DAVID STONE, b. 1540 in Great Bromley, Essex , Eng. and d. 27 Apr 1625 in Great Bromley. He married URSULA _____.


  2. Rev. Gregory Stone[1/4:206] Was admitted a freeman on 25 May 1636. While a proprietor of Watertown he removed early to Cambridge.

Note: Rev. Samuel Stone was not a brother to these two as was suggested by Savage.

     SIMON STONE was b. abt.  15 85 in Great Bromley, Essex, England. His will is dated 7 Sep. 1665 and he d. 22 Sept. 1665 Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA, aged 80. He married  bef. 1619* in England to  (1) JOAN/JANE CLARK the daughter of WILLIAM CLARK. She was b. abt. 1597. and died probably about 1654 or 54.[1/4:206]

     Simon married (2) Sarah Baker about 1655. She was b. abt. 1593 probably in  Boxted, Essex, Eng. and died in 1663. She was the widow of Richard Lumpkin of Ipswich, MA.[1/4:206]

     Simon and Joan  departed England from London on the ship INCREASE on 17 Apr 1635 accompanied by their five children; Frances 16; Ann, 11, Simon, 4; Mary, 3; and John, 5 weeks;  and 4 servants.  After arrivel in New England Simon moved his family to Watertown. His brother Rev. David Stone was a proprietor of Watertown but removed early to Cambridge. [1/4:206]

     The four servants who made the voyage with the Stone family were Isaac Worden, 18; Nathaniel Wood, 12; Elizabethi Streaton, 19; and Marie Toller, 16.

     Other INCREASE passengers of interest to my family line were Thomas Josselyn and his family; Philemon Dalton Sr and his family. William (Wilton) and Roger Buck; and William Paine (III).

     Simon was admitted freeman to Watertown on 25 May 1636. He was later a town officer and became a Deacon in the Church. At the time of his death in 1665 only his children Simon, John, Frances, and Mary were mentioned. [1/4:206][2/3:182]


  1. Frances Stone, b. abt. 1619, probably in Great Bromley, Essex, England. she m. Rev. Henry Green.[1/4:206]
  2. Ann Stone, b. abt 1624, probably in Great Bromley, Essex, England. She m. perh. Lewis Jones[1/4:206]
  3. Simon Stone, b. about 1631 probably in Great Bromley, Essex, England.[1/4:206]
  4. Mary Stone, b. abt 1632, probably in Great Bromley, Essex, England.[1/4:206]
  6. Elizabeth Stone, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. 5 Apr. 1639.[1/4:206]

* - This marriage date based upon the eldest child Frances being 16 years old on 15 Apr 1635

     JOHN STONE was b. in England in Early March of 1635. He was listed as five weeks old on the passenger list of the ship INCREASE when his family signed on as passengers on 15 Apr. 1635 in London, England, the ship's port of departure. John might well have been born in his parents home town, Great Bromley, Essex, England.He died on 26 March 1691Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.[1/4:206]

     Savage noted that Bond indicated the Watertown Records gave John's birthdate as 15 Aug 1635. Another source, David Pulsifer, copied from the Boston Records the following, "John ye son of Symon & Jone (Joan) Stone borne l5 (6) l635", that is, 15 August by the dating practices of the time.[1/4:206][4][5] This is a puzzle. It was not an unknown practice for the birth dates of all children to be entered into the records of of a New England town when a family settled there, even though the children had been born previously in another location. Simon Stone and his family might have stayed in Boston long enough for this to have happened prior to their settling in Watertown.   Savage seemed to attribute this date of 15 Aug 1635 to a "blunder" on the part of the clerk who entered the information in the Watertown records.  He doesn't seem to have been aware of the identical entry in the Boston records. It seems to strain the bounds of coincidence that two clerks, in two different towns would have made the same "blunder". Yet, the passenger list of the INCREASE states unequivocably that John was 5 weeks old on 15 Apr. 1635. Even if this infant John had died and another son John was born in on 15 Aug of the same year, assuming that the age of 5 weeks was correct, there have been insufficient time for Joan Stone to have carried a child to full term between early March and the 15th of August.

     Simon married about 1662 to SARAH BASS the daughter of SAMUEL BASS and ANN _____, of Roxbury and Braintree.Sarah's birthdate is unknown. Sarah married (2) on 10 May 1693, Joseph Penniman. She was living in Sep of 1739. [1/1:135]


  2. Joanna Stone, b. 11 Jan. 1665. She m. 9 May 1693, Simon Tainter[1/4:206]
  3. John Stone, b. 15 Dec. 1666.[1/4:206]
  4. Ann Stone, b. 8 Aug. 1668.[1/4:206]
  5. Mary Stone, b. 14 Sept. 1670.[1/4:206]
  6. Elizabeth Stone, b. 5 May 1672. She m. 17 Nov 1692, John Barnard, as his second wife.[1/4:206]
  7. Samuel Stone, b. 14 Feb. 1675.[1/4:206]
  8. Hepzibah Stone, b. 5 May 1677. She m. 7 Jan 1702, John Morse, as his second wife.[1/4:206]
  9. Deborah Stone, b. 25 Feb. 1680. She m. 9 June 1703, Ephraim Cutter.[1/4:206]
  10. Rebecca Stone, b. 22 Aug. 1682.[1/4:206]

    SARAH STONE was born about 1662, probably in Watertown but her birth wasn't recorded. She married 18 Dec. 1681 to MUNNING SAWIN of Watertown. He was the son of JOHN SAWIN and ABIGAIL MUNNING of Watertown.[4/1:423-424]


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