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Rochford, Miss/Mrs m. John Battell of Ongar, Essex. Eng. 1st half of 12th century, 1100-1150


Rokell, Robert

Rokell, Margaret m. Jeffrey Jocelyn of Sawbridgeworth, Co. Herts, Eng. abt 1320



Rysse, Rose b. _____ England, d. 9 Mar 1617/18 prob. Caston, Co. Norfolk, Eng.; m. (1) Edward Gilman* 22 Jun 1555 Caston, he d. 1573, she m. (2) John Snell 3 Apr. 1578.


Schmidt, George, of Birkeneul, Rheinland, Prussia

Schmidt, Elgen, of Birkeneul, Rheinland, Prussia. Had a child by Christian Demuth. The child, Johann Henrich Demuth, was b. in Birkenbeul in Feb. 1693 and  baptised 28 Feb 1693 in nearby Hamm parish. Sponsors: Johan Henrich Schmidt, Johannes Birckenbeul and Anna Lisa, wife of Diederich of Birkenbeul.

"BROAD BAY PIONEERS. 18th Century German-Speaking Settlers of Present-Day Waldoboro, Maine", by Wilford W. Whitaker and Gary T. Horlacher, Pitcton, p. 510


Skiffe, James b. abt. 1610 England, d. aft. 1687 Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Mass.; m. (1) Margaret Reeves* bef. 1638, and (2) Mary ______.

Skiffe, James Jr. b. 12 Sep 1638 Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Mass., d. 1719-1720 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass.; m. (1) Elizabeth Neighbor - divorced by Court on Martha's Vineyard after she ran off, m. (2) Sarah Barnard* 1677 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass.

Skiffe, Patience b. 1681 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma., d. 17 Feb. 1721/22 Nantucket; m. 3 Oct 1706 Nantucket to John Swain.


Soule, George b. abt 1593 in England, d. 22 Jan 1678/79 Duxbury, Ma.; m. Mary Becket/Bucket.

Soule, John b. abt. 1632 Plymouth Colony, d. bef. 14 Nov. 1707 Duxbury, Mass.; m. Rebecca Simmons abt. 1654.

Soule, Moses b. abt. 1669 Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. Bef 25 Jan 1748/49 North Yarmouth, Cumberland Co., Me.; m. Mercy Southworth 1700-1701 Duxbury, Ma.

Soule, Alice/Elsie b. abt 1715 Duxbury, Mass., m. Barnabas Perry 30 Mar. 1732 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma.


Soule, George & Mary (see Line 1)

Soule, Patience b. 1648 Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 11 Mar 1704/05 Middleboro, Ma.; m. in Middleboro Jan. 1665/66 to John Haskell.


Southworth, Edward b. abt 1590 London, Eng., d. bef. 1622 prob. Leyden, S. Holland, Netherlands: m. Alice Carpenter; she later married (2) Gov. Wm. Bradford.

Southworth, Constant b. 1614 Leyden, S. Holland, Netherlands, d. Duxbury, Mass. between 27 Feb & 15 Mar. 1678/9; m. Elizabeth Collier.

Southworth, Edward b. Duxbury, Mass., d. ____; m. Mary Paybodie 16 Nov. 1669 Plymouth Colony.

Southworth, Mercy b. 1670-1690 Duxbury, Mass., d. bef. 15 Jan. 1729/30 Duxbury, Mass; m. 1700- 1701 Moses Soule.


Sparry, Elizabeth b. 1585, of Tamworth, Warwickshire, Eng,; m. William Chadbourne bef. 1612.


Spencer, Thomas b. 1596 Winchombe, Gloucester, Eng., d. 15 Dec. 1681 Berwick, York Co., Maine; m. Patience Chadbourne 1630 Winchombe, Gloucester

Spencer, Margaret b. abt. 1632 Kittery, York Co., Maine, d. 1670 Kittery; m. bef. 1654 Daniel Goodwin Jr. of Kittery


Spring, Nancy S. 23 Apr 1826, Maine, d. 26 May 1892, Burnham, Waldo Co., Maine.; m. Gershom Twitchell abt. 1847, prob. Burnham, Waldo Co., Maine. There was in Burnham in 1859 a W.D. Spring, what relation to Nancy is not known at this time.


Stafford, Thomas b. 1605 Warwickshire, Eng., d. Warwick, R. I.; m. Elizabeth _____ bef. 1636.

Stafford, Samuel b. abt. 1636, d. 20 Mar. 1717/18 Warwick, R.I.; m. Mercy Westcott 1661 Warwick, R.I.

Stafford, Patience b. Warwick, R.I., d. 23 Oct. 1721; m. Jabez Howland Jr. bef. 27 Jan 1703.


Stedman, Isaac b. 1635 prob. in Plymouth Colony; m. Pilgrim Eddy as her (2) husband. She m. (1) Sylvester Eveleth and (3) William Baker.

Stedman, Sarah, b. 16__, Prob. in Plymouth Colony, m. Thomas Perry bef. 1660.


Stewart, Huldah b approx. 1730--1740 prob. York Co., Me., d. aft 1776 when her dau. Meribeth was born.; m. 27 Nov 1755 in Wells to Samuel Morrison.


Stewart, Dorothy, b. probably sometime between 1730 and 1740 in Maine. She m. Edmund Webber.


Stockbridge, John b. 1607-08 England, d. 13 Oct. 1657 Boston, Mass.; m. Anne _____.

Stockbridge, Charles b. 1634 prob. London, Eng., d. 28 Dec. 1683 Scituate, Plymouth Colony; m. Abigail ______, at his death Abigail m. (2) Nathaniel Turner.

Stockbridge, Abigail b. 24 Feb. 1659/60 Charlestown, Mass., d. 15 July 1743 Hanover, Mass.; m. Henry Josselyn 4 Nov. 1676 Scituate, Plymouth Co., Ma.


Stockbridge, Charles - see above.

Stockbridge, Thomas b.6 Apr. 1667 Scituate, Plymouth Colony, d. 3 Mar. 1736/37 Scituate, Plymouth Colony; m. Sarah Reed 28 Jul 1697.

Stockbridge, Anne b. 3 may 1710 Scituate, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 11 Nov 1774 Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Ma.; m. Dea. Thomas Josselyn 1 Jan 1731/32.


Lord Sudley, John, of Co., Gloucester [Judging by approximate dates only it would appear this is neither John de Sudley of Sudley, Gloucester (son of Harold who was son of either Ralph, Earl of Hertford, or as said by some, the illegitimate son of King Harold of England) who m. Grace Tracy nor could it be his g-g-g grandson John de Sudley who d. without issue - and they were the only two "Lord Sudleys" of Gloucester who fall anywhere close in that timeframe that I have been able to discover. Thus it would appear that this generation needs a little more work notwithstanding the assertations in NEHGR v.71-237]

Sudley, Elizabeth born abt. 1215 +/-, "who was daughter of John, Lord Sudley, of co., Gloucester" m. "Sir John Hide of the Hide, Sawbridgeworth, co., Herts, Knight...." "NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER", V.71, p. 237, 1917.


SWAIN Line #1

Swain, John b. abt 1686 or bef. in England, d. 10 May 1749 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.; m. 3 Oct. 1706 Nantucket to Patience Skiffe.

Swain, Diana b. 5 Sep 1706 Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma., d. 1 Jun 1790 Nantucket; m. 12 Aug. 1730 Nantucket to Hugh Cathcart.

SWAIN line #2 Apparently no connection between the two lines

Swain, Richard, b. England, prob, settled first Rowley, Mass. He and his (1) w. Basselle removed to Hampton, N.H. soon after settlement.; granted 100 acres Hampton 1639. prob. came N.E. on "Truelove" from London Nov. 1635. He with second w. Jane removed to Nantucket shortly after 1660. "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire", Noyes, Libby and Davis; Dow, "History of Hampton, N.H."

Swain, William, died at sea 20 Oct 1657 between N.H. and Boston when ship lost , off Hampton, N.H.; m. Prudence Marston of Hampton, N.H.

Swain, Bethiah; m. Joseph Moulton 24 May 1677 Hampton, N.H.


Thacher, Anthony b. abt 1587 Eng., d. bef. 22 Aug. 1667 Yarmouth Barnstable Co., Ma.; m. (1) Mary _______, d. 1634, m. (2) Elizabeth Jones* April 1635 prob. Salisbury, Wilts, Eng.

Thacher, Bethiah b. aft 1635 Plymouth Colony; m. Jabez Howland


Thaxter, John m. Anne _____.

Thaxter, Thomas b. 1 Feb 1594/95 Eng., d. 1653/54; m. Elizabeth _____.

Thaxter, John 1626 England, d. 14 Mar. 1686/87 Hingham, Mass.; m. Elizabeth Jacob 4 Dec 1648 Hingham, Mass; she m. (2) Daniel Cushing.

Thaxter, Mary b. 19 Aug. 1667 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. ______; m. (1) Theopholis Cushing, 28 Nov. 1688 Hingham, Mass, and (2) William Herrick.


Thompson, Amy b. abt. 1660, d. 1725; m. Daniel Goodwin III 17 Oct 1682 Kittery, York Co., Maine.


Thorley, Richard of Rowley, Essex Co., MA.; m. Jane _______ .

Thorley, Martha, b. 1645-1646 Rowley, Essex Co., Mass., d. 29 Jun 1700 Rowley; she m. John Dresser Sr. 27 Nov 1662  in. Rowley.


Throckingholden, Henry "NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER", V.71, p. 236, 1917.

Throckingholden, Joan b. bef 1200 England, m. James Jocelyn.


Tilden, Richard b. abt. 1510 Benenden, Kent, d. 26 Jan 1565/66 Tenterden, Kent.; m. Elizabeth Glover abt. 1540

Tilden, Thomas b. 1546 Benerden, Kent, d. 6 Jun 1617; m. Alice Biggs 10 Mar. 1576/77 Tenterden, Kent, Eng.

Tilden, Nathaniel b. 1583 Eng., d. 25 May 1641 Scituate, Mass.; m. Lydia Huckstepe abt. 1606 prob. in Tenterden, Kent, Eng.

Tilden, Judith b. 1620 Kent, Eng., d. aft. 1663; m. Abraham Preble 1641 Scituate, Mass. or York, Maine.


Tilly, John b. Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng., d. bef. 10 Apr. 1621, Plymouth Mass.; m. Joan Hurst bef 1607 prob. Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng. Mayflower

Tilly, Elizabeth b. bef. 30 Aug. 1607 Henlow, Bedfordshire, Eng., d. 22 Dec. 1687 Swanzey, Rhode Island; Mayflower


Todd, Jane, b. abt 1719 poss. in England, d. 1823 in Georgetown, Lincoln Co., Me. aged 104 yrs?.; m. James Blair ca 1737-8? probably in England


Torrell, John

Torrell, Christian b. 10__; m. 10__ to Jeffery Battell of Ongar, Essex, Eng.



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