MOSES SIMMONS was born about 1601 at Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands and died after 17 Jun 1689 at Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. He married SARAH (______), after his arrival. Some sources indicate her surname was Chandler others state specifically that it wasn't and that her surname was unknown.

     He was called an English speaking member of the Dutch Church who took communion with the Separatists Church in Leyden by Winslow.[1/63]

     Moses arrived in Plymouth on the ship Fortune in 1621.

     He was rated "Rated for publick use" on 25 Mar 1633 at "00:09:00"[1/V1pp9-10, ms9]

     On 7 March 1637 his name was on the list of freemen of the colony as "Moses Symonson".[1/V1p52, ms. p.104-5]

    On 2 may 1637 Moses Symons was on a committee appointed to set forth the "Heighwayes about Plymouth, Ducksburrow, and the Eale River".[1/V1p58, ms. p113]

On 5 Mar 1638/39, Moses Symons was presented to the Court for "drinking tobaccoe contrary to order".[1/V1p118, ms. p195]

     On 3 Jun 1662 at the General Court of Plymouth Moses "Simonson" was appointed "Surveyors of the Highwaies" for the town of "Duxburrow".[1/V4p13-15, ms. p12-14]

On 6 Mar 1676/77, "administration granted to the wife of Moses Simmons Junior, deceased."[1/V5p220, ms. p152]

On 29 May 1670 Moses Simons of "Duxburrow" was on "an exact list of all the names of the Freemen of the Jurisdiction of New Plymouth..."[1/V5p174, ms. p200]

     On 5 March 1683/84 "John Simmons, son of Moses Simmons, deceased hath made his choice of John Soule to be his guardian". At the same time Samuel Sampson Jr. also chose John Soule as his guardian.[1/V6p125, ms.p2] (Note: This came from the second section of sixth manuscript of Plymouth Records.)

On 13 Dec 1660 Moses and Sarah Simons of Duxbury sold to Nicholas Byram all rights to their land in Bridgewater. [3/V31p60]

He mentioned his sons Aaron and John and his daughters Mary wife of Joseph Alden, Elizabeth, wife of Richard Dwelly; and Sarah, wife to James Nash. He also had a son Joseph of Scituate, who predeceased him."Plymouth Colony History", p. 353.


1. Mary Simmons married Joseph Alden, the son of JOHN ALDEN and PRISCILLA MULLINS.

2. Moses Simmons Jr.  was born about 1635 at Plymouth or Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA, and died on 18 Mar 1676 at Duxbury. He married Patience Barstow in 1622

3. REBECCA SIMMONS was born about 1632 in the Plymouth Colony. She died between 1665 and 1668 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. She married John Soule as his first wife in about 1654 at Duxbury. He was born about 1632 and died before 4 Nov 1707 in Duxbury, the son of GEORGE SOULE and MARY BECKET.

4. Elizabeth Simmons was born abt 1645 and died on 24 Feb 1707/08 at Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA.. She married Richard Dwelly.

5. Aaron Simmons died in 1689. He married Mary Woodworth on 24 Dec 1677

6. John Simmons died before 9 Feb 1715/16 at Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA.. He married Mercy Paybodie on 16 Nov 1669. She was born on 25 Feb 1649/50, probably in Duxbury and died in 1728. She was the daughter of WILLIAM PABODIE and ELIZABETH ALDEN.

7. Sarah Simmons was born in about 1649, probably in Duxbury. She married James Nash.


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