EDWARD RIGGS SR was born in 1590, perhaps in Lincolnshire Eng. and died in 1672 at Roxbury, Suffolk, MA. He married (1) ELIZABETH HOLMES on 16 Sep 1618 at Nanzing Parish, Essex Co., Eng.  She was born 1592 - 1593, perhaps in Lincolnshire Eng. and died in Aug.1635 at Roxbury, MA.[1/246]

     Edward married (2) Elizabeth (_____) who died in 1669.[1]

     Puritan Edward Riggs, his wife Elizabeth, two sons and four daughters arrived in Roxbury, Norfolk Co., MA early in the summer of 1633. Edward was an early settler at Roxbury. He was made Freeman in 1633 indicating that he was a member of the Church.

     Between August 1633 and Aug 1635, first Lydia Riggs, then John and finally their mother Elizabeth died. In 1639 and 1640 Roxbury records show there were four persons listed in Edward's family. The oldest son Edward Jr had married and was enumerated on his own. The two youngest daughters were still at home, along with Edward and his new wife.

     Edward's Will was dated 2 Sep. 1670. His second wife was already deceased, and of his children only his daughter Mary Riggs Twitchell was still living. He had grandchildren surnamed Riggs, Twitchell and Allen. He mentioned the widow of his son Edward Riggs Jr, and four of Edward's children. He mentions grand daughter Elizabeth Allen and grand children Joseph and Mary Twitchell. He made his daughter Mary Twitchell his principle heir.


1.Edward Riggs Jr was born about 1614 in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire, England and died in 1668 at Newark, Essex Co., NJ. He married Elizabeth Roosa who m. (2) Caleb Carwithie before 1671. Edward fought in the Pequot war of 1637. He was afterwards termed "Sergeant" Riggs. In 1640 he removed to Milford, CT where he had land granted to him. In 1655 he was among a group who purchased some land from the Indians which was located about 11 miles above Milford. They established a plantation called "Derby". His name survives in the form of "Riggs Hill" where he settled. Ten years later in 1665 Edward and some friends began preparations for planting a new settlement on the Passaic River by making a visit to New Jersey to inspect the area. The next summer he was there making preparations along with his wife Elizabeth. The "Agreement" for the new town was made on 24 June 1667. His sons Edward and Joseph were also proprietors of this new town of Newark, New Jersey.

2.Lydia Riggs was born about 1616 in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire, England and died in Aug 1633 at Roxbury, Norfolk Co., MA. She was the first death recorded in the records of the new town.[1]

3.John Riggs was born about 1618 in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire, England and died in Oct 1634 at Roxbury, Norfolk Co., MA.[1]

4.Elizabeth Riggs was born about 1620 in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire, England and died in May 1634 at Roxbury, Norfolk Co., MA.[1]

5.(_____) Riggs was born about 1622


     MARY RIGGS was born about 1625 in Lincolnshire, Eng., and died in 1670 at Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. She married BENJAMIN TWITCHELL  on 1 Sep 1652 at  Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA.


  1. John H. Wallace, "The Riggs Family Genealogy"

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