ELECTIOUS REYNOLDS, b. May 1653 and died on19 June 1738 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., MA age 85 (1). He married MARY PEASE 16 July1686 in Salem, Essex Co., MA. (4/4:249) She was born 15 Dec 1666 in Salem (4/2:149), the daughter of ROBERT PEASE and SARAH (_____) of Great Baddow, Essex Co., Eng. and Salem Essex Co., MA. Robert and Sarah were both charged with Witchcraft during the Salem Trials of 1692.

     Electious was an early resident of Middleboro, Plymouth Co., MA., being there by 1693 as evidenced by the birth of his son Benjamin. He was an original member of the Church in Middleboro on 12 Oct 1725.(2/460) On September 22, 1738 his sons, Electious Jr., Isaac and Ephraim, were among  the ten signers of a document that indicated they lived in the westerly precinct of Middleboro and that they were of the Baptist faith (2/573). "Electious Reynolds Senr Deceased June the 19th: 1738 In the eighty fifth year of his age." (1)

     The parents of Electious Reynolds aren't known, nor is it known whether he was born in this country or England. Electious has been shown to have resided in Salem, Essex Co., MA prior to his arrival in Middleboro. He is found in the Essex County records in three lists of county rate, i.e. tax, payers as Electious Ranalls [3/V3p380]; Alextius Renholds [3/V3p386]; and Allextius Rennolds [3/Vep389]. He also testified as Eleckieas Ronalls in a case against Thomas Maule sworn April 18, 1682 in which he was called "about twenty-five years." [3/V3p341] On March 24, 1682/83 he gave testimony as Alexius Reinolds, age 25. [3/V9p55] He married in Salem as "Allexander Renalds" to Mary Pease on July 16, 1686,(4:4/249) the daughter of Robert and Sarah Pease of Salem . He might possibly have been the "Eleksha Renals" and  wife Mary who had a son James, in nearby Manchester, MA. on 15 Jan1687 (5/107).

    " There was a Henry Renalls in Salem by 1642 who was the right age to be his father, especially given that he was the only other Reynolds in town for some time. However, it seems that he and his wife Sarah were childless. Another possibility, if Electious was from the Plymouth area, would be William Reynolds, who was a resident of Plymouth by the 1630's. He married Alice Kitson there on August 30, 1638. He was in Duxbury in February 1636 and had a grant of land there. Soon after, the government allowed him to build. In 1637/38 William was presented in court for being "drunk at Mr. Hopkins his house, that he lay under the table vomiting in a beastly manner and was taken up between two." He was one of John Howland's crew on shipboard in the Kennebeck River which was attacked and two of the crew were killed after a dispute with contending traders. (6) He is probably the William Reynolds whose children had land laid out to them in Saconett after his death (7/6:44) If Electious can be shown to have had land in this area, it would be grounds for connecting him with William." (14)

    There was an "Ellexander Reynolds" on a 1734 list of grantees of Narragansett Township No. 4,. This later became Greenwich, MA., a town that no longer exists, having been flooded as part of the Quabbin Reservoir project. His residence at that time was given as Middleboro. The grant was for services during King Philip's War. (8/429) A search of the Middleboro records did not yield a single Ellexander or Alexander Reynolds so it is probable that this was actually Electious Reynolds. Additionally in his book, Bodge admitted to having difficulty reading the document. We also know that when Electious and Mary's marriage was entered in the Salem records  Electious was listed as "Allexander". His name in fact seemed to give no end of trouble to the various clerks and officials who were tasked with spelling it.


1. (Possibly) James Reynolds, b. January 15, 1687 in Manchester.

2. Benjamin Reynolds, b. August 4, 1693 in Middleboro (9/4), m. Sarah SMITH March 10, 1737 in Middleboro (9/62).

3. Mary Reynolds, b. September 12, 1699 in Middleboro (9/4), m. Ambrose BRALEY June 18, 1728 in Middleboro (9/31).

4. HANNAH REYNOLDS, b. October 13, 1702 in Middleboro (9/6), m. THOMAS WESCOAT/WESCOTT October 29, 1723 in Middleboro (9/27). He was b. abt. 1702.Children:

  1. Hannah WESCOTT, b. April 7, 1725, m. Aaron SEEKINS April 17, 1746 in Middleboro. He was b. abt. 1725, d. December 15, 1777.

  2. Mary WESCOTT, b. November 1, 1726, m. Alexander PEGLEY of Dighton May 22, 1747 in Middleboro.

  3. Sarah WESCOTT, b. August 7, 1729, m. William SPRAGUE January 5, 1753 in Middleboro.

  4. Joseph WESCOTT, b. April 15, 1732, m. Judah BOOTH July 11, 1757 in Middleboro.

  5. Margaret WESCOTT, b. February 7, 1733/34, m. Josiah HASKELL August 16, 1753. He was b. January 17, 1730/31 in Middleboro.

  6. Benjamin WESCOTT, b. April 25, 1736.

  7. Thomas WESCOTT, b. April 2, 1738, m. Elizabeth BRALEY October 28, 1757.  The daughter of Ambrose Braley and Mary Reynolds. She was b. September 30, 1740 in Middleboro.

  8. Phebe WESCOTT, b. October 16, 1740, m. Ambrose BRALEY July 17, 1755 in Freetown, MA. He was b. September 30, 1732, prob. the son of Ambrose BRALEY and Mary Reynolds (above).



6. Electious Reynolds Jr. , b. February 21, 1706/07 in Middleboro (9/8), m. Charity CASWELL 1 April1731 in Middleboro (9/47).

     EPHRAIM REYNOLDS was born February 14, 1704/05 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co. MA (9/8) and died before May 12, 1775. He married ALICE (ELSE)  BRALEY on August 16, 1739 in Middleboro. (9/63) She was born July 29, 1722 in Middleboro, the daughter of ROGER BRALEY JR and HANNAH BOOTH of Plymouth Co., MA.


1. Joel Reynolds, b. 20 Oct 1741 Middleborough, Plymouth Co., MA and died Bef 1823 in Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY. He married Elizabeth Douglas on 17 Mar 1776 in Middleborough, Plymouth Co., MA.

2. Hannah Reynolds, b. 09 Sep 1743 Middleborough, Plymouth Co., MA

3. Roger Reynolds, b. abt. Abt 1744 Middleborough, Plymouth Co., MA. and died between 1810 to 1820. He married Sarah Braley on 07 Apr 1777. She was  born in 1770, the daughter of Samuel Braley and Sarah Taylor of Middleborough, MA and Belgrade, Kennebec Co., ME. Samuel was the son of Ambrose Braley and Mary Reynolds and the grandson of Electious Reynolds and Mary Pease.


5. Robert Reynolds was b. Abt 1760 in Middleborough, MA., and died on 24 May 1833 in East Fairfield, Franklin Co., VT. He married Sarah Braley on 15 Sep 1788 in Winslow, Kennebec Co., ME. Sarah was the daughter of Ambrose Braley and Mary Reynolds and grandaughter of Electious Reynolds. He enlisted in the Continental Milita in Worcester, MA. Capt. Haskell's Company, lived in Burnham, Waldo Co., ME. bef. 1790, left abt 1816 to Belgrade, ME. and to Fairfield, VT 1836

6. Barrack Reynolds, b. abt. 1766 in Middleborough, Plymouth Co., MA and died after 1802. He married Betsey Dodge on 25 Sep 1794 at Winslow, Kennebec Co., ME

     DANIEL REYNOLDS was born May 13, 1754 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., MA and died May 13, 1832 in Burnham, Waldo Co., ME. He married THANKFUL HASKELL April 28, 1784 in Grafton, Grafton Co., NH. She was born in 1766 in Middleboro or Freetown, MA, and died in 1855 in Burnham, the daughter of ZURIEL HASKELL and THANKFUL  WESCOAT.

   Daniel fought in the Revolutionary War. He is listed among the Maine Pensioners of 1835: [County: Kennebec; Rank: Private; Annual Allowance: 96.00; Sums Received: 1351.73; Description of Service: Massachusetts Line; When placed on the pension roll: January 28, 1819; Commencement of pension: April 14, 1818; Age: 78; Died May 13, 1832.]


1. Elizabeth Reynolds, b. Grafton, N.H., married 10 May 1809 to Benjamin Rowe

2. Thankful Reynolds, m. Dec. 1811 John Wadley.

3. Phebe Reynolds, b. abt. 1783, she m. 18 Jun 1809 Ephraim Runnels. An alternate date for this marriage is 30 Mar 1807 in Unity, Waldo Co., ME. [15]


5. Sarah Reynolds, b. 1789 in York, Me., d. 1870 in Burnham; she m. 30 Jun 1809 in Unity, Me. to Gideon Braley The son of Samuel Braley and Sarah Taylor

6. Eleazar Reynolds, b. 1790 Grafton, N.H., (on the 1850 census, Burnham it says he was b. in Maine) m. 30 Jun 1809 Rhoda Bussell (Buzzell)

7. Barach (Barak) Reynolds, b. March 1796, Grafton, N.H., m. 14 Jan 1815 in Burnham to Clarissa (_____) Reynolds. he d. 1857 Burnham.


9. Lorana Reynolds, b. 1805 Burnham, ME and died on 01 Jan 1889. She m. Isaac Childs  on 21 Mar 1821 in Burnham, Me.

     JOHN B. REYNOLDS was born September 12, 1797 at 25-Mile Pond (Burnham), Waldo Co., ME, and died September 12, 1869 in Burnham (10). He married BETSEY DODGE. She was born September 11, 1804 and died June 11, 1890 in Burnham (10), the daughter of CALEB DODGE and SARAH MESERVE.

     "A few months since a resolve was presented in the legislature of Maine, in favor of granting a pension to Mrs. Betsey Reynolds, Widow of John Reynolds of Burnham, and the following facts were stated in support of the resolve; "viz., that she "sent four sons, two sons-in-law-, and one grandson to the war, neither [none] of whom returned to tell their story. They all died defending our flag. When the war closed she was left with thirty-one orphaned grandchildren, made so by the war. Her only surviving son, who is lame, volunteered but was rejected on account of his lameness. Mrs. Reynolds is now depending on her own labor for her livelihood. Seven of her orphan grandchildren were taken into the Bath asylum" .[23]



2. Dorcas Reynolds, b. abt. 1831. (11)

3. Emeline Reynolds, b. abt. 1837. (11)

4. Jesse Reynolds, b. abt. 1840. (11)

5. Christina Reynolds, b. abt. 1842 (11), bur. in Mount Cemetery, Burnham.

6. Sarah Reynolds, b. abt. 1844. (11)

7. Isaella  Reynolds, b. abt. 1847. (11)

8. Drucilla  Reynolds, b. 1846/47, d. May 28, 1933 at 86, m. Henry HUFF. He was b. in 1845, d. October 5, 1899, son of Horatio HUFF and Mehitable REYNOLDS. This could be the same person as Isaella, above.

     GILMAN H. REYNOLDS was born about 1826-1828 , and died 10 Mar.1865 in the Union army hospital at City Point, Virginia.

     He married BETSEY E. HUFF October 3, 1850 in Burnham by James H. Haines, JP.[19] She was born in 1829 and died December 3, 1866.[20] She was the daughter of HORATIO HUFF and MEHITABLE REYNOLDS of Burnham.

Gilman was a private in Company A, 20th Regiment of the Maine Volunteers. He enlisted for a period of one year on 20 Sep 1864 at Belfast, Waldo Co., ME. His death from "camp fever" ie. typhoid occurred less than six months later.[18]

Click here for a photo of Gilman's grave stone in the military cemetery at City Point, VA. 9Photo provided by Ray Barnes0

     His widow Betsey applied for a pension based upon his Military service.[24] Copies of the documents in her pension file reveal that in November of 1865 the court felt it necessary to appoint Albert F. Watson of Unity, Waldo Co., Maine as guardian of her children.[22] While nothing in the documents within the pension file reveal the reason or reasons why this was considered necessary it was presumably for reasons of ill health since Betsey died less than a month later.[20] To attest to the pension office that Betsey was indeed, deceased, a number of sworn statements were sent to that office. A sworn statement was even included from the woman who made the grave clothes for Betsey.


  1. DELPHINA REYNOLDS, born September 1, 1851,[21] in Burnham, Waldo Co., ME, [12/1:249][21] and died December 29, 1938 in Rumford, Oxford Co., ME. She married ELI ADAMS TWITCHELL on May 11, 1872 in Hallowell, Kennebec Co., ME [12/5:32], the son of GERSHOM TWITCHELL and NANCY S. SPRING of Burnham.

  2. Melissa E. Reynolds, 13 Dec 1852, Burnham, Waldo Co., ME.[21]

  3. Melvin Reynolds, b. 1 May 1855, Burnham, Waldo Co., ME.[21]

  4. Amassa Alonzo Reynolds, b. 22 Oct. 1856, Burnham, Waldo Co., ME.[21]

  5. Arthur Gilman Reynolds, b. 22 Apr 1859, Burnham, Waldo Co., ME.[21], d. August 6, 1876.

  6. Augusta Reynolds, b. 31 Dec. 1860 Burnham, Waldo Co., ME.[21], m. (2nd) Benjamin A. Goodwin August 18, 1880.

  7. Christopher Reynolds, b. 15 May 1863, Burnham, Waldo Co., ME.[21]


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