mass., d. 29 Jan. 1774 Sherborn; m. Ebenezer Twitchell 3 Dec. 1717 Sherborn, Mass.


Pray, Quinton b. abt. 1595 Yorkshire, Eng., d. 17 Jun 1667 Saugus, Mass; m. Joan _____ bef. 1630.

Pray, John b. abt. 1632, d. bef. 31 Oct. 1676 Saugus, Mass.; m. 7 May 1657 Joanna Downham; She m. (2) Daniel Livingstone bef. 1680.

Pray, Dorothy b. abt 1668 in Braintree, Mass; m. abt 1689 in Kittery, York Co., Me. to Daniel Furbish.


Preble, Abraham b. 1603 in England, d. 23 Jan 1662/63 York, York Co., Me.; m. Judith Tilden abt. 1641.

Preble, Sarah b. abt 1659, d. 28 Oct. 1624. Unmarried, the father of her son Zebulon not known.


Preble, Zebulon b. (out of wedlock and took mother Sarah's surname) ; m. Hannah Welch.

Preble, Sarah b. 20 Oct 1713; m. (1) William Furbish* bef. 1733 and (2) Daniel Holmes 8 Dec 1760


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