HENRY PERRY, b. abt 1660 poss. Scituate, Ma., d. bef 01 Mar 1735/36 Pembroke, Mass., m. Mary _____ wid. of Joshu Pratt, on 26 Nov. 1700 Plymouth, Mass., she m. (3) Joseph Stetson.


  1. Henry Perry, m. Mary Saunders on 07 Jan 1723/24 in Pembroke, Plymouth Co., MA. [V. R. of Pembroke, MA.]

  2. Susannah Perry m. Thomas Hayford on 23 Sep 1734 in Pembroke, Plymouth Co., MA.

  3. Samuel Perry, b. 11 Aug 1701, m. Eunice Withrel on 27 Sep 1734 in Pembroke, Plymouth Co., MA.

  4. Agatha Perry, b. 05 Jan 1702/03 in Pembroke, Plymouth Co., MA. [V. R. of Pembroke, MA] She m. Isaac Soule on 11 Mar 1724/25 in Pembroke.[V. R. of Pembroke, MA] He was born about 1701 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA and d. 22 Oct 1775 in Pembroke, Plymouth Co., MA. The son of MOSES SOULE and MERCY SOUTHWORTH.



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"Genealogical Register Of Plymouth Families", Wm. T. Davis, Boston, 1883. p. 64. States Samuel Perry who m. Eunice Withrell was b. 1701, s/o Benjamin Perry. However published V.R. of Pembroke, MA., p. 163 gives "Samuel, son of Henery and Mary, Aug. 24 1701."

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    BARNABAS PERRY, b. 13 Mar 1706/07 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 1753 Pembroke; m. 30 Mar 1732 in Pembroke to ALICE/ELSIE SOULE. The was the daughter of MOSES SOULE and MERCY SOUTHWORTH.


  1. Mercy Perry, b. 18 Feb 1732/33 in Pembroke, she m. Job Caswell of Newport, RI

  2. Barnabas Perry, b. 17 Aug 1735 in Pembroke.

  3. John Perry, b. 07 Jun 1737 in Pembroke

  4. Alice Perry, b. 07 Feb 1737/38 in Pembroke. She m. Edward King of Boston, Suffolk Co., MA on 30 Jul 1759 in Pembroke.

  5. Lot Perry, b. 19 Sep 1740 in Pembroke.


     DIAMOND (DIAMON) PERRY, b. abt 1742 Duxbury, Ma., d. aft 1798 Poland, Androscoggin Co., Me.; m. 28 Apr 1763 Pembroke, Ma. to (1) NABBY CUSHING . She was the daughter of NEHEMIAH CUSHING and SARAH HUMPHREYS.

     Diamon married  (2) 30 Dec 1773 Pembroke, Ma. Susannah Lincoln and  he married (3) 25 Dec 1803 Pembroke, Ma. to Hannah House.

In the Marriage records of Pembroke, Mass. Folio 191 A. "1763, April 28, Diman Perry to Nabbe Cushing. Carried to Town Clerk."

Genea. Abstracts of Rev. War. Pens. Files. Vol. 3 (N-Z) p. 2663.

"Perry, Diman or Dimon, Hannah, Massachusetts Line, BLW #17735-160-55, Soldier married Hannah House of Pembroke, Ma. on 25 Dec 1803 & soldier was then of Minot, Ma. (Maine), soldier lived at Pembroke, Mass. at enl and in 1803 he moved to Minot, Mass. (Maine) and soldier died there (exact date not given), soldier had married 1st to Nabby Cushing 28 Apr 1763 and their children were: Anna b. 28 Nov 1764, Barnabas, b. 3 Dec. 1766, Nehemiah b. 3 Sep. 1769, and Nabby b. 6 Nov 1772, soldier married 2nd to Susanna Lincoln 30 Dec. 1773 and soldier married 3rd to Hannah House as above stated, all 3 marriages and the births were recorded at Pembroke Mass., soldier's Widow Hannah applied 2 Mar 1855 Cumberland, Co., Maine, aged 89, at which time she stated soldier had been dead about 30 years, in 1855 she was living with Ambrose L. and Bethiah Josselyn (no relation stated), in 1856 soldier's dau. Nabby was of Pembroke, Mass. and soldier's son Dimon or Diman Perry who was a child by soldier's second wife was mentioned, in 1855 widow's sister Mercy Josselyn was of Freeport, Me. [that would be Mercy House who married Nathaniel Josselyn of Freeport Sept. 18, 1803; V.R. of Pembroke p. 30. WCL] aged 80 and she stated she was also the widow of a Revolutionary War soldier & one Nathaniel Josselyn was a witness to her affadavit, in 1819 widow's brother Samuel House, Jr. wrote a letter to the soldier Diaman Perry, in 1856 one Samuel House, Esq. of Hanson Ma. was mentioned."

V.R. Of Pembroke. p. 161 Births

"Perrey, Levi, s. Dimon and Susanna, Feb. 26 1776. (Perry, s. Diman, C.R. 1)."

"Penelope, d. Dimon and Susanna, Mar. 3. 1775. (Perry, d. Diman, C.R.1)"

"Thomas, s. Dimon and Susanna, Sept. 3, 1777. (Perry, s. Diman, C.R.1)"

p. 327 - Marriages

"Perrey, Dimon and Nabby Cushing, Apr. 28, 1763. (Diman Perry and Nabbe Cushing, P.R. 191)."

"Perrey, Diman and Susannah Lincoln, Dec. 30, 1773. (Diman Perry and Susannah Lincoln, P.R. 191).

"Perry, Dimond of Minot, and Hannah House, Dec. 25, 1803"


     BARNABAS PERRY, b. 3 Dec 1766, Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 16 Feb 1841 Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me.; m. BETHIAH THACHER JOSSELYN 1787 in Pembroke, Ma. She was the daughter of THOMAS JOSSELYN JR and PATIENCE BARKER.

Came to Maine after 1800 as he is still in Plymouth Co., Mass on U.S. Census. He is on 1820 U.S. Census in Buckfield

1830 U.S. Census, Oxford County, Buckfield, Maine

p. 124

"Barnabas Perry

1 male 5 or under

2 males over 20 & under 30

1 male 60 to 70

1 female 5 or under

1 female 10 to 15

1 female 20 to 30

1 female 60 to 70

For 50 years Zadoc Long, a leading citizen of Buckfield, Maine in the 1800s, kept a journal. His entry of Feb. 17, 1841 reads "Mr. Barnabas Perry, 76 years old, died last evening". Excerpts from this journal are reprinted in the "History of Buckfield...".


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     SAMUEL BARKER PERRY, b. 1 Aug 1800, d. 1887, Minot, Androscoggin Co., Me.; m. about 1824 SARAH PHILBRICK, probably in Buckfield, Me. She was the daughter of ENOCH PHILBRICK and SARAH BUCK of Buckfield, ME.

A Blacksmith. Was possibly the Samuel B. Perry on 1830 U.S. Census in Paris TWP. Was on 1850 Census in Minot.


  1. Sarah Perry, b. 24 Mar 1826, m. S. Hayford


  3. Delphina Perry, b. 24 Jan 1832, d. Feb 1913

  4. Albinus Philbrick Perry, b. 12 Apr 1834 Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.

  5. Abigail Cushing Perry, b. 14 Aug 1838, d. 21 Oct 1912

  6. Martha Drew Perry, b. 1843, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME., d. Feb 1914

     BARNABAS CUSHING PERRY, b. 29 Jun 1829 Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me., d. 31 May 1916, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me.; m. BELINDA HEATH DOBLE before 1854. b. 3 Jun 1837, Dixfield, Oxford Co., ME., d. 21 Apr. 1904, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., ME. She was the daughter of PHINEAS DOBLE JR and LUCINDA W. WARREN

     Shortly after their marriage Belinda & Barnabas settled in Rumford, Oxford Co., ME. where Barnabas was on the 1860 U.S. Census. However, only his first two children are recorded as being born in Rumford in 1854 and 1856; from 1857 on they were recorded in Buckfield. Family tradition holds that Barnabas once owned the land and operated a smithy where the Oxford Paper Mill is now located in Rumford. During the Civil War Barnabas made his own rifle and tried enlist in the Army but was turned down because his eyesight was so bad. He was a blacksmith from a long line of Perry smiths.

     At some point after 1872 Barney and Belinda emigrated to Aroostook Co., and settled in Island Falls, just east of Sherman, where he bought land and set up his forge on the Hurricane Road. For many years Barney Perry made the B.C. Perry Axe which was considered to be of the finest quality by the lumberjacks and woodsmen of the area. In the 1970's I visited Sherman several times and was told that some of the axes were still around and being used. Barney and Belinda's grand-daughter Flora Belinda Perry Dearborn married Alton Irish, who as a teenager, had worked for Barny in the axe factory. Barny by that time was too old and hampered by arthritis to swing the hammer so he hired a strong young fella like Alton to do it for him. As Alton told the story to his children, the hot steel axehead would be pulled from the coals and laid on the anvil whereupon Barney would tap it in a particular spot with a ball peen hammer which was Alton's cue to lay into it with the big hammer, striking it in the same spot as many times as Barney had tapped. Barney liked to say at that point in his life that he, "did the head work, not the hard work".


1. Charles Sumner Perry, b. 25 Dec. 1854 Rumford, Oxford Co., ME.

2. John Cushing Perry, b. 26 Feb. 1856, Rumford, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Ella O. Clark, b. 1861.

(5) 3. Albinus Philbrick Perry*

4. Mary Ellen Perry, b. 1868, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Pearl Young, b. Carlton Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Children: a daughter, Pearly Ellen Young.

5. Samuel Barker Perry, b. 1870, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.; m. Ida M. Matthews, 23 Nov. 1901 Silver Ridge Twp. , Aroostook Co., ME. No Children, Though they partially raised their grand niece and nephew Cleve and Frankie Dearborn after Frank Dearborn was killed in a sawmill accident.

Silver Ridge Township, where Sam and Ida were living when they got married is directly south of Sherman Maine. It is part of what was T2R5 at one time and splits the original boundries of T2R5 with the township of Benedicta. Benedicta to the west, Silver Ridge to the east.

6. Otis Neal Perry, b. 1872, Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.

     ALBINUS PHILBRICK PERRY, b. 19 Jul 1857, Buckfield, Oxford Co., Me., d. aft 1900, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., ME., . Albinus was a farmer.

     He m. (1) DELIA A. MORRISON, 12 Jul 1879 in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. Delia was b. 20 Dec 1855, Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME., and d. 10 Dec 1897, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., ME. She was the dau. of NATHAN E. MORRISON, and REBECCA SCUDDER.

Albinus married after 1897 to (2) Frances (Fawney) Morgan, no children.


1. Etta Perry, m. (1) William Hall 21 Nov 1904, in Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME., (2) Charles Emery; children: 1. Sherwood L. Emery b. 12 Jul 1916  2. Barney James Emery, b. 15 Aug 1922.

2. Jefferson L. Perry, m. Kate Blodgett, 25 Feb 1905 Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME. Children: 1. Carroll Lincoln Perry, resided Crystal, Aroostook Co., ME., he m. Geneva M. Moran of Crystal Plantation 17 Apr 1948 in Crystal.;  CHILDREN: 1. Carroll Lincoln Perry, b. 12 Aug 1906 2. Barney Clayton Perry, b. 17 Jul 1913 Crystal, ME.;  3. Delia Etta Perry, b. 28 Jun 1915, d. 23 Jan 1916.;  4. Meredith Althea Perry, b. 07 Jul 1916 Sherman, Aroostook Co., ME., m. Maurice Rouse of Hodgdon, Aroostook Co., 12 Jul 1941 in Sherman.;  5. Lucian Arden Perry, b. 20 Oct 1918; m. Audrey M. Cole, of Patten, Penobscot Co., ME. 27 Dec 1947;  6. Hilda Evangeline Perry, b. 01 Nov 1920, m. Henry B. Cole of Patten, 29 May 1947, poss. in Crystal.;  7. Nathan Morrison Perry, b. 09 Oct 1922, resided Island Falls. Nathan m. Geneva W. Wellington of Island Falls, Aroostook Co., Me. 18 Sep 1949 in Island Falls.;  8. Orman Gilman Perry, b. 15 Mar 1925


4. Barnabas Perry, b. Abt May 1886, Sherman, ME., d. 18 Dec 1914; he m. Lena Kneeland and they had: 1. Virginia LaBelle Perry, b. 16 Jul 1906.

5. Phillip Perry, b. 14 Jun 1888 Sherman, ME., He m. Estella _____, They had Children: 1. Carlton Perry 2. Clydeen Perry 3. Alvah Perry, b. 16 Apr 1916 4. Jeanette Isabel Perry, b. 06 Aug 1919 5. Jerome Irving Perry, b. 06 Aug 1919 6. Ora G. Perry, b. 07 Feb 1922 7. Orman N. Perry, b. 29 Jun 1929

FLORA BELINDA PERRY, b. 1877, Sherman, ME., d. 1921 in Sherman. On 26 Jun 1897 in Sherman, ME. she m. (1) FRAHK H. DEARBORN, b. 1877 in Sherman, ME., He died on 01 Apr 1899 Island Falls, ME. At that time she gave her name as "Linnie", though later in life she was called "Tweet". Frank was the son of ALPHONSO P. DEARBORN and ROSE EMILY BUZZELL.

     After Frank's Death Flora moved in with her grandparents Barnabas and Belinda (Doble) Perry. Her daughter Frankie was born there less than two months later at their farm on the Hurricane Road in South Island Falls.

Flora m. (2) Alton Irish in 1901. I was told back in the 1970's that Alton Irish descended from James Irish and his wife Margaret, early settlers of Gorham, Cumberland Co., ME. If so, that would have made him and Flora cousins. Probably about third or fourth cousins but thats just guessing as I've never seen his line to James Irish but James was Flora's 5-times great grandfather.

Children of Flora Belinda and (2) Alton Irish:

  1. George Alton Irish m. Evelyn Parker

  2. Samuel Albinus Irish m. Georgia Wellington

  3. Dorthea Irish m. John N. (Jack) Tozier 20 Sep 1930, Island Falls, Aroostook Co., ME.

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