STUKLEY WESTCOTT, b. 1592 in England, d. 12 Jan. 1678 Warwick, R. I.; m. JULIANA MARCHANTE.

   Stukley and Juliana settled first at Salem in 1635.

 "Westcott (Wescott, Westcoatt), Stukeley (1592-1677) From England, settled at Salem, Mass., 1636; a founder of Providence Plantations; removed to Warwich, R.I., 164l; dep. General Court, 1650; Commr., 1651, te. seq.; Govr's Assist., 1656, et. seq." (ACOAG, Virkus)

 June 24, 1635 Stukley Westcott, arrived in Mass.Bay. Sailed from  Dartmouth of Devon May 1, 1635, coming from Winchester in southern  Somerset or within five miles of that place. Stukley was age 43 at this  time. [Benedict Arnold diary.]

Vol. 25, Mary & John Clearing House. Wescott, Stukeley (a. 1592-1677) of Providence, RI. More research on him has led Robin Bush to suspect he may have come from Devon.

Freeman of Salem 1636, one of the 13 original proprietors of Providence,  Rhode Island, Settled in Warwick, Rhode Island 1648, 8 times a member of  the court of commissioners, general assistant of Providence Plantations,  1653

 On March 16, 1676, at the age of 84, Stukely was driven from his home in  Warwick, RI by the Indians at the time of King Philip's War in R.I. He  took refuge on a neighboring island, where he died the following Jan. 12,  1677, at his grandson's home in Portsmouth, R.I.[3]


Robert Westcott

  1. Damaris Westcott, d. 1678>. m. 17 Dec. 1640, Benedict Arnold, s. of William Arnold and Christian Peak He b. 21 Dec. 1615, d. 19 June 1678.

  2. Samuel Westcott

  3. Amos Westcott, b. 1631, died 1685. Married lst Sarah Stafford, 15 Jul. 1667, she b. ____ d. 1669, dau. Thomas & Elizabeth. M. 2nd Debora Stafford, b. 1651, d. 1706, dau. Thomas and Elizabeth. Children: Amos, Solomon, Sarah, Penelope, Mercy, Lucy


  5. Jeremiah Westcott, d. 1686, m. Eleanor England. dau.William and Elizabeth. She d.1686. They resided in Warwick, R.I.


     MERCY WESTCOTT, b. between 1635-1640 in Rhode Island, and died d. 25 Mar.1700 in Warwick, R.I.. She m. SAMUEL STAFFORD in 1661 in Warwick.




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  3. J. Russell Bullock, "History and Genealogy of Stukely Westcott"

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