WILLIAM MULLINS b. 1568 in England, he was of Dorking, Co. Surry, Eng.. He died on 21 Feb. 1620/21 Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA.[1] William married ALICE (_____), abt 1595 in England. She died after 21 Feb.1621 when she was mentioned in William's will which was written only hours before he died. There is no evidence for the various claims that her surname was either Poretiers or Atwood.[2][3]

    William's parents are not known. The couple most likely to be his parents of those examined seem to be John Mullyns and Joane Bridger of Dorking ,but again, there is no proof. It also follows that since his parentage cannot be determined any claims of Royal ancestry can be dismissed.[2/v.44p.41]

    William Mullins was a Merchant Adventurer, having bought shares of the joint-venture stock company which financed the Pilgrims in their effort to plant a colony in the new world. He was a successful merchant from Dorking, dealing in shoes and boots, and was one of the very few of the Merchant Adventurers who comitted themselves to actually settling in the colony.[3] He, his wife Alice, and their two unmarried children Priscilla and Joseph, plus a servant named Robert Carter departed England on the Mayflower. Mullins and his family were part of the contingent of "Strangers" who were sent in addition to the Leyden "Saints" by the Merchant Adventures.[3][4/p442]

     William Mullins was one of the 41 signers of the Mayflower Compact on 11 Nov. 1620.[4/75n][5]

    The late arrival of the Mayflower in conjunction with inadequate housing and supplies, and rampant disease conspired against the struggling colonists. William, Alice and Joseph Mullins and their servant Robert Carter all died in the general sickness of the first winter and spring.[4] Leaving only 19 year old Priscilla alive.



2. Joseph Mullins, probably born in Dorking Surry, Eng, and died in 1621 at Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA.

3. William Mullins Jr, probably born in Dorking, Surry, Eng. died on 12 Feb 1673 in Braintree, MA.[1] William married (1) (________), and (2) to Ann (_____) Bell. In 1620 he remained in Dorking, Surry when his parents, and siblings Priscilla and Joseph departed for North America on the Mayflower, and came to New England at a later date.

4. Sarah Mullins; remained in Dorking, Surrey when her parents and siblings departed. Married Mr. (_____) Blunden probably prior to her parents departure in 1620

     PRISCILLA MULLINS b. abt. 1602 Dorking, Co. Surry, Eng., d. ____; m. JOHN ALDEN about 1623 in Plymouth.


1. Elizabeth Alden was born about 1623-1625 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA,[3][6/1] and died on 31 May 1717 at Little Compton, Bristol Co., MA, now Newport Co., RI. She married WILLIAM PABODIE on 26 December 1644 at Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA[1]. He was was born in 1619-1620 in England[1] and died on 13 Dec 1707, Little Compton, Bristol Co., MA, now Newport Co., RI.[7]  He was the son of MOSES PABODIE and ISABEL HARPER.[6/1]

2. John Alden Jr. was born bef. 22 May 1627,[8] in Plymouth,  Plymouth Co., MA, and died on 14 March 1701/2 at Boston Suffolk Co., MA.[3] He married   Elizabeth (Phillips) Everill The widow of Abiel Everill[8] on 1 April 1660, at Boston.[3] She was born before 1640 and was buried in Boston on 7 Feb. 1695/96.[8]

3. Joseph Alden was born aft. 22 May 1627,[8] probably in Plymouth, and died on 8 February 1696/7, Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., MA. He m. Mary Simmons[9/353][3]

4. Sarah Alden was born after 22 May 1627, [8] and d. bef 13 June 1688.[3] She m. Alexander Standish[3] as his first wife.[8] He was born in Plymouth bef. 22 May 1627 and died in Duxbury on 6 Jul 1702.  The son of Myles Standish. He married (2) Desire Doty, the widow of (1) William Sherman and (2) Israel Holmes. She was born around 1645 and died on 22 Jan 1731. Buried in Marshfield{8] she probably died there.

5. Jonathan Alden was born about 1632 and died on 14 February 1696/7 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. He married Abigail Hallett on 10 December 1672 in Duxbury[3] Abigail was born about 1645 and died in Duxbury on 17 Aug 1725.[8]

6. Ruth Alden died on 12 October 1674 in  Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA. . She married John Bass on 12 May 1657 at Braintree.[3] as his first wife. He was born in England and baptised in Saffron Waldon, Essex Co., on 18 Sep 1630 and died in Braintree on 12 Sep 1716. He married (2) Hannah Stirdephant or Sturtevant on 21 Sep 1675 in Braintree. She was the widow of Samuel Sturtevant.[8]

7. Rebecca Alden was born bef. 1649, and died after 13 June 1688. She married Thomas Delano bef 30 October 1667[3] He was born on 21 March 1642 and died on 13 April 1723 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA.[8]

8. Mary Alden, living on 13 June 1688,[8] unmarried[3]

9. Priscilla Alden, living on 13 June 1688,[8] unmarried[3]

10. David Alden, was born about 1646 and died between 5 June 1718 and 1 April 1719.[8] He m. Mary Southworth who died after 28 March 1718.[8]


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