THOMAS MARSTON, of Bastwick, Norfolkshire England in 1465.[3/31-32] Wife's name unknown.[3/31]



     ROBERT MARSTON SR was born about 1645 in Bastwick, Norfolkshire, Eng. and died in 1514 in Bastwick.  He married MARGARET (_____) about 1490. [3/31-32]



     THOMAS MARSTON was born about 1495 in Bastwick, Norfolkshire, Eng. His will was dated 17 Apr. 1548 and  probated 27 Mar 1549. He married ALICE (_____) about 1525. Alice died after 10 jan 1586 and before 11 July 1587. Lovering states that Thomas was the common ancestor of the Marstons of Hampton, NH  and Salem, MA.[3/32]



     HENRY MARSTON was born about 1540 in Ormesby, St. Margaret, Norfolkshire, England and died before 1603. He married about 1575 to an unknown wife.[3/34]



     CAPT. WILLIAM MARSTON  SR. was born about 1592, [3/34][4] probably at Ormesby, St. Margaret, Norfolk, Eng,  and died on 30 Jun 1672 at  Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.[4]  Another source indicates that by tradition he was born in Yorkshire.[6/6] He was the son of Henry Marston and came to Salem, Essex Co., Mass. about 1636,[2] alternate date1634[6/6], with his family. He had a grant of land there in 1636, but soon after was in Newbury, Essex Co., MA for a short time. In October of 1638 he removed with 55 other settlers to Winnecumet (Hampton).[6/6]

     Nathan W. Marston said of him:

"He was a kind hearted, benevolent, and godly man, and was a member of the Quaker or Friends, church, and suffered persecutions for his religious tenets. He often harbored and aided his distressed and persecuted brethren, for which Christian deeds he was robbed by exorbitant fines by the zealous and bigoted courts".[6/6]

     The identity of William Marston's first wife isn't known. They married in England and had several children there prior to coming to New England. She seems to have been living as late as 1651[4], or even 1660.[6/6] William married (2) Sabina or Sabrina Page and they had one child.[1][2][4] N.W. Marston places their date of marriage in about 1662 when William was about 70 years of age.[6/6] Sabina survived him. She was executrix of his will. She later married (2) John Redman.[4] N.W. Marston also gives Sabrina's parents as Robert Page and Lucia (Warde) although she hasn't been listed as such in the other sources I've seen.[6/6]. If so this would make his second wife the sister of Rebecca Page who married his son William Jr. It is possible that he had this marriage confused with that of William Jr.

     William had land granted to him in Hampton on 30 Jun 1640,[2][4] and probably had a house lot assigned earlier than that date.[4]

CHILDREN of (1) marriage:

1. Thomas Marston was born about 1615 in Ormesby, Norfolkshire, and died on 28 Sep 1690 in Hampton, NH. He married Mary Eastow in Hampton.

  1. CHILDREN:[1][2]

  2. Isaac Marston

  3. John Marston

  4. Bethiah Marston

  5. Ephraim Marston

  6. James Marston

  7. Caleb Marston

  8. Mary Marston

  9. Sarah Marston


3. John Marston, born prob. in Eng. and died on 02 Apr 1708 in Andover, Essex Co., MA. He married Martha (_____). John probably removed to Andover after the birth of their son Joseph.

  1. CHILDREN:[1/460][2]

  2. Mary Marston

  3. Jacob Marston

  4. Sarah Marston

  5. Joseph Marston

  6. John Marston

  7. Hannah Marston

  8. Ephraim Marston

  9. Benjamin Marston

  10. Martha Marston

  11. Bethiah Marston

4. William Marston Jr., was born about 1621 in Ormesby, Norfolkshire, Eng. He married Rebecca Page on 15 Oct 1652 in Hampton, NH. Rebecca was born about 1636; baptized on 1 Sep 1639 in Salem, Essex Co., MA, and died on 27 May 1673 in Hampton, NH. She was the daughter of ROBERT PAGE and LUCY WARDE.

He m. (2) ANNA ROBERTS PHILBRICK, 5 Jul 1675, Hampton, N.H., the widow of JAMES PHILBRICK. She was born in 1839 in Dover, Strafford Co., NH, and died after 1693 in Hampton, NH. She was the daughter of THOMAS ROBERTS and REBECCA (HILTON?).  Anna was the mother of Joseph Philbrick who married his half sister Tryphena Marston.[1][2] William was a selectman in Hampton in the years 1668, 1676-77, 1682 & 1693.[5/V.141 p126-7; v.66, p180-83][1/462, 522]

  1. CHILDREN of William Marston Jr. and (1) Rebecca Page:

  2. Rebecca Marston

  3. Hannah Marston

  4. Mary Marston

  5. Samuel Marston Sr.

  6. Lucy Marston

  7. William Marston III

  8. Maria Marston

CHILD of William Marston Sr.  and (2) Sabina Page:

5. Tryphena Marston was born on 28 Dec 1663 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH She married Joseph Philbrick. He was born on 1 Oct. 1663 at  Hampton, N.H., and died on 17 Nov 1755 in  Hampton He was the son of JAMES PHILBRICK and ANNA ROBERTS.


  2. Joseph Philbrick Jr.

  3. Joseph Philbrick Jr.

  4. Zachariah Philbrick

  5. Sabina Philbrick

  6. Ann Philbrick

  7. Ephraim Philbrick

  8. Hester Philbrick

  9. Phebe Philbrick

  10. Joses Philbrick

  11. Elizabeth Philbrick

     PRUDENCE MARSTON was probably born in England before 1634 and died Hampton, NH. She married WILLIAM SWAINE of Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH. before 1652. He was born about 1619 in England and resided in Hampton, NH. He died at sea on 20 Oct. 1657 while sailing from Hampton to Boston.[1/669] Seven others of Hampton were also lost when this ship either capsized or foundered. Three men, two women and two children. These included John Philbrick and his wife Ann Knapp and their daughter Sarah. John Philbrick was the uncle of James Philbrick Jr. who was married to Prudence's half sister Tryphena.[2] Also among the dead were Ann Cox, the wife of Moses Cox Sr and John Cox, their son.

   William Swaine was the son of RICHARD SWAINE and BASSELLE (_____).[1] At the age of 16 he had sailed from London on the 'Rebecca" in the company of his brother Francis. They arrived in Boston in the Bay Colony on 8 June 1635.[1/669][2].

     Prudence was her father's principal heir. She and her husband moved onto part of the homestead. The property was still owned by a fifth generation descendant of theirs in 1892.[1]


  2. Elizabeth Swaine

  3. Elizabeth Swaine


  5. Hannah Swaine

  6. Hezekiah Swaine

  7. Noah Swaine

  8. Prudence Swaine

  9. William Swaine

     After the death of William Prudence married as her second husband Moses Cox Sr., on 16 Jun.  1658 in Hampton[1] His wife and son had drowned in the same shipwreck that had taken the life of her first husband William Swaine Sr.

CHILD  of Prudence and (2) Moses Cox Sr:

     10. Leah COX


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