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Varnum, George, b. 1593, Lilborne Parrish, Northamptonshire, Eng.; d. 1649, Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. He married Hannah _____, 1619 in Gloucester, Eng.

Varnum, Samuel, b. abt. 1619 in Lilborne Parrish, Northamptonshire, Eng.; d. 1683 in Dracutt, Middlesex Co., MA.; m. abt. 1645 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA., Sarah Langton, she b. abt. 1635 Ipswich, d. 1698.

Varnum, John, b. 25 Oct 1669 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA., d. 23 Feb 1714/15; he m. Dorothy Prescott 13 Nov 1700 Dracutt, Middlesex Co., MA., she was. b. 16 Dec 1681 in Groton, Groton Co., CT.

Varnum, Abraham b. 10 May 1710, d. 1760; m. Rachel Shead.

Varnum, Sarah b. 14 Apr 1757 Dracut, Middlesex Co., Mass , d. 7 Feb 1844 West Sumner, Oxford Co., Me.; m. William Doble abt 1774 Sumner

 VARNUM FAMILY WEBSITE:  Sharon Sargent's Varnum website. Great Site !!!. Sharon gave me my Varnum line with a bow tied around it.


     CHRISTOPHER WADSWORTH was born in Yorkshire, Eng.[1/21], and died after 31 July 1677 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA[1/21]. He married GRACE COLE who was born in England, and died on 13 Jan 1687 in Duxbury[1/21]. CHILDREN 1.John[2], and Mary


  1. "Memoirs of the Leonard, Thompson & Haskell Families," Caroline Leonard Goodenough, 1928, pg 338;

  2. "Gen. Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England," James Savage, 1860-1862



Walker, Sarah b. 1616 in England, d. Dec 1676 in Taunton, Bristol, Mass.; m. John Tisdale about 1640 in Bay Colony.


Warde, Francis, b. England, of Filby, Norfolk in 1604/05; m. Susanna Browne.

Warde, Lucy b. 1604/05 Filby, Norfolk, bapt. 13 Mar. 1604/05; d. 12 Nov 1665 Hampton, Rockingham Co., Mass.; married Robert Page 8 Oct. 1629, South Walsham, Norfolk, Eng..


Wardwell, William d. Boston, Suffolk Co., Mass., m. (1) Alice _____, m. (2) Elizabeth _____*, of Boston 1633/4. John in Exeter, N.H. Jan 1638/9, R. I. 1643 , Wells, Me. by 1649, Boston at some point after Jul 1653

Wardwell, Meribah b. 14 May 1637, Boston, Suffolk Co., Ma., d. Wells, York Co., Me., m. m. Francis Littlefield (the younger) bef. 1662.


Warren, George b. in England?, d. ?; m. in Poland, Androscoggin Co., Me., m. bef 1814 to Sarah Rand of Minot and Poland Me.

Warren, Lucinda W., b. 25 Sep 1814, probably in Sumner, Oxford Co., Me., d. 2 Aug 1902 Dixfield, Oxford Co., Me.; m. Phineas Doble.


Watson, John "of Holme-On-Spalding Moor whose will, dated 3 Aug. 1521, was probated 11 March 1521/2 (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 9, fol. 212). He directed that he be buried in the churchyard of Allhallows at Holme, provided for his wife and children and named his wife Margaret and eldest son John Watson executors". Margaret still living 1528

Watson, John b. abt 1500 Yorks, Eng., d. bef. Aug. 1568 in Yorks will dated 5 Jul 1568 proved 31 Aug. 1568; His wife's name unknown, not mentioned in his will and presumed to have predeceased him. On one Roll abt. 1538 he is listed as an archer with "bowe and arrows."

Watson, James b. abt 1530 Yorkshire, Eng., d. 1615-1616 Yorkshire, will dtd. 10 Jul 1615; m. ___?___ bef. 1559 who prob. d. bef. 1615 as she isn't mentioned in his will.

Watson, Isabel b. bef. 21 Feb. 1559/60; she m. (1) Richard Ellithorpe 27 Oct 1853 as his second wife, 4 or 5 children.; she m. (2) THOMAS BRIGHAM by 3 Feb 1600


Webber, John Christian of Amsterdam, Holland

Webber, Mr.

Webber, Wolfert/Ansel

Webber, Edmund, b. 1730-1739 prob. in Maine., m. Dorothy Stewart 1750-1760.

Webber, Margaret, b. abt 1759, d. 1382 probably Linneus Aroostook Co., Me.; m. 3 Dec 1779 in Wells, York Co., Me. to Samuel Morrison II.


Webster, Jane b. Eng., d. Yorkshire, Eng.; m. John Crosby 31 Aug. 1594 Prob. Yorkshire.


Wedgewood, John -  d. 09 Dec 1654 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H. He m. Mary _____. In June of 1640 John Wedgewood was granted land in the new town of Hampton, N.H. At this time it was probably a house lot of 10 acres of less. [Dow's, "History Of Hampton, N.H.", Chapt. 1]

Wedgewood, Mary - m. Abraham Cole, 15 Mar 1666/67.   He was b. 03 Oct 1636 in Charlestown, Sullivan Co., N.H. [Dow's, "History of Hampton, N.H." and Noyes/Libby/Davis, "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," (1939), pg. 155.]


Welch, Phillip b. 1668; m. Elizabeth Came 1694 York, York Co., Me.

Welch, Hannah b. 14 Aug. 1694 York, York Co., Me., m. Zebulon Preble


Weller, Anreas m. Anna Maria Froelich, prob. in Rheinland, Prussia

Weller, Maria Catharina b. in Mar. 1748/49 in Birkenbeul, Rheinland, Prussia and baptised on 09 Mar 1748/49 in Hamm, Rheinland, Prussia., she d. 18 Aug 1820 in Waldoboro, Lincoln Co., ME. Maria m. Johann Georg Demuth  in abt. 1762 at the parish church in Hamm, Rheinland, Prussia



Wescott, Thankful, b. 1743; m. Sewall (Zuriel) Haskell of Freetown & Foxboro, Ma..


Westcott, Stukely b. 1592 England, d. 12 Jan. 1678 Warwick, R. I.; m. Juliana Marchante.

Westcott, Mercy b. 1635-1640, d. 25 Mar. 1700 Warwick, R. I.; m. Samuel Stafford 1661 Warwick, R. I.


White, Capt. Thomas, b. in England, d. prob. Charleston Essex Co., Mass.; m. Susanna_______. She b. abt 1603 in Eng., d. 6 Mar. 1686/87.

White, John b. abt 1625, m. Elizabeth Goble, resided Charlestown and Medfield

White, Mary b. Charlestown, Essex Co., Mass., m. Benjamin Twitchell 5 Apr. 1683 in Medfield, Norfolk Co., Mass.


Wilhelm, Henrich - b. Abt 1620, d. Abt 19 Feb 1678/79 of Forst, Rheinland, Prussia. His wife Anna Maria _____ , d. abt 06 Nov 1689, prob. in Forst, Prussia.

Wilhelm, Margret - Abt 12 Apr 1714 Etzbach, Rheinland, Prussia, m. Henrich Becker in Hamm, Rheinland, Prussia. Henrich d. Abt 04 Dec 1715 in Etzbach.


Williams, John b. _______ , d. 1667-1668 Scituate, Plymouth Colony; m. Ann ______ .

Williams, Anne or Hannah b. prob. Scituate, Plymouth Co., Ma., d. 16 Feb. 1657/58 Barnstable, Plymouth Colony; m. (1) John Barker 1632 Plymouth, Mass, m. (2) Abraham Blish 1653.


Wines, Esther d. 1647 giving birth to son Benoni Hodsdon; she m. Nicholas Hodsdon, as his (1) wife abt. 1639 prob. Hingham, Plymouth Colony.


Woodgate, Elizabeth b. abt. 1570 East Bergholt, Suffolk, Eng., d. abt. 1597 East Bertholt.; m. John Goodwin by 1588.


Woodward, William b. England, d. 21 Apr. 1676 Chelmsford, Essex Co., Mass.; m. Mary Browne 21 Jun 1669

Woodward, Elizabeth, b. 28 Dec 1674 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Ma.; m. 14 Aug. 1701 to Jonathan Mooers 2nd.


Yates, Mary b. Bristol, Lincoln Co., Me, d. Palermo, Waldo Co., Me.; the reputed wife of William Bryant. Her father said to have been James Yates of Bristol.


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