Descendants of Edmund Morse

of Newbury, Essex Co., Massachussets

Updated 1 June 1998

1. EDMUND MOOERS, b. abt 1614 Eng., d. 19 Apr 1699 Newbury, Essex Co., Ma., m. Ann _____ abt 1637, she d. 7/17 Jun. 1676 also in Newbury.

Edmund, in 1640 at the age of 26, was a proprietor in Newbury, Mass. On 18 Oct 1646 The Probate Court of Mass. approved his petition that "upon condition of the payment of the sum agreed upon to the executors and overseers of John Lowle, deceased, as guardians to the children, the inheritance of the lands sold to him (Edmund) to be confirmed....".

The next two items are apparently connected to the estate of a couple surnamed Goodridge and the administration of that estate and its proceeds by a man named John Hull for the Goodridge Children. It is a litle confusing because apparently Goodridge and his wife were still alive at the time the documents were drawn up. Two men in addition to Edmund Moors posted bonds to John Hull in connection with a farm and Benjamin, Jerimy, and Joseph Goodridge. John Hull is referred to as "Father-in-law", to these three boys. Perhaps in a court appointed capacity. In 1664 Joseph Goodridge married Martha, eldest child of Edmund Moores.

"Bond of Edmond Mores of Newbury, Husbandman, for 200 li., to John Hull of Newbury, Yeoman, to pay him 20li. 12s. 6d. yearly, during live, in one beast, three firkins of butter and the remainder in half wheat and half mault. If he (John Hull) die before his wife, Margarett, (Edmund) to pay her yearly, 8li. during her life, in one firkin of butter and the rest in half wheat and half mault. But if she should require the thirds of the farm then this to be void. Signed and sealed July 1, 1661."

"Bond of Edmond Mores of Newbury, husbandman, for 200li. to John Goodridge at 21 years of age, and 5li. more in like pay as a gift from his father-in-law, John Hull one year after his youngest brother's portion is due; and to Joseph Goodridge 10li in like pay at twenty one as above, and after the death of his father and mother 15li. more; and to Benjamyn Goodridge at twenty-one, three cows, two steers and after the death of his father and mother 5li. more. Signed and sealed July 1, 1661."

On 20 Dec. 1677 Edmund deeded land to his son Edmund with the consent of his son Jonathan.


1. Edmund Moores (eldest son), b. Newbury, Ma.; m. 2 Jan 1676 Sarah Cooper. They resided Newbury, had children (all b. Newbury) : Edmund b. 05 Dec 1678, Sarah b. 09 Dec 1681, Mark b. 09 Feb 1688/89, Martha b. 20 Aug 1691.

3. Martha Moores, b. 12 Dec 1643, Newbury, Ma.; m. Joseph Goodridge 28 Aug 1664 Newbury.


5. Mary Moores, b. 30 Nov 1648, Newbury, Ma.; m. Caleb Boynton 24 Jun 1672 Newbury, Ma.

6. Richard Moores, b. 3 Nov 1653, Newbury, Ma. Nothing more, poss. d. y.

NOTE: these next two apparently twins born on both sides of midnight.

7. Sarah Moores, b. 1 Apr 1661, Newbury, Ma. Nothing more, poss. d. y.

8. Hannah Moores, b. 2 Apr 1661, Newbury, Ma., d. 25 Mar 1665, Newbury


4. JONATHAN MOOERS Sr., b. 23 Apr 1646 Newbury, Ma., d. 1693 Newbury, Ma.; m. Constance Langhorne/Longhorne10 May 16__? Rowley, Ma., she b. Sep. 1652 Rowley and d. 1714 Newbury, the dau. of Richard Langhorne and Mary Crosby of Rowley, Ma. On 20 Dec. 1677 Jonathan consented to the deeding of land by his father, Edmund Sr., to his brother, Edmund Jr.

"Jonathan, Newbury, s. of first Edmund, m. as Coffin says, 10 May 1670 (1680), Constance Langhorne, had Jonathan, b. 3 Apr; 1681; Richard, 24 July 1683; Samuel, 20 Feb. 1686; Thomas, 6 Nov. 1688; and Dorothy, 8 Dec. 1690." [Savage]

I have been told, but have never seen any documentation that Jonathan was Lieutenant in the British Colonial Army and during King Phillip's War was in command of Fort Watagodock (wherever that was). This is something I am still trying to find documents and sources on.



10. Richard Moores, b. 24 Jul 1683 Newbury, Ma.

11. Samuel Moores, b. 20 Feb, 1686 Newbury, Ma.

12. Thomas Moores, b. 6 Nov 1688 Newbury, Ma.

13. Dorothy Moores, b. 8 Dec. 1690 Newbury, Ma.


9. JONATHAN MOORES Jr., b. 3 Apr 1681 Newbury, Essex Co., Ma., m. 14 Aug 1701 ELIZABETH WOODWARD aka WOODHEAD, dau. of William Woodward/Woodhead and Mary Browne of Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Ma. Elizabeth was b. 28 Dec. 1674 in Chelmsford.



15. Sarah Mooers, b. 15 May 1707, Newbury, Ma.

15. Richard Mooers


14. JONATHAN MOORES III, b. 27 Jul 1702, Newbury, Ma., d. 8 Apr. 1740 Nantucket; m. 11 Oct 1722 Nantucket to ELIZABETH ODAR the daughter of ANTHONY ODAR and SARAH FOLGER of Nantucket. Elizabeth was born 16 Dec 1703 Nantucket and d. 22 Apr. 1784 Nantucket. At this point my records concerning the family consist only of entrys in the Vital Records of Nantucket . Hopefully something of a biographical nature will turn up eventually.


16. Elizabeth Mooers, b. 27 July 1723, Nantucket; m. 9 Dec 1741 Daniel Coleman of Nantucket, son of Solomon Coleman and Deliverance Swett of Nantucket.

17. Jonathan Mooers IV, b. 12 Jun 1725 Nantucket; m. (1) 27 Jan 1746 Mary Watson of Nantucket the dau. of Robert Watson and Jane Bunker. She d. 6 Jan 1780 Nantucket. Jonathan m. (2) _________.

18. William Mooers, b. 3 Man 1727 Nantucket, d. 12 Dec. 1740 Nantucket.

19. Mary Mooers, b. 11 Apr. 1729 Nantucket; m. Simon Ellis 10 Dec 1747, the son of Ebenezer Ellis and Charity Swain. Child: Mary Ellis b. 15 Oct 1748.

20. Sarah Mooers, b. 27 Jun. 1731 Nantucket; m. Francis Ellis Int. 19 Feb. 1757, the son of Ebenezer Ellis and Charity Swain.

21. Abigail Mooers, b. 27 Jun 1731 Nantucket, d. 1757; m. Benjamin Clark Jr. int. 29 Apr. 1750 Nantucket, the son of Benjamin Clark Sr.


23. Hepzibah Mooers, b. 31 Mar. 1736; m. Humphrey Harris int. 17 Jul 1758. He b. abt 1735 of Sandwich, Ma.

24. Francis Mooers, b. 28 Sep 1738 Nantucket; m. Mercy Cottle int. 2 Sep. 1758. She b. Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard and d. 1787 Nantucket. she d. James Cottle and Thankful Norton.

25. Abiel Mooers, b. 2 Dec. 1740 Nantucket; m. Ebenezer Rogers int. 26 Dec. 1761 Nantucket.


1. "The Vital Records Of Nantucket", vols 1-5. [note. Because of time constraints I wasn't able to study the Nantucket V. R.'s as thoroughly as was needed and there are undoubtedly a number of children not listed.

22. THOMAS MOOERS, b. 20 Dec. 1733 Nantucket, Nanntucket Co., Ma., lost at sea returning from a fishing trip to the Grand Banks; he m. SUSANNAH CATHCART, dau. of Hugh Cathcart and Diana Swain of Nantucket, She was b. 1735 Nantucket and d. 25 Apr 1809 Nantucket.

Thomas is said to have been a Quaker and to have resided both on Nantucket and Bristol Co., Ma.


26. Unknown Mooers


28. Rebecca Mooers

29. Tristram Mooers

30. Abigail Mooers

31. John Mooers


27. DAVID MOOERS, born 1762 Nantucket, Ma., died 30 Jan. 1847, Pittston, Lincoln Co., Me. He was the son of Thomas Mooers of Nantucket and Susannah Cathcart of Nantucket.

David married MAREBAH HATCH, of Falmouth, Barnstable Co., MA. Their intention to marry was published in Falmouth  as, "Meribah Hatch and David (Daniel int.) Moors of Pownalborough, 22 Jan 1781", V.R. Falmouth, pg. 176. The exact date of their marriage isn't known but one date that has been given is 22 Jan 1784. This date seems  a little late considering the date of their intention. Marebah The daughter of Thomas Hatch and Ann Lewis. Marebah was his second cousin through the Cathcarts.

On 12 July 1775 at the age of thirteen, David enlisted as a Fifer in Capt. John Grannis's Company, Col. Bassett's Regiment of the Mass. Militia and served until 31 Dec. 1775. The company was stationed at the Elizabeth Islands between Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod. He was a private in John Grannis's Co., and 13 Feb. 1776 to 29 Feb. 1776. The company Roll was sworn to in Dukes County and endorsed "Tarpaulin Cove". He was a private in the same company from 1 March 1776 to 1 June 1776 "in defense of the seacost". The Roll was again dated "Tarpaulin Cove".

David was a Revolutionary War Pensioner with his branch of service listed as the U.S. Marines (Pension Certificate #5960 by Act Of 1818, Portland, Maine Agency) . He is reputed to have served as a Topsail Gunner on the USS Warren, a 32 gun Frigate, built in Providence, Rhode Island. He served his enlistment on the Warren while she was blockaded by the British Fleet in Providence and left her when his time expired. While I haven't been able to fully document this, the documentation so far seems to indicate that it could be true. David had a strong connection to the Warren through his commander in the militia, Capt. John Grannis.

John Grannis was a native of North Haven, Conn. He enlisted in the Revolution on 25 June 1775, serving in the Elizabeth Islands for six months and 22 Days. He was commissioned a Captain in the 3rd Company, Seacoast Defense, for the State of Massachusetts, and served in the Elizabeth Islands and Martha's Vineyard for 7 months, and 4 days, beginning 1 Jan. 1776.

On 14 June 1776 Capt. John Grannis was selected by the Rhode Island Committee and approved as Capt. of Marines for the USS Warren, being built in conjunction with the Providence, a 28 Gun Frigate, by Rhode Island. The Warren was launched on 15 May 1776 at Warren, Rhode Island. As part of his duties as a Capt. of Marines Grannis was to enlist 40 "good men...". He apparently acted in a dual capacity for a period of time, for on 18 June 1776, he was still serving in the Elizabeth Islands, having delivered there a prominent Tory. Furthermore it was not until 1 July 1776 that the Marine Committe recommended him as a Captain of the Marines for the Warren. His service allegiance was not settled for several months. When the Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay finally agreed to his relief from its duty, it would not consent to Grannis enlisting his Marine complement from the ranks of the Massachusetts Troops. Since David Mooer's last service with the Massachusetts Militia ended on 1 June 1776, he would have been free to enlist and serve under the man who had until several weeks before been his commanding officer. Grannis was replaced as Captain of Marines on the Warren in November 1777.

David was listed as being of Waldoboro, that is, Waldoboro, Lincoln Co., ME. when his intention to marry was published in Falmouth. This would place him in Maine by that date. In all probability the marriage of David and Meribah followed fairly closely upon the publishing of their intentions. While it isn't known exactly when they went to Maine, ne of their sons was born there in 1784 according to the 1850 Census. They settled in Pittston but possibly that was preceeded by a stay in Waldoboro.

In 1790 the U.S. Census reports David as having one male in his household over the age of 16, four males under the age of 16, and three females.


32. Tristram Mooers b. 12 Dec. 1781, prob. Nantucket. Vital Records of Pittston, died 19 Feb 1862, Pittston, Lincoln Co., Me. On 07 Nov 1805 he m. Susannah Marson, b. 1788, d. 02 Aug 1827 Pittston, Lincoln Co. Me., She was buried in the Mooers Burial Lot on Wiscasset, Road. Susannah was the daughter of Samuel Marson & Jennet Miller. Vital Records of Pittston, Me., p.103, 244, 349


34. David Mooers, s. David & Marabah was b. 16 Mar. 1786 in Pittston, Lincoln Co., Me. He. married Dolly Jakins, the dau. of Christopher Jakins. The marriage date could be either March or April 1808

35. James Mooers b. 21 Jun 1788 Pittston, Me. He m. Olive Taylor of Yarmouth, Me. on 2 Jul 1810. They had Ansel, b. 18 Mar. 1813, Pittston, Alonzo b. 2 Jan 1815, Sarah b. 15 Jan 1816, and perhaps more. See Vital Records of Pittston, Me., pp, 103, 224.

36. Anna Mooers, b. 22 Jul 1790, Pittston, and d. 13 Apr 1795, Pittston. V.R. Of Pittston, Me., p. 103,

37. Sarah Mooers, b. 11 Sep 1791, Pittston, and d. 04 Jul 1795, Pittston.V.R. Of Pittston, Maine, p. 103,

38. William Mooers, b. 12 Dec 1793, Pittston, VR of Pittston, Maine, p. 104

39. Robert Mooers, b. 29 Jan 1796, Pittston, Me. . V.R. Of Pittston, Me., p. 103 (Birth)

40. Susannah, Mooers, b. 02 Jun 1799. V.R. of Pittston, Me., p. 103

41. John D. Mooers, b. 03 Aug 1801, Pittston, m. Emeline Jackson 25 Dec 1822 in Pittston, she b. 20 Mar 1805 Pittston, d. 28 Aug 1875 aet. 71 years, Pittston. The dau. of Benjamin T. Jackson & Charlotte Marson. See Vital Records of Pittston, Me., pp, 103, 122, 224 for John, & See Vital Records of Pittston, Me., pp, 77, 224 for Emeline. They had Abner T. Mooers, b. 02 Jun 1824, and perhaps others.


33. THOMAS MOOERS was born 1 March 1784 in Pittston, Maine. He died 8 Jan. 1864 in Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Me. On 1 Dec or 1 Jan 1807 he married MARY ATKINS, the daughter of Joseph Clark Atkins and Jane Todd Blair of South Gardiner, Kenebec Co., Me. Jane was born 27 Oct 1788 in South Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Me.Thomas moved from Pittston to South Gardiner and settled on Capen Road about a mile from where his father-in-law Joseph Clark Atkins had his farm.

The 1850 census of Gardiner lists Thomas Mooers, 65, farmer, born Maine. if the last is correct then his parents arrived in Pittston, Maine prior to 1784, rather than 1787 as is indicated by another source. Living with him at the time of the Census were Mary Mooers age 63, and Lovina Mooers age 5. Their house was the second dwelling visited after that of Joseph Clark Atkins Jr. who was then living in the house and working the farm of his father Joseph Clark Atkins.



43. Susannah Mooers, b. 23 Jul 1810 Pittston, Lincoln Co., Me., m. 24 Oct 1831 in Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Me, Thomas Blair Jr. "Vital Records of Gardiner, Maine to the year 1892", Births, p. 127-129, Gardiner, 1914

44. Capt. Reuben Mooers, b. 15 Oct 1813 Pittston, Lincoln Co., Me. He m. Mary Elizabeth Higgins. Capt. Reuben Mooers, was master of ship WANDERER in 1850 which cleared Portland, Maine for Cardenas on 16 May; the Brig NEBRASKA in 1854, 310 tons, Trufant and Drummod, owners, Bath built and registered; Also of the MISSOURI in 1859. He Built and owned the 80 ton Schooner BETSEY, Charles Porter Master, Boston registry. Sources: 1. "Vital Records of Gardiner, Maine to the year 1892", Births, p. 127-129, Gardiner, 1914; 2. Records - Bath Marine Museum, Bath, Cumberland Co., Me.

45. Capt. Tristram Mooers, b. 15 Nov 1815 Pittston, Lincoln Co., Me. He m. Lucy T. Keaton, b. 10 Jan 1805 Pittston, d. 11 Sep 1872 Pittston and was buried in the Mooers burial Lot, Wiscasset Road, Pittston. She was the dau. of Thomas and Lucy Keaton. They had at least one child, Frederick Clifford Mooers, b. 18 May 1846, Pittston. "Vital Records of Gardiner, Maine to the year 1892", Births, p. 127-129; 1914, "this from Records Christ Church, Episc., Gardiner"; "Vital Records of Pittston, Maine", p. 103

46. Lewis Mooers, b. 23 Jun 1817, Pittston, d. 27 Mar 1857 at sea on passage from Shanghai to Manila on the ship Eagle out of New York. He m. Mary Adeline Sawyer b. Dresden, Me. in Gardiner, Me. on 03 Aug 1854. Lewis Mooers is buried Mt. Hope Cen, South Gardiner, Me. "Vital Records of Gardiner, Maine to the year 1892", Births, p. 127-129, Gardiner, 1914.

47. Lovina Mooers, b. 24 Sep 1821 South Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Me., d. 09 Feb 1845 Prob. Dresden, age 23 Years, 6 mos., bur. Gardiner, Me. On 03 Nov 1840 in S. Gardiner she married Willard W. Walker as his 1st wife. He was born in Liberty, Maine and resided in Dresden. He was a fisherman and a farmer, a selectman 1878-79, and a State Representative from Dresden in 1861.. He married (2) Susan R. Densmore, and (3) Sarah E. Pushard. "Vital Records of Gardiner, Maine to the year 1892", Births, p. 127-129, Gardiner, 1914; "History of Dresden Maine."

48. Mary Mooers, b. 07 Jun 1824 S. Gardiner, Me., she m. 13 Oct 1842 Rev. John Orr.

49. Abigail Mooers, b. 12 Feb 1827 S. Gardiner, Me. She m. Eugene Lehman of S. Gardiner, Me. They had Clarence M. Lehman, b. 17 Mar 1849 in Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Me, and Eugene E. Lehman, b. 13 Mar 1852 in Bath, Cumberland Co., Me.

50. Warren Mooers, b. 15 Mar 1829 S. Gardiner, Me., and d. 13 Feb 1832, S. Gardiner, Me. Buried River Road Cem, South Gardiner, Me. "Vital Records of Gardiner, Maine to the year 1892", Births, p. 127-129, Gardiner, 1914


42. CAPT. THOMAS MOOERS JR., was born 27 June 1808 in Pittston, Maine, died 13 July 1866, in South Gardiner, Maine. He married MARY ANN FURBUSH/FURBISH of Webster, now Sabattus, Maine on 4 Oct. 1835. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. James Emmerson Esq. She was born in Webster on 28 Aug 1816, and died in Gardiner on 20 March 1907. Both Thomas and Mary Ann are buried in the River Road Cemetery in South Gardiner, Me. (see Furbish line for ancestry of Mary Ann).

In common with two of his brothers Thomas Mooers Jr. was a Master Mariner. From at least 1844 to 1850 he lived in Georgetown, then Phipsburg, Maine, on the Sagadahoc River below Bath, Maine. This was apparently during the time that he was a ships officer. In 1850 he was Captain of the Ship "Remittance". Wallace Atkins was in possession of the ship's Bible that Thomas used during the time that he was Captain of this ship.

A photograph of Thomas Mooers Jr. taken later in his life shows a very stout man with flamboyant muttonchop sideburns and medium-long black or dark brown hair, thinning on top. His countennance is severe though that seems to have been the required expression for studio portraits of that era. All in all his picture presents a stern and imposing man, whom one can easily imagine as Captain, standing four-square and solid on the quarterdeck of his sailing ship.

A Newspaper Clipping from the Bible of Sarah (Atkins) Annis,a grand daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann reads:

"The funeral service of Mrs. Mary Ann Mooers, who died Wednesday, aged 90 years, was held at 1 P.M. Sunday from the home of George Oliver, New Mills, Gardiner. Mrs Mooers was for many years a resident of South Gardiner and for 24 years a member of the South Gardiner Congregational Church...She was a woman of unusually bright and Cheerful disposition and made a remarkably warm place in the affections of all who knew her. She was the mother of 11 children, nine of whom survive, Mrs. Ezekiel Atkins and Alfred Mooers of South Gardiner, Mrs. Frances Towns, Mrs. Sarah Lannakin and Mrs. Lura Nudd of Gardiner, Mrs Isadore Toby and Tristram Mooers of Bath, Mrs Dolly Deering of Webster, and Mrs. Delia Dow; also a brother, Melvin Furbush of Topsham, 86 years of age, and 30 Grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren...".

The name "Furbush", as spelled by Mary Ann on the family register and apparently spelled the same by her brother Melvin if the newspaper clipping is correct, is found both as Furbush and Furbish. The Father of Mary Ann and Melvin and the rest of his direct line back into the 1600s spelled the name "Furbish" while some side branches adopted Furbush.

The 1870 U.S. Census of Gardiner, Maine has many faded pages and is almost impossible to decipher. I didn't locate Mary's name.

The City Directory of Augusta, Hallowell and Gardiner of 1871 lists Mrs. Mary A. Mooers, widow of Thomas, address on Capen Road. This appears to have been the same house that belonged to Thomas's Father, Thomas Mooers Sr. Boarding with Mary were her sons Alfred H. and Tristram T. Mooers, both raftsmen. By 1880 this house had passed to Alfred who was living there with his wife Frances L. and their two children; his widowed mother-in-law, Hannah Thompson; His brother-in-law, Arthur J. Thompson, a clerk; and Charles H. Savage, age 17, a hired farm worker.

The 1880 U.S. Census shows Mary A. Mooers living with her daughter Lois and Son-in-Law Ezekiel Atkins on River Road in South Gardiner. In 1892 she boarded at 167 Lincoln Avenue and in 1901-02 she boarded at 28 Liberty, both addresses in Gardiner.


51. LOIS ANN MOOERS, b. 12 Oct 1836. m. EZEKIEL ATKINS.

52. Delia Mooers, b. 09 Aug 1838 South Gardiner, Me., d. 20 Mar 1906 Lewiston, Me. She m. George Dow of Randolph, Me. , on 1835. He was the son of Henry Dow. George and Delia resided in Lewiston, Me. Info from photocopy of Mooers Family register and interviews with family

53. Mary Francis Mooers, b. 10 Apr 1840 S. Gardiner, Me.; m. 12 Jan 1864 in S. Gardiner to Alfred Wyman. After his death she married a man named Townes.

54. Sarah Jane Mooers, b. 21 Jul 1842 S. Gardiner, Me.; m. 12 Dec 1863 in S. Gardiner to Charles Landerkin.

5. Capt. Tristram Thomas Mooers, b. 12 Nov 1844 Georgetown, Lincoln Co., Me., d. 30 Aug 1913 Bath, Cumberland Co., Me. He m. 18 Jul 1875 Elizabeth G. Allen of Newburyport Ma. probably in Newburyport. Tristram Thomas Mooers was Master of the Sloop "Resolute", and built and owned the Sloop "Leader", in 1894 in Gardiner, Me.

56. Alfred Hamilton Hooers, b. 18 Oct 1846 Phipsburg, Maine; d. 14 May 1911 S. Gardiner, Me.. He m. on 18 Jul 1875 Frances Lucia Thompson, b. 1845. Alfred H. Mooers resided in the old Mooers house on Road in South Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Me. He died of heart disease. Info for Frances "Vital Records of Gardiner, Maine to the year 1892", Births, p. 127-129, Gardiner, 1914 "from Gravestone Rec. Mt. Hope Cem, S. Gardiner, Me." Info also from Family Register of Mooers Fam. and interviews with relatives. They Had Leon Mooers, who removed to Somerville, Ma.; Mattie A. Mooers, b. 1872/73 who married George Albee, resided Somerville, Ma. but was living In Gardiner at the time of her father's death. and Thomas H. Mooers, b. 15 Sep 1878, d. 07 Nov 1966 Somerville, Ma.

57. Isadore Estelle Mooers, b. 15 Feb 1848 Phipsburg, Maine; m. 30 Aug 1873 to William H. Toby, b. 1843 in Alna, Lincoln Co., Maine. They resided in Bath, Sagadahoc Co., Me. They had Alton Ray Toby, and Frank S. Toby.

58. Alura Almeda Mooers, b. 26 Nov 1850 Phipsburg, Maine

59. Zilpha Celissa Mooers, b. 30 Aug 1853 Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Me, d. 11 Sep 1859 Gardiner.

60. Dolly Delano Mooers, b. 20 Dec 1854, Gardiner, Me., d. 3 Aug 1925 Webster, Me.; she m. Frank Hoad Deering abt. 11 Jan 1879. He was b. 8 Dec 1852 Webster, Androscoggin Co., ME., the son of Gideon Deering and Joanna Furbish. They had nine children. (see Furbish line for more on Joanna & Gideon).

61. Abigail Elnora Mooers, b. 24 Jun 1858 Gardiner, d. 26 Jul 1930 Gardiner. She m. on 31 Dec 1874 in Gardiner to George A. Oliver, of Gardiner. Abby died at home at 830 Water Street, Gardiner, Me. and was buried in Oak Grove Cem, Tuesday 2 pm, July 29, 1930, Rev. Walker conducted the service. Sources: "Vital Records of Gardiner, Maine to the year 1892", Births, p. 127-129, Gardiner,1914; A Newspaper clipping from a family bible reporting her funeral svc.