GEORGE VARNUM was born in1593, in Lilborne Parrish, Northamptonshire, Eng. and died in 1649 at Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. He married HANNAH (_____) in 1619 in Gloucestershire, Eng.



2. Hannah Varnum was born in 1615 in England and died on 16 Mar 1682/83 in Hartford, Ct. Hannah married John Cowles in Hartford. He was born in 1598 in Gloucestershire Eng., and died on 11 Sep 1675 in Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MA. His name was pronounced Coles. Children: Sarah, Samuel, John Jr., Hannah, Esther, Elizabeth, Mary

     SAMUEL VARNUM was born in about 1619 in Lilborne Parrish, Northamptonshire, Eng. and died in 1683 in Dracutt, Middlesex Co., MA.. He married SARAH LANGTON in about 1645. at Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. She was born about 1635 and died in 1698.


     JOHN VARNUM was born on 25 Oct 1669 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA. and died on 23 Feb 1714/15. He married DOROTHY PRESCOTT on 13 Nov 1700 at Dracutt, Middlesex Co., MA.. She was born on 16 Dec 1681 in Groton, Groton Co., CT.


1. Hannah Varnum was born on 26 Sep 1701 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA. and died on 6 May 1715 in Dracut.

2. Sarah Varnum was born on 22 Apr 1703 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA, and died on 26 Nov 1742. She married Robert Blood on 15 Aug 1722 in Dracut.


     ABRAHAM VARNUM was born on 10 May 1710  in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA. , and died in 1760.

     In his will Abraham mentioned his sons Jonathan, Asa and William, leaving land to all three. He mentioned daughters Abigail Varnum Blood, Lucy Varnum Colburn and SARAH VARNUM DOBLE, leaving money to all three. His will was witnessed by Samuel, Amos and Thomas Colburn.

     Sharon Sargent indicates Abraham married (1) an unknown wife. This would probably have been as early as about 1731. This wife would have been deceased prior to Oct of 1736. No children are mentioned.

     Abraham Varnum married (2) Abigail Hardy on 9 Oct 1736. She died on 2 Feb 1738.


1. Abigail Varnum was born on 3 Jul 1737.

     He married (2) Rachel (_____) after Feb 1738. She died on 16 Mar 1746.


2. Abiah VArnum

3. Elizabeth Varnum was born on 26 Apr 1741 and married Cyrus Baldwin

4. Jonathan Varnum

5. Asa Varnum

6. Abraham Varnum was born on 6 Apr 1745 and died in infancy.

7. William Varnum

     He married (3) REBECCA FARLEY on 20 May 1748 in Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA. as her second husband. She was born about 1710, possibly in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA She was the daughter of BENJAMIN FARLEY and ANNA DAVIES. She had married (1) Daniel Shead on 08 Jan 1733/34 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. He died before May of 1748. children: Lydia Shed, Daniel Shed, Rebecca Shed, Willard Shed.


8. Benjamin Varnum

9. Lucy Varnum

10. SARAH VARNUM was born on 14 Apr 1756. She married WILLIAM DOBLE on 10 Dec 1774

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