ABRAHAM PREBLE was born in 1603 in England and died on 23 Jan 1662/63 at York, York Co., ME. He married  JUDITH TILDEN in about 1641.  She was born about 1620 in County Kent, England and died after 1663. She was the daughter of NATHANIEL TILDEN and LYDIA HUCKSTEPE of Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA.


1. Abraham Preble Jr. was born about 1642 and died on 4 Oct 1714. He married Hannah Sayward on 13 May 1685 in Gloucester, Essex Co., MA.

2. Rachel Preble was born in 1643

3. Joseph Preble

4. Stephen Preble was born about 1645 and died in 1696. He married Rachel Main

5. Nathaniel Preble was born about 1648 and died in 1692, probably in York, York Co., ME. He married Priscilla Main

6. John Preble was born in 1659. He marriedf Hannah (_____)

7. Benjamin Preble was born in 1657 and died in 1732. He married Mary Baston in 1679 at Charlestown or Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA.

8. Mary Preble


     SARAH PREBLE was born about 1659 and died on 28 Oct 1624. Sarah never married and the father of her son Zebulon Preble has never been identified.



     ZEBULON PREBLE was born out of wedlock. He took his mother's surname. Zebulon married HANNAH WELCH. She was born on 14 Aug 1649, the daughter of PHILLIP WELCH and ELIZABETH CAME of York Co., ME.


1. SARAH PREBLE was born on 20 oct 1713. She married (1) WILLIAM FURBISH before 1713. He was born on 19 Mar 1703/04 in Kittery, York Co., ME and died before Dec 1760.  He was the son of DANIEL FURBISH and DOROTHY PRAY of Kittery. Sarah married (2) Samuel Holmes on 8 Dec 1760 at Berwick, York Co., ME.


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