JOHN THAXTER m. Anne _____.

     THOMAS THAXTER was born on 1 Feb 1594/95 in Eng.[?], and died on 4 Feb 1653/54.[1]

     Thomas married ELIZABETH (_____) in England before 1626 as her first husband. She died on 17 Jul 1660 probably in Dedham, MA. After his death in 1654 she married (2) William Ripley on 29 Sep 1654. She married (3) John Dwight of Dedham on 28 Jan 1657/58.[1]

     He was the first Thaxter to settle in Hingham and was granted a house-lot there in 1638. It was located near the training field in Hingham Center.[1] He later purchased land of John Mason in 1647 and in 1649 bought land at Broad Cove and near the Weymouth River. In 1652 he purchased a house and land which wnt to his son John Thaxter.[1]

   Thomas worked as a "Linenweaver." He was made freeman on 18 May 1642. He was a deacon, residing Main Street near the meeting house.[1] He died intestate and a petition to the Court for a division of his estate, valued at 230 pounds, can be found in Vol 2, p.15 of the Suffolk County records.[1]



2. Elizabeth Thaxter

3. Thomas Thaxter Jr. was born in 1632 and died on 6 Jan 1646/47.

4. Sarah Thaxter was born in 1635. She married Thomas Thurston of Medfield on 13 Dec 1655.

5. Daniel Thaxter was born in 1638 and died on 22 Apr 1663.

6. Samuel Thaxter was born in Hingham on 19 May 1641.

     JOHN THAXTER was born about 1626 in England and died on 14 Mar 1686/87  at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA[6][1][2] He married ELIZABETH JACOB on 4 Dec 1648 in Hingham. [1] She was born in 1632 in England[1] and died  at the age of 93 in Hingham on 24 Nov 1725.[3] John lived on North Street in Hingham. His property later became the site of St. Paul's Catholic Church.[1] Biginning  in 1662 he served as selectman for the town a total of eight years before his death.[1] was a representative to the General Court in 1666.[1][2] In 1664 while serving against the Dutch at New York he was made Lieutenant under orders from Cromwell.[1][2] He was afterwards a Captain[1] and was in command of the town's cavalry troop in 1680.[2] After his death Elizabeth married (2) DANIEL CUSHING on 23 Mar 1691 in Hingham, the father of her son-in-laws Daniel and Theopholis Cushing.[1]


1. John Thaxter was born on 4 Dec 1651 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA [1] and died in infancy.[2]

2. Thomas Thaxter was born on 4 Jun 1654 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. and died on 3 Sep 1704[2] He married at the age of 42 years to Lydia Coffin on 31 Dec 1696.[2] She was born on 1 Jun 1669 on Nantucket Island, the daughter of John Coffin and Deboran Austin.[1] Thomas lived on North Street on the property owned by his father. He was a selectman in 1689 and 1702. during King Phillip's war served on Martha's Vineyard and the "islands adjoining".[1] No issue.

3. Joseph Thaxter was born on 1 Jun 1656 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.[2] He later removed to Boston.[1]

4. Samuel Thaxter was born on 17 Nov 1658 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. and died before 1665.[2]

5. ELIZABETH THAXTER  was born on 19 Feb 1661 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. and died on 6 Apr 1727 in Hingham.[3]

     She married DANIEL CUSHING JR on 8 Dec 1680 in Hingham. He was born on 23 Jul 1648 in Hingham and died on 5 May 1716 in Hingham. He was the son of DANIEL CUSHING SR and LYDIA GILMAN.[3]

6. Benjamin Thaxter was born on 4 Feb 1663.[2] and died in Mar of 1721[1] unmarried.

7. Samuel Thaxter was born on 1 Aug 1665 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA[2] and died on 13 Nov 1740.[1] He married Hannah Gridley on 29 Dec 1691.[1] She was born on 19 Apr 1671 and died on 26 Jan 1756 in Hingham.[1] The Hingham Town Records said of Samuel upon his death.

"Hon. Samuel Thaxter, late one of His Majesties Council and Colonel of this Regiment, being in the 76 yr of his age, dyed.' Col. Thaxter was a man of marked ability, and one of Hingham's most prominent and influential citizens; magistrate; delegate to the General Court 1697, and from 1708 to 1712 inc., also from 1711 to 1718 inc.; an assistant, and otherwise distinguished in pulic posts; selectman 1695, 1705, 1706, and 1717. Resided on the paternal homestead, North St."[1]

8.      MARY THAXTER was born on 19 Aug. 1667 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.[2], and died in 1737.[3]

     Mary married  (1) THEOPHOLIS CUSHING  on 28 Nov. 1688 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.[1] He was born on 19 May 1657 in Hingham[2] He was baptized on 7 June 1657,[2] and died on 7 Jan 1718.[3] He was the son of DANIEL CUSHING and LYDIA GILMAN.[1] Mary married (2) Capt Joseph Herrick on 11 Jan 1722. He was from Beverly, Essex Co., MA.[3]

9. Deborah Thaxter was born on 5 Sep 1669 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. and died on 16 Feb 1712.[2] She married Thomas Cushing on 17 Oct 1687 in Hingham.[2] He was born on 16 Sep 1663 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA and died on 3 Oct 1740.[3] The son of Col. John Cushing and Sarah Hawke.[2] They lived in Boston.[3]

10. Sarah Thaxter was born on 26 Sep 1671 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.[2] She married (1) Nathaniel Holmes of Boston on 1 Oct 1691. Two children.[1] She married (2) John Cushing Jr. on 18 Mar 1714.[1] He was born on 28 Apr 1662 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA,[4] and died on 19 Jan 1738 in Scituate.[5] He was the son of Col. John Cushing and Sarah Hawke.[1] Two children:

11. Daniel Thaxter was born on 29 Aug 1675 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.[2] and died in June of 1676 in Hingham.[1]

12. Jonathan Thaxter was born on 18 Apr 1677 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.[2]


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