JAMES SKIFFE SR was born about 1610 in England, and died after 1687 at Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA He married (1) MARGARET REAVES before  1638, and (2) Mary ______.



2. Stephen Skiffe

3. Nathaniel Skiffe

4. Sarah Skiffe

5. Bathshua Skiffe

6. Mary Skiffe

7. Marienne Skiffe

8. Patience Skiffe

9. Benjamin Skiffe

     JAMES SKIFFE JR was born on 12 Sep 1638 at Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA and died in 1719 or 1720 at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA. He married (1) Elizabeth Neighbor. They were divorced by Court order on Martha's Vineyard after she ran off,. He married (2) SARAH BARNARD in 1677 at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA.[1/V4:370] She was born about 1648 at Andover, Essex Co., MA[] and died on 24 Aug 1732 on Nantucket Island[1/V5:531] ("24th, 8 mo., 1732"). She was the daughter of ROBERT BARNARD and JOANNA HARVEY. [1/V4:370]


1. Sarah Skiffe married Robert Long. [1/V4:370]

2. Beulah Skiffe, was born on Nantucket. She married Thomas Bartholomew 15 Jul 1725 (15th 7 mo 1724) on Nantucket[1/V2:470, V4:370]

3. PATIENCE SKIFFE was born in 1681[] at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA., and died on 17 Feb.1721/22 at Nantucket.[] She married JOHN SWAIN on 3 Oct 1706 at Nantucket.[1/V2:470, V4:370]

4. Hannah Skiffe Was born at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA. She married Jacob Daggett of Martha's Vineyard on 24 Oct 1714 at Nantucket.[1/V2:470, V4:370]

5. Nathan Skiffe was born in about 1693 probably on Nantucket[] and died shortly before 27 Jun 1723 at sea about 80 miles off Nantucket when he was killed by Pirates.[2/208]

6. Mary Skiffe was born on Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA. She married Moses Giles 8th, 3 mo., 1708 [1/V2:470, V4:370]


  1.  "Nantucket Vital Records", 5 V's. Note: The W. C. Folger Genealogy was used in most if not all of the Skiffe entrys noted in Nantucket Vital Records.

  2. "Pirates of the New England Coast" (account taken from Boston News-Letter, June 27, 1723)

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